Ahhhh … The Peaceful Left

From Portland, Oregon (thanks to Duane Lester at AllAmericanBlogger):

And then, from Wisconsin (again, thanks to Duane):

And, from Washington, DC, where FreedomWorks’ new media guru–and overall sweetheart–Tabitha Hale was pushed around by a union thug:

And, of course, there was the Holocaust survivor who was cursed out by a leftist nut job for daring to protest the construction of a mosque in the shadows of where the World Trade Center towers once stood. This one is particularly painful

It’s hard not to see the various themes which repeat themselves in the American political dialogue.  One of those themes that I find myself returning to, time and time again, is the civility expressed by those on the right and the left.  If we were to listen to the mainstream media alone, we would believe that the Tea Party movement is filled with violent, racist thugs, when in reality there has been nary a shred of violence reported at any of the countless rallies which have taken place over the past few years.  Instead, the millions and millions of patriotic Americans gather with their signs and their flags, signing patriotic songs and hymns and speaking of things like the preservation of our freedom for our grandchildren.

On the other side, you see what it’s like.  I challenge you to find footage from Tea Party rallies that rivals what we’re seeing above.

In the meantime, take the September 2009 America’s Right ‘Know Your Protesters’ Quiz.



  1. Gail B. says:

    And the Progressives call conservatives “racist!”

    The protesters have to be paid to do all that. Why else would they be wearing SEIU tee shirts (at some protests), have professionally printed signs, and carry bullhorns. How many people do you know have a bullhorn? Theyu pay homeless people to participate; why not pay the union members? And bring them lunch?!

  2. nana3 says:

    Don’t you feel dirty after watching these slime balls? What a disgrace that this country has such imbeciles that actually enjoy citizenship and the privilige of living here! Wouldn’t you love to find that moron who said he wipes his $$$ with our flag and hang him up on a pole or bring him face to face with some of our brave soldiers and let him explain his comments to them? They risked their lives so that he could have the right to do what he is doing but it must give them a sick feeling. It makes me feel ashamed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh to have some Utah Beach heroes place a Bangalore torpedo up his scrawny behind.
    No wiping needed.

  4. graypanther says:

    Both the left and the right prize power above all. The right obtains it with money, which is convenient and discreet. The left uses intimidation, which is cheap but often apparent to the public. I have no particular admiration for one above the other.

  5. Matt says:

    Well there’s the Rand Paul supporter that stomped on that person’s head. And that Texas tea party group trying to scare Democratic voters away from the ballot boxes. And the guy that punched that Harry Reid supporter in the face at that town hall meeting.

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