Killing the Messenger

A few days ago, Glenn Beck announced his plans to bring to fruition his daily show on Fox News Channel. I don’t believe that Fox News realizes how huge an effect this “mutual” decision will have — his absence will have a downward effect on all of the other Fox shows, particularly in prime time. For me, his absence pretty much eliminates the motivation to watch the other programs in the evening because, compared with Beck, they’re too predictable and un-serious.

Shepard Smith’s perspective and self-adulation turn me off, and Sean Hannity projects a degree of blanket partisanship that I don’t ascribe to. There really are two sides to most arguments, but if Hannity’s program is all that one watches, you would never know it; Hannity may admit that his show is partisan, and is right to do so, but I don’t feel as though he takes enough steps to provide contrary views. And then there’s the O’Reilly variety show, featuring BILL O’REILLY!! in all his wonder and infinite wisdom. How I look forward to “The Dumbest Things” and, of course, Bill’s “Sex Segment,” which I assume is aimed at his “bubba” viewers, of which I am not one. Next to O’Reilly, Shep’s self-adulation looks like self-loathing.

The bottom line is that, absent Beck, I think that I can live without the Fox News Channel’s prime time shows, save for Bret Baier’s 7:00 p.m. news program. Between the print media and the Internet, television plays an increasingly small role in my daily search for meaningful representation of important events anyway, so it won’t be any great loss. At least I’m going to give it a try.

Oh, it’s not that Beck is worthy of idolatry–and I doubt he would be comfortable with that, anyway–but I cannot help but feel that his greatest sin is not in telling the truth–although, I think that he consistently does that–but that he points to the importance of God’s role in the past, present and future life of the United States of America. The evil that is at work for the destruction of all that the Founders found worthy in our form of government cannot tolerate the kind of light that focusing on God brings to the situation that we find ourselves in.

The idea that the answer to our problems rests in anything other than collective control of secular control of a “New World Order” is an anathema to the progressives of all stripes. As the Word says, evil loves darkness and hates light, and God, in the form of Jesus Christ, IS the light of the world. By all means, kill the messenger.

It may appear that darkness has silenced Glenn Beck on Fox News and there will be great celebration in the halls of the White House, union halls, Media Matters, and every other George Soros-funded organization, but he, or someone equally dangerous to these purveyors of darkness who mask their purpose behind the word “change” will resurface in some other venue to continue the battle for first principles within our democracy. God will always find someone to speak truth. In the days of the Third Reich, it was Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I am not suggesting that Beck is the theological equivalent of Bonhoeffer, but it has been an encouragement to me that Beck shares my reverence for this giant of the faith.

So, even though Glenn occasionally made me wince with his dramatics, I’ll miss him and his daily show on Fox more than he–or Fox News–will ever know.  Unless, of course, they read America’s Right.



  1. kahleeka says:

    I had to turn off cable a bit over a year ago so I can only catch Beck at my neighbors from time to time – oh he’s a nut, but he speaks the truth. I have learned SO much about our history that I never would have had a chance to had it not been for Beck – plus his “You are not alone!” mantra some years back truly eliminated the isolation I felt about our Country falling apart and the MSM being biased. I will miss him tremendously! I still can’t figure out why he is being eliminated. I thought he was one of the highest rated cable shows?? Can anyone point me to an article that explains the complete TRUTH about why he is being eliminated? Thanks!

  2. Randy Wills says:

    I will look forward to hearing from anyone who has the answer to Kahleeka’s question above.


  3. Linda C. says:

    Randy, you are totally right and hit the nail on the heat. We watch Beck every day and have often asked why NO ONE, and I do mean NO ONE (on ANY channel) give the information that he does. You’re correct about Hannity, Van Sustern is a nothing, and O’Reilly is just a ratings grabber with no substance and no stance on anything, let alone no factual reporting. They all are followers – Beck is a leader in his program and presenting the facts. He will be sorely missed and, while I’d like to believe it was a mutual decision to give Beck more freedom to expand, one can’t help but wonder.

  4. 2010, 2012 says:

    maybe they will celebrate in the halls of the white house but it will be short lived as Beck unveils yet another stronger weapon:::::: Beck is taking his message directly to the youth of america. armed with beck’s schooling obama can forget counting on the youth of america to pull him over the hump.

  5. 2010, 2012 says:

    i must defend Hannity here as some of us may have temporarily forgotten Hannity ALWAYS presents a liberal point of view by having a democrat on as he did with Colmes who is no longer a regular, but also with Beckles from USA-today, and other guests. so i think it unfair to say hannity’s show is too partisan.

    he is obviously not a democrat but he does allow their voices to be heard and debate them on subjects.

  6. 2010, 2012 says:

    kahleeka says:
    April 10, 2011 at 5:46 pm
    Can anyone point me to an article that explains the complete TRUTH about why he is being eliminated? Thanks!

    i found it intriguing that Beck was off air just before the last months and including the last months of the last campaign. he was off cnn and not yet on fox until after the election.

    now here again an important election coming up and we will be missing his input at another crucial time? is there more to this than what we see on the surface?
    is someone working behind the scenes to keep a powerful voice from having a lot of influence by telling the truth of each bogus lie they tell?

    coincidence? i think not.

  7. Mairi says:

    Beck is definitely claiming his new work will be to reach the youth of America. He has yet to reveal how he will do that, but he has stated that to lose our youth, is to lose the next generation of adults. It is important work.
    However, I have lost Faith in Beck. He constantly demands that we do our own homework, and then REFUSES to do his own on BO’s lack of eligibility by way of his non-citizen daddy. How can anyone ever trust the guy?
    I tried to convince myself, that the other work he was doing was important enough to continue to follow Beck. I have since changed my mind.
    Recently I e-mailed Beck, and O’Lielly,:

    “What parts of our Revered, Divinely Inspired Constitution do you think we should abandon?
    If you cannot comprehend the fact that an INELIGIBLE POTUS, who is advancing Progressivism FASTER that you you can make a buck off Insider Extreme, is THE single biggest threat to our Constitution, sorry, buddy, you’re just far too lost for me to comprehend.
    BARACK IS NOT ELIGIBLE! I don’t give a rat’s tiny hiney WHERE he was born! Even if JFK cradled him in his arms at the birthing moment! He is NOT eligible. Never can be……bring on the riots in L.A when he gets booted! If those people are too ignorant to realise what a threat he is…….then GOD Love us!
    In the mean time, I’m done with you and lying O’Reilly. The man is using identity theft and you two knuckleheads don’t get it. Show me one bit of “REAL PROOF”, not an online digital image from a KNOWN Progressive site, that this man is legit………fact is……YOU CAN’T!
    A POX on you and “O’Really?”
    I support the ENTIRE Constitution. If you ever decide to…..let me know!”

  8. Randy Wills says:

    Regarding the “Birther” issue, I beieve that it is a red herring that the Republicans should keep their distance from. I know that my position is scorned by the “true believers”, but, in the absence of active participation by disinterested courts of law, I see no opportunity to reach a satisfactory conclusion to the issue.

    It should be obvious that the perpetuation of the issue is to Obama’s advantage or he would have put it to rest a long time ago simply by releasing his full-form birth certificate. Now, it may be that the “Birthers” are right and there is some damaging information on that document, but it is also true that keeping the issue on the front burner serves a potent political purpose, which is to divide and discredit the opposition as “conspiracy wackos”. It should be clear that this plays well with the independants, without which the Republicans cannot hope to win a national election.

    Rather than continue to push the birth certificate issue any further at the grassroots level, I would suggest that Republican candidates use Obama’s refusal to resolve the issue as a weapon against him in the upcoming election. After all, he campaigned on the promise to be a “uniter” whereas the birth certificate issue, which he could have dispensed with by the stroke of a pen, has continued to fester and divide a significant portion of the electorate.

    I fear that this issue is what is propelling Trump in the recent polls, and I know absolutely no Independent who thinks that Trump is anything more than a joke on the Republicans. Hopefully, those who are showing a preference for Trump will come to their senses before it is too late.



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