Rudy Goes to New Hampshire

NBC New York: In NH, Giuliani Comes Out Swinging

Some highlights of what the former New York City mayor had to say in the Live Free or Die state:

  • Obama a “failure,” and “Hillary Clinton would have been better.” I completely agree on all points.  When it comes to Hillary, something happened in June of 2008 or so; while she was on the campaign trail–and no, it wasn’t when she started crying in New Hampshire–she started to reveal a human side.  I still don’t agree with her politically, and probably never will, but I absolutely have no doubt that Hillary Clinton loves this country, that she would commit to defend it, and that she would not forsake our allies in favor of international approval.  In recent weeks, knowing that she has been working behind the scenes to push the president toward action designed to save and preserve life in Libya, when Hillary Clinton has spoken, I have felt confident.
  • “[T]he tea party is one of the best things that’s happened to American democracy in a very, very long time.” While I think that Rudy was being a little too trite in boiling down the Tea Party message to “[p]eople in the tea party, like me, believe that our freedom is being taken away,” I agree wholeheartedly that the Tea Party has manifested a sort of second revolution in the United States of America.  Yes, that was driven by a sense that “our freedom is being taken away,” but there’s more to the Tea Party than that.  To me, the Tea Party is a popular awakening to the proper role and function of the federal government.  The people are learning, not just rallying, and that education is invaluable.
  • Mitt Romney’s record on health care “would be a bigger problem than people anticipate.” Well, Rudy is in New Hampshire, after all.  And, as he has suggested that he may be gearing up for another run in 2012, America’s Mayor would be remiss to not take a jab or two at his likely primary rival.  While I agree that Romney’s healthcare debacle in Massachusetts will present a problem if he cannot adequately distinguish it from ObamaCare and use it to point out the merits of federalism, and while I think that Rudy’s point on the cost of Mitt’s program was well-played, as I’ve written here before Mitt has a chance to use his failure in Massachusetts to his political advantage.

I don’t know that 2012 is the year for Rudy Giuliani.  My gut (which is ample) says that the GOP nomination will either go to Mitt Romney–the GOP has the established tradition of nominating the heir apparent–or to someone who has not yet truly escaped the blogosphere into the national spotlight; Rudy, an also-ran from 2008, would be unlikely to win.  He’s also a national security guy, and not necessarily a fiscal guy, and barring an unfortunate event on American soil fiscal issues will certainly be at the forefront as the 2012 race unfolds.

Still, as it is about a likely contender in New Hampshire, the article is worth a read.  Whether or not Rudy Giuliani is worth a primary vote, however, is yet to be seen.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Rudy goes to to New Hampshire…..
    how long must we wait for a Mr. Smith to go to Washington?


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