An Open Letter to the People of Wisconsin

To the People of the State of Wisconsin -
Be careful what you wish for… just might get it.
Approximately 100,000 citizens of your state seemingly believe that people who run away from their legal responsibilities – people whom you elected – should be regaled as heroes.  I can’t speak to the manner in which you were raised by your parents, but I can tell you that I was raised as an individual who was taught to be responsible for one’s own actions, to treat all others with respect, and to understand that the more that I can do for myself, the less dependent I’ll be on others.  I was also taught that when I fall, I can choose to either pick myself up and to try again or to curl up into the fetal position and feel sorry for myself.
Based on the gathering of your public-sector, union employees that I witnessed on television this weekend, I’d say that what I saw was an incubator, the size of which has never been conceived.
There is, however, a more disturbing reality at the heart of what I have to say here, a reality of which I’m now convinced that none of you – not one – are even faintly aware.  Let me try to put it into perspective for you: when our young men charged the Normandy beaches in an effort to free Western Europe from the iron tentacles of the Nazis, it’s a pretty good guess that most, if not each and every one of them, had at least a faint realization that the mid-20th Century march of socialism and communism, if not halted at a certain point, wouldn’t just stop at the shores of Western Europe; it would most likely spread like a global virus.  Given that a fully-implemented socialist/communist economic program is at the very least the forced indentured servitude of the masses if not unspoken slavery, what we now see through the lens of history is that our armed forces that day were made of young Americans who refused to be slaves.  Since its inception, America has been a country for free individuals, a concept that I feel has long since come to be taken for granted.  That American flag that you were waving in the sea of your collective means a lot more to millions of people around this country than it does to you.
In short, you’re not even marginally aware that you’re supporting the very thing for which thousands of young American men went to their graves to stop.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Please be sure to understand why I say this.  I assume that your decision to gather together to hail as conquering heroes the 14 people who ran away in an attempt to hold the legislative process hostage was based in a preference for socialism rather than capitalism.  So, given that – since all of you couldn’t possibly be so naive – there are three considerations that you’ve clearly all considered in advance.  Let’s just check them off:
1) The Nazis – the National Socialist Workers’ Party (that does sound an awful lot like you, come to think of it) – was just that – socialism, based on the nationality of Germany.  Of course, Liberals and Leftists world-wide will claim that because the Nazis emphasized their nationality rather than the internationalism of the Communists, that placed them (the Nazis) on the “right”.  Sure, the Nazis were to the right of the Communists, but that’s not saying a whole bunch.  Hitler himself was on record in his own writings as saying that there was virtually no difference between Nazism and Communism.  The American constitution is even further to the right of both of these ideologies than you can possibly grasp and is based in the freedom of the individual.  Both Nazism and Communism are, by definition, leftist.  To paint Governor Scott Walker as Adolf Hitler, therefore, is strange if not altogether laughable.
2) Speaking of Governor Walker, I’ve both read and heard in political discussions that one of the reasons that he’s being likened to Adolf Hitler is that Hitler also broke the unions in Germany.  True enough, which is also another reason why the Nazis were somewhat to the right of the Communists.  I think, therefore, I can assume two things: first, your Saturday gathering was presumably more of a show of support for communism, and second, you apparently don’t believe that any leftist administration will ever turn on the unions if the country were completely state-controlled.
How’s that working out in China?
3) As history shows, Communism/Socialism never works.  It always fails, and in exactly the same way.  To be succinct, it is simply impossible to pay for the needs of every single person in a country.  Any politician who claims that he/she is going to provide you more and more entitlements and a secure, easy lifestyle is simply doing so in order to secure his/her political power, not your well-being.  Whatever ultimately happens to you is immaterial.
Meeting the needs of all the citizens, though – there’s the rub.  If only the population could be carefully and systematically culled….
Perhaps all those people who consider themselves “Liberals” – especially those in the Madison crowd this past Saturday, those worshipping at the altar of irresponsible behavior – should take a look at roughly the past 40 years of “liberal” thinking, a good degree of which has or will most likely result in fewer human beings:
DDT ban in the 1970′s – The decision to ban DDT, possibly the most effective and safe insecticide ever conceived, was a geo-political one.  Tests performed throughout the late 1970′s and early 1980′s proved that the chemical was safe for both wildlife and humans, to the point at which Dr. Wayland Hayes, who performed tests for the U.S. Public Health Service, fed human volunteers up to three times the normal amount of DDT in their food every day for 18 months.  There were neither any immediate adverse effects nor any over the next ten years.  The Left’s banning of DDT was responsible for millions of deaths, most notably from malaria and yellow fever, as mosquitoes are one of the most notorious carriers of disease.
CAFE standards in cars – Beginning in 1975, our government began implementing the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards that were to be followed in the construction of our automobiles, ostensibly in an effort to reduce our dependence on foreign oil (maybe de-regulating the processes on our own oil production might do the trick – ya think?).  While that sounds nice, this program forced automobile manufacturers to build lighter and lighter cars, which in turn made collisions much more dangerous for passengers (sure makes me want one of those oh-so-intelligent-looking and incredibly-named “Smart Cars”).  The result has been thousands of unnecessary deaths over the course of the past three decades.
Planned Parenthood – In all honesty, this organization would be more aptly named “Planned Economic Consumption” or “State Parenthood”.  It has nothing to do with “planning a family”, and its role in controlling the number of humans walking the earth is clear.  It also makes a hellava job program.  It also makes me think of, metaphorically speaking, baby turtles who struggle to make it to the sea…..a few usually do, but most are consumed by predators or simply die en route.  Tough luck, I guess.
John Holdren – President Obama’s science czar, a man who has been on record as suggesting that an effective way to reduce the population might be to put sterilants in the drinking water of everyday Americans.
I guess Mengele, Kevorkian, and Frankenstein wanted too much scratch for the position.
Obamacare – Whether you like hearing this or not, if Obamacare is ever fully implemented – something that your unions were stridently supporting but of which they wanted no part for their members – those who are not as highly “valued” as productive workers (i.e., the young and the very old) will not receive the same degree of care of those between, say, 16 and 60.  It already is gutting Medicaid, so hopefully your elderly parents and/or grandparents are reasonably healthy (but it’s the Republicans who want the elderly to die in the streets, right?).  Further, all of this says nothing about the fact that more and more highly-skilled physicians are going to opt out of the medical profession as a result of all of the burdensome regulations, meaning that lesser-skilled doctors will more than likely end up caring for Americans, people who will do the bidding of bureaucrats who will ultimately make the life-and-death decisions for us.
Certainly makes me hearken back to my statements about baby turtles and forced indentured servitude.
I can only assume, therefore, that based on your show of alleged “solidarity”, you’re totally in support of the history behind your movement in addition to the vast majority of its present-day program.  It certainly helps to know with whom you’re in bed.   Hey, at least you stand for something, right?
Amongst all the signs waving throughout the crowd, I noticed one that sarcastically noted that Wisconsin was now “open for business”, as though more job opportunities for people is a bad thing, I guess, and that “the people” will somehow be persecuted by such an economically profitable situation.  I’m curious, though – couldn’t many of you try to obtain employment with one of the many new companies that will come to Wisconsin if the economy begins to flow again?  No, you wouldn’t want that;  a person would then actually have to work and be accountable, something against which the vast majority of everyday liberals and state workers are adamant.  You just want to be paid, both in salary and outrageous benefits.  After all….this is America, right?
You people scare me.  You really do.  You’d like to believe that your “wolfpack” mentality is a show of courage and strength.  I’ve got news for you….”courage” is standing up and fighting, even when you’re scared.
Just like the Wisconsin 14.


  1. GI Joe says:

    My reply to surrendering to this progressive mentality, “NUTS”.

    Normandy, to Bastogne, I feel sadness for the millions who have given so much, including my father, to try and maintain true LIBERTY and FREEDOM.

    Communism/Nazism/Progressivism sucks.

    In memory:
    General Anthony Clement “Nuts” McAuliffe
    (July 2, 1898 – August 11, 1975)

  2. Randy Wills says:

    Thanks, John. I always enjoy reading your thoughts in print, I suppose because they typically represent my own.

    As for me, I find it almost impossible to do anything more than comment on AR simply because the future looks so dark. I realize that it’s not a given that the mentality demonstrated by the union sympathizers and AWOL legislators in Wisconsin will win the final battle for America, but unless courageous politicians and citizens, at all levels, persue sane economic policies at the expense of their own careers – and yes, in view of the death threats, possilbly their lives, we WILL lose our freedom.

    You have probably heard Glenn Beck use the term, originated by Van Jones, “top down, bottom up, inside out”. This is what makes the future so uncertain; the growing forces of darkness – in this case the “collectives” -goaded on by the “Organizer-in-Chief” in the WH and fed with mindless fealty from the ever-expanding pool of products of the teachers unions, – the “educated” youth such as we have seen fueling the “days of rage” in Wisconsin.

    The question is “Are there enough of us left with the common sense and moral courage to pay whatever price is necessary to fight the good fight for the freedom of the individual?” If not, we are on the same path as every other failed form of government. Time is short.

    I’d start with the enforcing the admonition from the Scripture and the law of nature that says “if you (are able) won’t work, you don’t eat”. In most cases, taxpayer-funded social programs are just that; a feel-good response to personal irresponsibility that, at its heart, is the first step to socialism. I believe that I recently read that one-third of all forms of individual income derives from government-funded programs and subsidies, and this at a time when the rationale for illegal immigration is that there are “jobs that American citizens just won’t do”. I’m with Gen. McAuliffe; “Nuts!”

    And in the immediate, I would dissolve all public-sector unions. The whole concept and purpose of unions is absent in the public sector. In the private sector, both parties can walk away from unacceptable negotiations, but this balancing force is absent in the public sector. Get rid of them. No one holds a gun to anyone’s head and forces them to work in any given location or position. If teachers, police officers,firemen and other civil servants don’t like the conditions in town “X”, they are free to move to town “Z”.


  3. Gail B. says:

    John, I actually rose to my feet to read what you had to say. Your thoughts deserve that much respect! Thank you for yet another job well done.

    @GI Joe ~
    General Anthony Clement “Nuts” McAuliffe
    (July 2, 1898 – August 11, 1975)

    I deeply appreciate your father’s service to this country.
    Thank you for sharing.

    @Randy ~
    You are a world of wisdom and (now) uncommon sense!

    @Jeff ~
    Thank you for this site, and thank you for having such talented writers on board. I am on the verge of tears of gratitude right now.

  4. GI Joe says:

    Lest I was misunderstood, my father was not McAuliffe, but my father did help in his immediate neck of the woods, in the Battle of the Bulge, to tighten the noose on the Nazi forces. My father still lives and is completely dismayed with what this nation has become.

    You are spot on Mr. Feeny.

  5. John Feeny says:

    GI Joe –
    I’d love to talk to your dad sometime. And he has my heartfelt thanks for everything he did in service to his country.

  6. whats_up says:

    @ Mr. Feeny,

    This gets tiresome: That American flag that you were waving in the sea of your collective means a lot more to millions of people around this country than it does to you.

    What utter hogwash. You have American loving citizens exercising their rights, and you want to try and claim that you are more “patriotic” and more “loving of America” than they are. That is asbolutely 1. Wrong and 2. Pathetic. Come down off your high horse Mr. Feeny. These protesters (like it is a bad thing, didnt seem to be during town hall meetings now did it.) love their country enough to get out and get involved in their government that they (correctly in my opinion)believe isnt listening to them. This was a naked union busing maneuver and nothing but. Spare me your faux outrage and patriotism, spare me your condesending comparisons to the Nazi’s. We all understand what is going on. Some Americans simply wont sit down and let it happen without exercising their God Given American Rights to do so.

  7. Gail B. says:

    GI Joe -
    Your father is not the only one who is dismayed. We all are. I still appreciate your father’s service to this country, and I hope he will talk with John Feeny.

    May God bless America, and may He keep us strong until we can get ourselves back on track by undoing the damage thus far! Too many lives have been lost in the name of freedom for us to allow this great nation to be thrown to the wolves.

  8. John Feeny says:

    What’s Up -
    You’re right. This is tiresome. I have no problem with people protesting; I just think it’s laughable when they organize for two reasons:

    1)to celebrate the actions of cowards and irresponsible behavior, and

    2)merely to impress one another.

    The Nazi thing is kind of a hard thing for your side to run from, unfortunately. Not only are ideas bulletproof, but they never go away, either.

  9. whats_up says:

    @ Mr. Feeny,

    I have no problem with people protesting.

    Evidently you do as you just wrote a whole piece on them doing so and I cant remember one time you applauded them. You called them thugs, Nazi’s and tried to claim that they werent loyal Americans, but not once did you actually defend their right to do so.

  10. Bob Upton says:

    PAT’RIOTISM ,n. Love of one’s country; the passion which aims to serve one’s country, either in defending it from invasion, or protecting its rights and maintaining its laws and institutions in vigor and purity. Patriotism is the characteristic of a good citizen, the noblest passion that animates a man in the character of a citizen.
    Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

    If the “rights” and “laws” and “institutions” circa 1828 had been “protected” and “maintained”, keeping their respective “vigor” and “purity” unchanged and unblemished we would not have this “war in Wisconsin” because there would be no public sector union to begin with.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it is broke, fix it.
    If it’s broke BAD, throw it out and start over.

  11. Yawn says:

    Petitioning ones government, and acting a fool, are two different things. imho

  12. L. Banks says:

    Thank you for your writing and your thoughts.

    The Wisconsin run aways did not do anyone a favor and least of all themselves. They are elected officials representing their entire district and not just a chosen few. This country has become so polarized over being a Democrat or Republican that it cannot see how fast and far it is falling. The last time I looked it was still America and we are all one citizenry. The unions are saying they are better than the rest of us who have to give up more taxes and pay for them too. I think not… This is only the beginning. Check out the price of gold and silver as they soar and that will tell you how are economy is doing. Check out our creditors and that will tell you how we are doing. We continue to print money to fill in the gaps and pretty soon people the gaps will consume us as inflation comes back with a vengeance and food becomes more and more expensive and less and less available to the public.

    My father passed away in 2006 after spending WWII in Africa and London keeping the planes flying. He spent the next 23 years in the AF Reserves retiring at the rank of Lt Colonel. I am glad he does not have to see what has become of his sacrifice. All of the graves in Arlington and my father’s grave too hold those who fought and many who died for this country and for freedom of the individual. Today the individual wants more and more and he wants this country to take care of him to give him more money to give him free medical care to give him free housing to give him free food. So who will pay for this if everyone is getting everything for free?

    Some people will just not get it until it is too late and believe me most people are not prepared for what is coming union or non-union alike.

  13. John Feeny says:

    What’s Up -
    Look, you can spin my words all you’d like, and I’ll happily play along with your adolescent games.  They can protest all they want; I just have little – actually, none – respect for people who gather together to celebrate the actions of a group of people who ran away, which, no matter how you re-jig it, is exactly what they did.

    I guess I should re-write the piece with a decided emphasis on the fact that I’m more laughing at their utter ignorance and unrestrained selfishness than anything else.  But hey – protest away, folks.  Have a party.

  14. Dee says:

    Thank you, John. I could not believe that the elected officials “ran” from their job. However, I’ve been reading about and watching BO (our fearless leader) and feel that he has no interest what so ever in doing his job. His job entails difficult and sometimes unpopular decision making. That is not what he in interested in doing. He wants to remain the ever popular rock star. I was embarrassed the other day when all the other world leaders were trying to figure out how to help Japan and what they need to do for their own country, when the newspaper printed a picture of BO filling out his “Final Four” brackets. So maybe the Wisconsin Dems just followed their leader. I feel like our country is “leaderless” and will remain so until the next election. I just hope that it survives.
    My friend’s husband lost his job several years ago but was able to find a janitorial job at a local university. He had to work the night shift and he had to join the union. He did such a good job that many of the professors and administrtors requested that he be the one to clean their offices. The other union workers, who spent most of the night sleeping or talking, were upset that he was doing so well. They would wait until he was finished cleaning one of the lavatories and they then went in and pulled out all the toilet paper, smeared feces all over the place and did anything else they could to destroy his work. He ended up quitting the job because he could not stand up to the union thugs.

  15. John Feeny says:

    Dee -
    That’s exactly what liberals want – or don’t want, depending on the manner in which one chooses to look at it. It all comes back to some strange mixture of resentment, personal insecurities, viewing onseself as having been “wronged” in some unspeakable fashion or as some type of social outcast, and refusing to allow others to be more successful, even if they genuinely work at it. It really is perverse. According to the Liberal worldview, no one is allowed to work to improve oneself. Personally, I think the vast majority of them were beaten up on the playground and have carried their personal wars with their childhood tormenters to the battlefield of ideas.

    Normally, I would never pick a fight with cowards, but in these times I’ll happily make an exception. Of course, that makes me violent, but, hell…I’ll live with it.

  16. Bob Upton says:


    You are not “picking a fight” with cowards. You are “stepping between the lines” (as you put it awhile back) and challenging them to play by the rules. The problem is they don’t like the rules and have been actively changing them, and ignoring them, while the game is being played. As coaches we sense when an opponent is ignoring, bending or breaking the rules and we call them out for what they are. Cheaters.

    Keep challenging them to play by the rules, to uphold the Constitution instead of holding it up, to play the game with honor instead of playing games with our nation’s honor.

    Cheaters never win. Winner’s never cheat.

  17. Nicknack says:

    The irony of Americans having to go and save Western Europe from a Fascist(Mussolini) a socialist(Hitler) and a communist (Stalin) all the while being lead by a dyed in the wool socialist(FDR) just confounds me!
    But the lesson that your piece intends to impart is well taken. Even FDR had to abandon his socialist leanings after realizing the task that was required for America to win the wars. And win they did both on the battlefield with blood and bravery and at home with industry and innovation. None of it with the socialists programs that FDR initiated and which is currently destroying this county.
    All of which should remind us of the current situation in which a dyed in the wool socialist (with unknown origins) is again trying to bind us Americans to a tit that is both unsavory and demeaning to all our American ingenuity. The real problem isn’t Wisconsin and Unions that advocate a free ride but the lack of a real leader that attempts to sell us a free ride to nowhere.

  18. Gail B. says:

    Bob Upton, that was GOOD stuff about the dictionary. I wish our people had the “1828 attitude” today.

    Whats_up, no one here is agreeing with you. I guess we’re all out of step except you?

  19. whats_up says:

    @ Gail,

    Whatever gave you the idea that I was seeking your approval.

  20. Anonymous says:

    bzinga whats_up. Bill Maher would be so proud. For whatever that is worth.

  21. John Feeny says:

    Anonymous 12:59:
    Tell Maher to give me a nod for a talk. I’ve come to enjoy debating things with intellectual midgets.

  22. John Feeny says:

    Hey, if the unions can be exempted from Obamacare after having played such a pivotal role in ramming through this constitutionally fraudulent piece of “legislation”, then so can we….Obamcare waiver. Everyone should sign.

  23. graypanther says:

    A judge in Wisconsin has issued a TRO blocking the new pro-work law from taking effect. Now the fun begins. Anybody who wants Wisconsin’s government to prevail only has to overcome the unions, the MSM and the courts.


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