All Hands on Deck

I’m a teacher and assistant principal and have been now for nearly two decades.  I’m also a high school baseball coach, something that I’ve also been doing for an even longer period of time.  Obviously, working with kids is about much more than winning and losing; however, one of the the things that I always teach my players is that once we get between the white lines, it is, in fact, time to win.

To that end, one of the most important things that I’ve always impressed upon my players is to never take their foot off the gas pedal.  At our school, it’s an even more paramount consideration, since we are, truth be told, an athletic powerhouse in addition to a nationally-renowned school for academic excellence (don’t those private institutions just get in the way of all the fun?).  Once we get out to an early lead in a given contest, it’d be pretty easy for them to take things for granted and to start mentally coasting; after all, they’re out in front, and of course, they’re wearing the uniformed equivalent of the New York Yankees (and that’s a painful admission for me).  An aura goes a long way.

Consequently, one of the coaching tactics that I always employ is to gather my entire team together after having taken any kind of a lead and to implore them that now that they’ve hurt the other guys, to go in for the kill; our defense becomes our offense, it’s eyes-wide-open, and all hands on deck.  Demoralize them.  Period.

I know….that just sounds so “mean”, doesn’t it?

I begin by painting this picture because we now have a similar situation as it regards the implementation of Obamacare.  The conservative, freedom-oriented Right in America has the Left on its heels.  Now is not the time for any of us to begin to  coast mentally and to assume that everything has begun to right itself in the world of hometown America; now is the time to demoralize liberals once and for all, to overwhelm them.  It’s time to up the ante.

As one would expect, those on the political Left will be howling over the next weeks and months as it regards their crown jewel, but I suspect that what we’ll see will be akin to “situational ethics”, something for which liberals are famous.  In other words, rather than look at the totality of what this law represents and all of the history behind it, we’ll most likely hear smaller arguments about individual pieces of the bill, this judge’s ruling or that judge’s ruling, conservatives’ wanting people to die in the streets, etc., etc.  It is, therefore, very important to look at the entirety of what America is facing at this point in history and to note the nature of what exactly is at stake.  Let’s start with history.

Back during the heyday of the Bolshevik Revolution, Vladmir Lenin was on record as saying that “socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.” His rationale was simple: nearly everything in an individual’s life can be controlled via ‘health-related’ reasons, control that would be – naturally – only for the person’s own benefit.  Those Bolsheviks, after all, were mighty fine people.

Couple this with the Obama administration’s individual mandate – by which force is applied against a free individual – and the current health care law does, indeed, become the cornerstone of an entirely different way of life for the American people.  If the current administration has its way over the course of the next five to ten years, all Americans will be gradually “nudged” onto some form of a government medical program as a result of our free choices slowly being taken away from us.  We’d all then be at the mercy of whatever the government dictates is proper and necessary for our own personal health.  The other half of this picture is simply this: if this law is allowed to proceed and spread its tentacles freely throughout the American economy and everyone accepts the fact that we’ve been forced to purchase a product (it’s actually quite difficult to purchase a natural right, I think), then there will be literally no limit to what the federal government could impose upon us.

Not driving a “green” car?  Now you are.  And you’re buying it.

Enjoy salt on your food?  Not any more, you don’t.

Smoke occasionally?  Sorry….cigarettes are no longer available for purchase.

You keep your house at a cozy 70 degrees during the winter months? You’ll need to purchase a few sweaters….at Government Sweaters, of course, where our service is always friendly and all of our merchandise is always priced for the hard-working consumer.

Over the course of the larger portion of Barack Obama’s first two years in office, his most important priority was getting universal health care passed, by any and all means possible.  During a time when the American economy had all but crashed and jobs were first and foremost on the minds of the American people, the near-filibuster-proof Democratic Congressional majority engaged a legislative process that by any definition was simply brutal: Deem-and-Pass, Reconciliation, a midnight vote on Christmas Eve, and a final vote for Reconciliation on the day before breaking for Easter recess were all viewed as perfectly legitimate arrows in the quiver by the Democrats and their sycophantic followers, despite the strident calls of opposition by the people who truly matter most – the American people.

Is there any wonder why the Democrats pushed and ignored, pushed and ignored?

Is there any wonder why the American people pushed back, and then pushed back some more?

Because both sides knew what was at stake.  And, believe me, it wasn’t to make sure that every person was able to access his basic human right – free health care.  It sure does sound nice, but if you still believe that, then there’s little that can be done for you at this point.  This is about two general things, neither of which has anything to do with the compassionate concern of a bunch of Leftists.

First and most generally, it’s ultimately about controlling the behavior of people and re-conditioning them to think about society differently, which, to be honest, I find a mite bit disturbing.  More specifically in the here-and-now, however, it’s about driving up costs for both the HMO’s and the individual consumer.  On the most superficial level of this law, it defies the most basic forms of mathematical logic, something that I find rather amazing that the intellectual elite on the Left can’t seem to comprehend.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: when you add 30,000,000 more people to the rolls and do not add any more doctors, what is going to happen to price?  No matter how one re-jigs his conception of mathematics, the basic laws of numbers aren’t going to change.  Even the new math won’t work in this case.

Democrats claim to view the free-market system as a joke.  Well, you know what?  These people truly aren’t supply-and-demand people; they’re HYPER supply-and-demand people.

If fully implemented, what will inevitably happen is that many doctors who are close to retirement will simply opt out, rather than face all the burdensome and ridiculous regulations, and fewer young people will opt to enter the medical profession.  It is simply a mathematical and human-nature inevitability.  Then there will be even fewer doctors, and the graveyard spin toward fewer and fewer choices for the American people will be well underway and the fast track to total government control of the health industry – which always leads to rationing, as history shows – will reach its final destination sooner rather than later.

The American people, however, who despite roughly a half-century of diminished academic standards at both the secondary and higher levels of education, have apparently not been sufficiently dumbed down.  They still know the score and continue to fight back.  With the Left now backed into the proverbial corner, now is not the time to let up and to wait for them to be counted out by someone else; now is the time for all of us to assume individual responsibility and that each of us is the only one who will make the final difference in this bout.  It’s time for a flurry of punches and to end this, once and for all.

Look at the manner in which this is all beginning to stack up: 26 states have filed suit against the implementation of this common-sensically unconstitutional bill, and two federal judges have already ruled it to be such.  In fact, the judge in Florida deemed the entire bill unconstitutional, simply because the individual mandate cannot be severed from the entire bill; therefore, the entire law is void.  He also went so far as to invoke our very beginnings – the actual Tea Party – in the sense that the very inception of our nation was founded on the principle of economic non-interference.

As a direct result of this law, the Obama administration has officially entered the business of allowing the preferences of politics rather than the rule of law decide who actually must come under the thumb of law, as it has been granting waivers to preferred clients, most notably the unions, the very groups, ironically enough, who screamed and campaigned in an effort to get this passed in the first place.

It also goes without saying that the very members of Congress who shoved this law down the throats of the American people are in no way bound to its dictates.

The law has already been repealed by the House of Representatives, and as of this writing, is due to be voted upon in the Senate within a few hours. Every Republican in the Senate is on board for repeal; if only a handful of Democrats waver, then that vote will become very interesting, indeed.

Two prominent political figures are even continuing to apply pressure, Mike Huckabee and Michael Reagan.  Huckabee is the driving force behind a nationwide petition for repeal, and Reagan is not only attempting to bring enough pressure to bear in order to force repeal in the Senate but also to bring enough members of Congress together in order to override the expected Presidential veto, however unlikely that that may be in the end. Aim beyond the goalposts and then see what happens, because we’ll never know for sure unless we try.

Count on this: the Obama administration is undoubtedly in “War Room” mode about this issue, working diligently as to the manner by which they’ll fight this in and frame it for the courts, in addition to planning  how they’ll spin this issue politically for the 2012 Presidential election, because no matter how this unfolds, it’s going to be at the centerpiece of the debates.

I can only speak for myself, of course, but I have no intention of forgetting what these people attempted to do this country during the past two years, and I hope that any and all common-sense American never forget, either.

All Hands on Deck.



  1. Bad News Bears says:

    “once we get between the white lines, it is, in fact, time to win.”

    Unfortunately, that’s how this Marxist administration feels as well. All of them with their Saul Alinsky, Cloward & Piven and Mao/Che/Hugo fetishes.

    The next two years determine America’s future.

    Use the force Luke.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Put ME in, Coach. I’m ready to play, today.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hypothetical: If the court ruled red-light cameras unconstitutional, would they keep the cameras rolling and the tickets mailed out? (Maybe so, there is money and power involved.)

    This is a sad period in American jurisprudence.

  4. Gail B. says:

    Hi, John! Very interesting piece. Very enlightening. I enjoyed it and will read it again. It’s worth the time. Thank you.

    I read Jeff’s corner a few minutes ago. Please let him know that we do understand about his priorities. I’ve been over at The Blaze lately but checking back here just in case. The Blaze has a staff of writers and new headlines with stories to keep us up to date and has an easy comment section (much like this one has).

    I just hope that Jeff gets through the Bar Exam so that he can get back into what he loves. And, is his wife doing okay?

    Thanks again.

  5. True Charity Suffocated says:

    “To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.”

    -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Joseph Milligan, April 6, 1816


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