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RedState: State of the Union Prom Dates

Caleb Howe, who I had the pleasure of meeting at BlogCon back in September, and whose brother–Ben Howe–has put together so many solid videos in recent months, absolutely knocks the ball out of the park with this tongue-in-cheek piece.  A visual sample:

Of course, much is being made about the decision among Republicans and Democrats to stagger seating at tonight’s State of the Union Address.  I know more than a few Republicans and conservatives and Tea Partiers who were upset that the House chamber will not be divided by party line, and I understand where they’re coming from.

However, in my opinion, it’s much ado about nothing.  For a couple of reasons.

First, we all know that the Democrats were absolutely slammed back in November.  It does not take down-the-aisle seating to emphasize the message sent to Washington, DC by Americans who simply had enough of government run amok.  Those people who need the added visual of people standing up and sitting down during the speech in order to understand what happened in November aren’t really the type who will be tuning in to see the State of the Union Address in the first place.

Second, given the margin by which Republicans were victorious during the mid-terms, staggered seating will mean that Republicans will be EVERYWHERE, not just on one side of the chamber.  It’ll be loud.  It’ll be intimidating.

Finally, it’s all about picking your spots.  I’d much rather the Republicans be conciliatory on something that has absolutely nothing to do with the principles we sent them to Washington to uphold than compromise on something that requires no acquiescence.

As for the address itself and the official response here at America’s Right, I am not certain whether Bar study will permit full analysis.  In the days coming, however, I’ll be sure to provide links to great analysis in Assigned Reading.  As for the address tonight, check out the Twitter feed on the right-hand side of the page.




  1. Gail B. says:

    If nothing else, it did create the atmosphere of a degree of maturity in the chamber. Last year’s SOTU address was a disaster, from the slur to the Justices down to Pelosi all but peeing in her pants.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ah Pelosi, so nice not seeing you. Nothing spookier than a face-lifted cheerleader.


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