A Speech “Worthy of a President”

WSJ: Obama Rises to the Challenge

As mentioned before, reading the speech given by the president on Wednesday leaves one with a far different impression as if the speech had been watched.  The applause and setting were disconcerting, the White House’s idea to distribute t-shirts and turn a memorial service into a quasi-rally was even more so.  Nevertheless, the speech itself was good, and it was delivered by a president who seems to be taking a lesson from Bill Clinton and hesitantly working his way toward the center.

Peggy Noonan’s assessment was on target really may have hit the mark was appropriate to what I read.  An excerpt:

He was saying: We are not a nation of victims, we are a nation in which people work together doing brave things and achieving great outcomes. “Heroism is here . . . just waiting to be summoned.” This is a statement worthy of a president.

Throughout Mr Obama’s career, he has critiqued America and its leadership from an outsider’s stance, from that of an intellectual relatively new to public life. His sound was all faculty lounge. In this speech he celebrated America, and in celebrating it, he aligned himself more closely with the values the American people most justly celebrate in themselves—instinctive courage, idealism, willingness to take the initiative.

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  1. Gail B. says:

    Obama’s approval index, as determined by Rasmussen, came up to -13. Granted, he gave a good speech; but about the only way he could have messed it up would to have asked for our vote in 2012.

    I would rather listen to John Boehner, Paul Ryan, or Jim DeMint speak!


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