Not even in the dustiest corners of my mind and imagination would I have ever believed that millions of people world-wide would fight with such a crazy, reckless abandon so that they could live their lives as slaves. I don’t get it, and, I’d bet, neither do they.

The “freedom” that those on the far-left wish for is the freedom from personal responsibility; their needs and desires are mostly predicated in a desire for “social access” to things to which they have no desire to earn. They expect the fruits of life to be given to them freely.

There’s a price for that, however. Consider this: if taken to an exaggerated conclusion – i.e., living in a country in which no one works – how will the necessary work take place for the survival of we as a people?

Maybe we should ask the people of the former Soviet Union how that one worked out.

There’s only one answer to that question, and it’s something with which the Left is quite familiar: the use of force. When the people reject your leftist policies, you simply implement them via any and all strong-armed tactics available. Maybe a history lesson on the aftermath of our pull-out from Vietnam might enlighten a few people.

Remember, Lenin himself once said, “we’ll always be against the use of guns … until we have the guns.”

The reaction of the political Left–the “adult children”, as this administration likes to refer to 26-year-old men and women nowadays, which has to be one of the most preposterous terms that I’ve ever heard–to the senseless violence in Arizona this past weekend made me physically ill. I dwelt upon it all day Saturday and all day Sunday, wondering what kind of country in which my son will be forced (for lack of a better word) to live, and why such vicious, vile individuals would take a massacre and immediately react to it by using it for their own gain. My God, I thought, who are these people? What are these people?

Little by little, the political Left in this country is using anything that it can in order to force conservatives to shut up and to force us to accept fewer freedoms in our once-proud United States of America, whether we like it or not: less financial freedom, as seen in the new “financial regulations” (which is actually nothing more than the elitist rich ensuring that the middle class “keeps its place”); less medical freedom, as seen in that really-great ObamaCare, which does nothing more than make medical care less, not more, available to everyone.

(Please, liberals, do some basic math for once in your lives — when you add millions of people to the rolls and fail to provide a commensurate number of doctors, what happens? The supply becomes rarer and demand increases exponentially. Do you honestly believe that your premiums are going to go down? If you believe that, I can sell you anything. We’re talking common-freaking-sense here. Pull your head out of where it doesn’t belong. Wake up.)

We have now been forced to accept less freedom in our own supermarkets, both in expense and supply, as a result of coming hyper-inflation and that really shiny-and-new Food Safety Act of 2010. Gosh, that sounds nice, almost as though our politicians have my health and well-being truly at heart. But, wait … how could that be, if medical care is less available?

I’m really confused.

By the way, did you know that it will now be illegal to grow your own food? As in going-to-jail illegal?  What country is this?

The Food Safety Act kinda strikes me as vaguely similar to the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 put into place by the all-knowing Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a piece of legislation through which a sitting president, during a time of severe depression, poverty, and starvation, actually paid the farmers to plow under their own crops. What kind of person, let alone leader of the allegedly-free world, does something like that?

We’re going to be forced, by hook or by crook (or crooks, considering that there’s more than one of them on Capitol Hill) to accept “skyrocketing” energy prices (the words of our own president, not mine), resulting from the government’s regulation of carbon dioxide, an essential element to photosynthesis, necessary to sustain plant life. So, parents of reasonably young children: how’s this all looking? In five years, think you’ll be able to take your kids to the doctor when necessary? Buy them whatever food you’d like in the supermarket? Keep them warm at night without driving your finances into the ground?

Of course, the energy problem in this country is due in large measure to the fact that we basically can never, ever again drill for oil in our own country (but other countries can come over here and drill for our oil) because of regulatory knots that would make an Eagle Scout proud. As a result, we have no choice but to do business with the Arab emirates.  How’s that one working out?

And I suppose you still actually believe that Barack Obama and all of his followers have the greater interest of the continental shelf at heart, don’t you?


If we don’t like all this and resist, we’re shouted down by moonbats.  The American political left believes its ideology to be so pure that any disagreement is looked upon as hatred.

In fact, I could make a strong, strong argument that the policies implemented by progressives over the course of roughly the past century have been largely directed at limiting the supply of specific resources, making life more difficult for the American people, and – incredibly – making themselves appear “compassionate” while doing it.

How do these people get elected?  They’re apparently dependent on something else as well: an uneducated electorate, something that our public schools and system of higher education is desperately trying to ensure.

The vitriol that spewed from the mouths of the liberal, sycophantic media following the tragedy in Arizona tells me one thing, and one thing only: these people are capable of anything. They are dangerous, dangerous people. And I’ll say this as well: the middle-class people of my generation who consider themselves “liberals” because they believe that it means “freedom” and want to view themselves as “enlightened”, “compassionate”, and “different” — well, all I can say is that you’ve been taken. You should be embarrassed, and you make me sick to my stomach.

You think people on the Right are prone to violence? Well, I can only speak for myself in this regard, but I’ve never even been in the presence of a firearm, of any sort. I’m just not a violent guy. Yes, I’m rather direct and quite capable of taking care of myself, but I keep to myself.  Being a role model for my son is paramount in my life. And, I’d be willing to bet, nearly everyone who considers himself a “conservative” is very similar to me. Might not fit the narrative that you’d like, but as New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick is fond of saying, “it is what it is.”

If I were a Democrat in any kind of public office right now, I’d distance myself from the radical Left as quickly as my feet could carry me. There’s one problem with that, however: once you’re in a gang, the gang never lets you out all that easily.

Good luck with that.

I’m tired, people. Real tired. I’m tired of being aghast at nearly everything that Leftists say, and I’m tired of spending time trying to organize my thoughts in an effort to write cogent pieces essentially imploring people to wake up. My wife even commented to me some time over the past two months that I essentially became a different person once Barack Obama became a serious candidate for the presidency and everything began to crystallize in my mind. I’m tired of taking unnecessary time away from my family. I just want to be with my family, do my job, and enjoy my life.  I just want freedom from it all, but instead I feel compelled to speak out.

Forced, if you will.



  1. John Feeny says:

    Hey, What’s Up:
    You need to look up “projection”, and then apply it to your accustion of my being arrogant.
    That’s rich.

    Oh, wait…I probably shouldn’t say “rich” anymore. That’s probably one of those really evil words that the Democrats want to ban. Dammit.

  2. whats_up says:


    Typical conservative response in some ways, this is my favorite:

    “How do these people get elected? They’re apparently dependent on something else as well: an uneducated electorate, something that our public schools and system of higher education is desperately trying to ensure.”

    The typical fallback, people are just stupid. How about this John, they disagree with you, they dont agree with your political party. I hate to break it to you, but your party and Conservatism isnt the end all be all of the world. Take your arrogance and shove it. Many americans dont consider themsleves to be Conservative and dont agree with your party or what it stands for, they are not stupid, they havent been decieved, THEY SIMPLY DISAGREE WITH YOU. How hard is that to understand?

    “And I’ll say this as well: the middle-class people of my generation who consider themselves “liberals” because they believe that it means “freedom” and want to view themselves as “enlightened”, “compassionate”, and “different” — well, all I can say is that you’ve been taken. You should be embarrassed, and you make me sick to my stomach.”

    Welcome to the world isnt fair club John. These people havent been taken, again they disagree with you.

    Last but not least you make me sick to my stomach so perhaps that makes things all better.

    What an ignorant post.

  3. Dee says:

    John, I agree. I have given up trying to talk to the liberals. They don’t want to listen and you cannot have an intelligent conversation. There are some who are willing to debate on an intellectual, respectful level, but they are few are far between. I feel like you, in that I just want to live my life and be the best person I can be. I am concerned about what the world will be like for my children and grandchildren. I will continue to stand for what I believe is right.
    When I read news stories where the perpetrator is shown to be a “victim” I wonder how long does it take for someone to take responsibility for their actions. No matter what people write or what they say, we all should know what the right thing to do is. What we do is no one’s fault but our own. Those with deep lying mental problems may not always do the right thing and they believe what they hear, be it true or not. This shooter had problems long before Sarah Palin came on the scene. I tried to listen to MSNBC several times but after hearing Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow (?) I had to quit. They were down right mean and nasty.
    It will be interesting to see what happens to this man. Thank you, John.

  4. Kahleeka says:

    Like you John, I have felt compelled to speak up – despite people like what’sup who attack with empty words – no substance whatsoever. Like where is the proof that we have an informed electorate?

    Remember the people who asked questions of voters on election day about Palin, Obama, Biden and McCain – and most people couldn’t answer very many questions correctly. The only thing they seemed to know about what the candidates stood for was what was seen on SNL!! (If someone has the link to any of these videos, maybe what’sup would be interested in seeing them!) The voters were IGNORANT!! And I myself asked people who liked Obama, “Why?” And they knew absolutely NOTHING of his voting record. I couldn’t find one person educated about him!! Not a SOUL! They felt he was charismatic and would unite our nation and seemed like a great leader. They went by “feelings” – yes, the electorate was ignorant for the most part. A lot of people are waking up – maybe there is hope for us yet.

    The more I read about the Founding Fathers, the more I realize our freedom is based on morality – and that comes from learning our rights, our value and everything comes from God. Our nation is no longer god-fearing! And for that reason alone, I see little hope for change.

  5. Cyrus the Great says:

    @whats_up – while progressives may not agree with John’s conservative posting, I note that you don’t provide any rebuttal except to call his posting ignorant. I just go on facts and have observed that regardless of how “feel good” the progressive ideas seem, NEVER (with the one possible exception of Sweden where there is a homogeneous population and even then not really) NEVER has the application of progressive, socialist policies and governments IMPROVED or even maintained the living standards of their populations any time it has been tried in the world – and I can name 20 of these right off the top, most of which are true “hell holes” today.

    Instead, these policies not only drag down those “evil rich” but at the same time also destroy the lives of those at the bottom. Your side sees people as “groups” and not individuals and has succeeded very well in convincing several of these groups that they are victims. A victim mentality results in anger and is easily controlled by the plantation masters in the left wing of the democratic party to the detriment of the “victims”.

    John’s second paragraph nails it. Sorry that you seem to be a parrot of the left – do you ever think for yourself? For example, do you agree with Michael Moore that Cuba has better health than the US? Or that Chavez in Venezuela is a great leader, as Sean Penn believes. Or that in Nancy Pelosi’s gavel speech she restated the Dems desire and work towards “deficit reduction” when they just INCREASED the deficit by $3.2 trillion in just 2 years? Who is smoking what here?

  6. whats_up says:

    @ Cyrus,

    Remember my friend just because something hasnt been done, doesnt mean it cant be done.

    “John’s second paragraph nails it. Sorry that you seem to be a parrot of the left – do you ever think for yourself? For example, do you agree with Michael Moore that Cuba has better health than the US? Or that Chavez in Venezuela is a great leader, as Sean Penn believes. Or that in Nancy Pelosi’s gavel speech she restated the Dems desire and work towards “deficit reduction” when they just INCREASED the deficit by $3.2 trillion in just 2 years? Who is smoking what here?”

    In answer to your questions No I dont agree that Cuba has a better health system than the US. No I dont believe that Chavez is a great leader. As to deficit reduction both parties have failed miserably at this.

  7. John Feeny says:

    So, What’s Up, what you’re basically saying is that despite over a century of proof that socialism never works (even William Bradford of Plymouth colony figured that one out – go look it up), you and your enlightened friends are going to “force” it to happen, just so that you can be right – is that about it?

    What a joke.

  8. whats_up says:

    @ John,

    I am not going to “force” anything to happen. I will continue to advocate my postitions and then let the American electorate decide who’s idea they like better. Unlike you I dont believe them to be uneducated or hoodwinked. If your position is the better one, then they will vote for it. I dont call my political opponents enemies, I dont pretend that they are evil (because evil really does exist and it is not the millions of Americans who call themselves liberals) and when Conservatives are elected I dont blame the electorate because i didnt like the outcome of the election. That would be called living in the adult world.

  9. John Feeny says:

    That would be a first.

  10. Kahleeka says:

    Here’s a nice fact – 99% of blacks voted for Obama. THAT is ignorance – not education!

    Here’s a link for you what’sup

  11. Randy Wills says:

    We need to be careful when we disparage others by class, group, or religious/political affiliation. Many “liberals” might be more convinced of the inherent ability of Conservatism to solve humanity’s ills if there was less hypocrisy among those who make those claims.

    I speak as a staunch conservative and a devout follower of Jesus Christ, but I lay most of the blame for our present condition on the failure of those professing the same to actually live out the fundamental precepts taught and modeled by Jesus and His disciples. As I have posited many times on AR, darkness has no power other than to fill the void left by the retreating light.

    I continue to assert that all other discussions – political, economic, moral, and social – are pointless unless we first recognize that “freedom”, as it is commonly understood, does not exist within the realm of human nature. “Freedom” only exists within the self-government of individuals who serve, not themselves, but, as the Founders well understood, the “God of Creation”. We will either serve Him or we will serve an overweening government which will ultimately, and of necessity because human nature will require it, exercise total control over every detail of human existence.

    Take you choice. It’s one or the other.


  12. Cyrus the Great says:

    I will grant that you keep the rhetoric down as compared to most that hold your viewpoint, and for that I commend you. But you did slip in one area.

    Your response to my post about the failure of socialist/progressive attempts to rule being complete failures every time they’ve been tried was: “Remember my friend just because something hasnt been done, doesnt mean it cant be done.”

    THAT is the response I get from progressives when I make that point – that response ALWAYS is “They (the progressives that failed) just didn’t do it right. Let me do it and it will work.” Just remember that repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is one definition of insanity.

    While there is much wrong with the progressive form of government that causes the failures, the main thing it overlooks, and which is always its downfall, is it ignores human nature. Those that produce learn that it does no good to produce more – or at all – since there is no incentive and it won’t get them ahead in life, and those who learn they can live off the dole even when they have productive abilities are the key reason it fails. The progressive’s only response then is force, violence and stifling of dissent in all forms, followed by collapse.

    Society is either controlled by the “evil rich” in capitalism, which means that some get very wealthy, some at the bottom have a hard time but are supported by charity and government, and most in the middle live reasonable and fulfilling lives. In a progressive society, you still have those in power, but instead of the capitalists, you have political rulers or dictators. In either case, SOMEONE is going to rule you. I’d prefer it be someone who can create jobs – the capitalists – and not those who either have no sense of economics and how the world really works (or who DO know, but choose to ignore the logic).

    As to blaming the right for the violence, check out this lengthy list of the violent rhetoric of the left – in their own words:

  13. Anonymous says:

    6:27, at the risk of being called a racist, by all the sexists that mock me for finding value in Palin, that video is spot on. Our founders would be so proud. Stupidity is going to be the demise of this, once great, nation.

  14. John Feeny says:

    Well-said, especially the part about ignoring human nature, something with which I had a very minor experience yesterday morning while shoveling all of this damn snow. My son – a really good kid, mind you – is 12 1/2 now, and as I’ve told him many times over the past two years, the days of my doing all the yard work around the house all by myself have ended. As expected, he’s not much thrilled with the prospect each time we go out there, but it is what it is.

    Anyway, the amount of snow that fell on us yesterday was unreal. Couple that with the fact that I have a very long driveway, and it ends up being quite a bit of work. My son came out there with me, but as I continued to shovel at a steady pace, I looked over to notice that while he had shoveled a couple of scoops, perhaps, he was infinitely more interested in standing around and drawing pictures in the snow on the window of my car. When I pointed this out to him – that he’d better start shoveling, lest he find himself head-first in a snow bank (I know, liberals….I’m a violent conservative and a terrible, terrible father – or is it Parent One?), he simply continued to passively resist.

    Is this, or is this not, a microcosm of what we’re facing in this society? The only way that snow was going to get shoveled was if I took it upon myself to get everything done and would wind up with hardly a ‘thank you’ for the effort. Notice as well that it’s dealing with children – the essential mindset in question – that leads to this conflict.

    So, as my son – even at his young age – has become semi-politically aware since he constantly sees me keeping up-to-date with the most recent current events, he does ask me questions about what “Democrats” are and what “Republicans” are (my answers are usually quite direct, but I will add that never once has my son heard me utter an expletive – those are reserved for the people who really know me). Consequently, I took this opportunity as a “teachable moment” – I pointed out to him that when some people refuse to work and some people take it upon themselves to work, this is what happens – everything shuts down. I simply refused to continue shoveling and informed him that we’d be standing out in the ice cold until such time as the work got done.

    Then I stuffed him in the snow bank.

  15. Anonymous says:

    John, is your son on a Pell grant? (sarcasm) Everybody I know ‘not working’ is on a Pell grant, and is ‘back in school’.

  16. whats_up says:

    @ Cyrus,

    Thanks for the thoughtful response. I would say that “human nature” being what it is that Capatilism has its problems as well, all you have to do is look at big business in this country right now to see it. When does anyone in big business pay the price for their mistakes? During this recent foreclosure mess when it has been revealed that banks cant even prove that they own the properties that they claim they own has anyone been held responsible? That middle class that you claim will lead fufilling lives, how are they doing right now? Yet it hasnt been the progressive policies that have hurt them the most, but rather the capatilistic policies that have been left unchecked and unfettered that have hurt them the most. To the point that there is almost no middle class any longer. Dont get me wrong, I too believe in a Capatlistic society, however one with a little more check on the big businesses of the world. After all when one business such as AIG is so big that if it fails the world economy collapses, then you have a problem. I watch my parents who grew up in the New Deal era, their only saving grace is the progressive ideas that have allowed them to maintian their style of living. After all if they didnt have it, medical costs alone would have eaten up their retirement (yes they did plan for themselves and saved a hefty sum for their golden years) and yet between the drop in the stock market and their rising health care costs that contiue to go up and up and up with no end in sight. IN a true ‘free market” they would be able to buy their prescriptions in Canada (they live close to the border), however thanks to the big business buddies in Congress, they cant, tell me how that is a “free market” system? So for some of my ramblings, however the Capitalistic system has some serious problems that big business doesnt want to address because the are making record profits while the rest of the world suffers. Those needs must be address, otherwise the 95% of the population that is struggling will solve the problem.

  17. whats_up says:

    @ Cyrus,

    For got to add, I am well aware of the rehtoric of the left. Are you aware of the vitrol of the right? You need look no furthur than some of the postings directed at me here, those are tame. Other right wing sites claim that ALL liberals are the enemy, we should be jailed, we are called traitors to our country. (there is only one penalty for being a traitor). Again BOTH sides are engaged in this horrible display of manners and civility. However until BOTH sides admit that they are part of the problem, nothing will be solved and it will just get worse and worse. After all if you are called the enemy and threatened with death, how long are you going to remain civil?

  18. Dee says:

    I’m happy to see that you have calmed down. You were one of those that I was thinking of when I said that some are willing to debate on an intellectual, respectful level, so your initial post threw me for a loop.
    How would you define “middle class”? Do you think that the influence that lobbyists and unions have on congressional leaders contributes to some of the faults of capitalism? I am beginning to think that our representatives do not represent those who voted for them.
    Your example of the drug industry is just one. According to the government, Canadian drugs are not as safe. But is that said only to appease the drug industry? The Obamacare Health Plan is supposed to save people money while adding more people to the rolls and yet promising even better healthcare. I still have not been able to figure that one out.
    I agree with Cyrus that I would rather be “ruled” by those who can create jobs.

  19. Randy Wills says:

    To “whats_up”:

    Both sides of the argument assume that, given the opportunity and correct, self-determined policies, their “plan” will make all things right. That’s absolute rubbish. It’ll never happen as long as people leave God out of hte equation.

    I have no more respect for “capitalists” who buy $45 million dollar yachts and $60 million private island estates off Miami than I do for the “single mother” (as though a child can be created by only one person) who “raises” 13 children in Cabrini-Green. They are both part of the national problem and they both have the same problem; uncontrolled self-gratification.

    Or put another way, “unredeemed human nature”.


    P.S. Glad to see that you haven’t given up pushing back. It makes for good discussion.

  20. whats_up says:

    @ Randy, @ Dee,

    Thanks for the kind words. Dee i was still fired up about my beloved Rams losing to Seattle (seriously 6-9 cmon man) when I wrote that first post so it probably was a little heated. The drug companies are a prime example, the drugs they ship to Canada are the exact same ones that they sell here in the States (seriously its Canada, not Zaire) and to claim that they are not as safe is just simply tomfoolery. Their is no doubt that the lobyists and the unions have undue influence over most of our elected officials. I dont know if that will every change in our system, especially given our first amendment rights to association and the recent Supreme rulings that corporations can spend whatever they want to effect election outcomes. That basically puts them in charge since most of us are using our money to simply survive. I have yet to find a good answer to this deleima, your thoughts would be interesting to hear.

  21. Dee says:

    I have no easy answer to your question. The only way I can see to get our elected officials listen to us is by voting them out and holding the feet of those newly elected, to the fire. Once they realize that being elected is not a life long career with life long benefits, they may change. Also, changing the public sector benefits to match those in the private sector may make them realize that we are not going to pay them forever for not doing their job.
    Those in government have come to think that they are better than we are, smarter than we are, and more deserving of benefits. They think they can’t “be fired” or “let go”. We “the people” must make our voices heard and become louder than the lobbyists and unions. Although, like you said, they have much more money to spend then we do.
    Corporations can spend alot of money to promote a candidate but, the people must listen and educate themselves about each candidate. The corporation cannot tell you who to vote for. They can tell you who they support but only you know what button you push on the voting machine. I think it is time for the people to take back the government and let the representatives know who they work for. Those who are content to have things handed to them and are too lazy to educate themselves will always be willing to continue with the way things are as long as they get what they want without putting out alot of effort. The rest of us, must continue to work to gain some voice in what is happening.
    Sorry about your team. You can now cheer for mine – GO STEELERS!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hang in there Feeny, we really are smarter than the masses of dummies out there. We may have to watch our nation go down the crapper, but what can ya do?
    The lack of common sense can indeed be fatal.

  23. Cyrus the Great says:

    I don’t disagree with the examples of excess, stupidity and probably outright criminality that has occurred in the past few years. But again, I put the blame mainly on the government – more proof that less government is better. The housing crisis was mainly caused by the Feds telling banks they had to loan money to anyone (or be subject to fines and harassment), and then made the money nearly free through low interest rates – AND then guaranteed any mistakes through the FDIC. While some banks refused to play along, most did, since the gov’t set up a system whereby they could make a ton. Then the gov’t failed to regulate the investment houses who repackaged these bad loans into derivatives, etc, etc etc.

    I am the first to call for the arrest and prosecution of those on both sides of this mess – the leadership of the investment houses and banks who participated, the head of Freddy/Fanny (Franklin Raines, Jaime Gorelick, et al), Barny Frank and Chris Dodd who stood before microphones less than a year before the collapse of the housing market stating they saw no problems – thus more or less not only endorsing the mess but enticing investors (who didn’t have the whole picture) to continue putting their money into these investments. (Thus Frank/Dodd are either complete morons or they are criminals – either is a good reason they shouldn’t be in office). I have an elderly aunt and uncle who invested in these things, thinking “We’re taking a conservative and low risk investment, with low returns – after all it is backed by real property” not trying to be greedy and actually speculate in the properties as many people did, and they got creamed.

    I also agree about the pharma/drug issue. I’m in healthcare and the drugs one gets in Canada ARE THE SAME as what you get here, made in the same plants, etc. Did you also know that these same drugs are available in Europe and Mexico for 1/4 the price retail? Why? because first, we Americans pay the full cost of all the research and development and the profit margins, so anything sold overseas is pure gravy for the big pharmas. Also, many countries (Spain as an example as far as I know) have laws that prohibit pharma costs to be any higher than the lowest price the pharmas sell to other countries for.

    So what happens? We pay the high costs and the pharmas do all they can to block THE EXACT DRUGS they shipped out from being purchased externally and brought back here. One reason they get away with it is that WE HAVE INSURANCE, so should I get Nexium (the purple pill), my co-pay is roughly $20, but the actual retail (at least about 3 years ago when I looked at it) is about $140 for a 30 day supply. But the patient doesn’t see that. If we had to pay the REAL cost – even from an HSA or other funding mechanism – there would be an immediate outcry.

    So you and I, while apparently coming from different sides of the political spectrum, do agree on many things. There is criminality in gov’t that far exceeds the excesses of the past century, and they collude with some businesses to fix markets, and other crimes. This must be stamped out. A true free market is one with pricing transparency (think of shopping on the Internet and what it has done for retail pricing) but with gov’t OVERSIGHT and regs to keep the playing field level. Gov’t should get out of most markets, including healthcare.


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