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UK Daily Mail: Oprah to Sarah Ferguson: ‘Stop Spending!’

Considering the state of her finances, Sarah Ferguson is hardly in a position to complain about having to give up her expensive holidays.

That, at least, is how Oprah Winfrey sees it.

The U.S. chat show icon has spoken of how she has struggled to make the Duchess of York see sense about money.

Sarah, still smarting after being caught trying to sell access to Prince Andrew for £500,000, usually takes a trip to Sottogrande in Spain with her daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie each year.

She has even shared a £38million villa there with her ex-husband.

Miss Winfrey – who has signed up the Duchess to star in a new reality series in which she will undergo therapy on camera – told Parade magazine: ‘She sent me an email about how it’s so difficult to give up going to Spain this year.

‘And I said, ‘You have no money. People who don’t have money don’t go to Spain on holiday. Hello!’

Well, it’s not the first time that Oprah has advocated individual financial responsibility in the face of an economic downturn, as she instructed viewers in March 2009 to cut out all non-essential spending when faced with money trouble. In this case, however, I thought the dialogue between the talk show legend and Fergie was fantastically and specifically relevant.

“People who don’t have money,” Oprah told the Duchess, “don’t go to Spain on holiday.”

Forget for a moment that First Lady Michelle Obama famously took a trip with more than three dozen of her closest friends to the very same European nation earlier this year, a trip which reportedly cost approximately $350,000 per day.  First of all, I’m really not into class warfare.  Secondly, insofar as the money spent was not taxpayer money, I’m fine with wealthy politicians doing whatever they please. Finally, when it comes to Oprah’s overt admonishment of the Duchess of York, I think what’s most important is the big picture — people who don’t have money don’t go to Spain on holiday.

Oprah Winfrey is a fan of Barack Obama.  We know this.  She made it a point to exclude then vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin–despite her gender and Oprah’s focus on women–from any appearance on her popular daytime talk show until after the 2008 presidential election.  She has appeared alongside Barack and Michelle Obama on numerous occasions both inside and outside of Illinois.  And, with the exception of $1000 donated to the Susan Engeleiter For Senate Committee in 1988, her political donations have been down the line Democrat — $10,000 for the DSCC Non-Federal Individuals PAC in 1996, $5000 for the Democratic National Committee in 1997, $1000 for Carol Moseley Braun for Senate in 1998, and $2300 for Barack Obama in 2008.  And yet, despite being an obvious Democrat and a loyal fan of President Barack Obama, some part of Oprah Winfrey understands what the Democratic Party and Obama do not: people who don’t have money don’t go to Spain on holiday.

In this case, it is the federal government which is spending unnecessarily.  Congress may not literally be vacationing in Spain, but the eight billion dollars in earmarks in the recent $1.1 trillion appropriations bill (thankfully defeated) shows that the very people Oprah loves most continue to fail to understand Oprah’s lesson to Fergie.

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  1. OWN makes me MOAN says:

    Miss Irrelevant 2011, Oprah Winfrey

  2. Boston Blackie says:

    Oprah is a true limo liberal democRAT. She NEVER spends any of her own 2 billion dollars when giving things to her audience. She ALWAYS has sponsors pay for the giveaways. That is why she is so tight with the Obamas, hey no problem, it’s someone else’s money. The Obeymes have now pushed back their return from vacation for the second time. How much do you think it costs us to change all the scheduling and the logistics that go along with their travel plans.
    I want to be at the pearly gates when Oprah shows up and God says “You owed how many mansions!?! Sorry girlfriend but that’s not what I gave you the 2 billion dollars to be used for”

  3. Anonymous says:

    I myself would like a 1.5 million dollar vacation on Oahu.

  4. Gail B. says:

    Oprah who?

  5. Anonymous says:

    BEES!!!! and I’ve substituted water in all the studios epinephrine needles.


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