2011: The Year of the Death of the Inane Conversation with Unyieldingly Dumb Lefties

What you see here is a photograph taken on the morning of Monday, December 27 from the dining room window of our place outside of Charleston, South Carolina.  While New York City saw two feet of snow and parts of New Jersey saw almost three feet from the blizzard this past Christmas weekend, the Lowcountry had plenty of flakes as well.

In fact, just an hour or so up I-26 in Columbia, South Carolina, the city known for its heat–the official slogan is “Famously Hot”–saw its first white Christmas since records began in 1887.  It was Atlanta’s first since 1882 as well, and throughout the weekend friends across Dixie from Auburn, Alabama to Hattiesburg, Mississippi were posting photos on Facebook of their kids and dogs in snow as though they had never seen the white stuff before.

While I was thankfully able to avoid ignorant lefty hacks for the most part throughout the weekend, I’m certain that others were not as lucky.  I can imagine what the conversations may have been like:

LEFTY: Can you believe that it snowed in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend?  It’s a sign of global warmi– er, climate change for sure.

RIGHTY: So let me get this straight: if it’s unseasonably hot, it’s because of global warming, and if it’s unseasonably cold, it’s also because of global warming?

LEFTY: Oh, come on.  You can’t look at what you’re seeing and say that this is normal.  You can’t say that humans have had nothing to do with this!  We need to do everything we can to save ourselves from climate change!

RIGHTY: Shouldn’t we entertain the thought that this cold snap could have something to do with the jet stream, that it might be part of a cycle?  Shouldn’t we entertain the notion that this is natural before we go making all sorts of environmental changes and destroying our economy?

LEFTY: Look at these headlines!  Atlanta hasn’t seen Christmas snow since 1882!  This has never happened before!

RIGHTY: Um, I’m pretty sure it happened in 1882.  That’s what I’m saying — maybe hot decades and cold decades are cyclical.

LEFTY: Yeah, well, now we have factories and SUVs, all spewing carbon dioxide.

RIGHTY: Carbon dioxide?  You mean, the stuff that facilitates photosynthesis in plants?

LEFTY: Yeah, but too much of it is bad.  That’s why it’s snowing in Atlanta.  It’s global warming.

Yada, yada, yada, and pass the potatoes.  That’s the way these sorts of arguments go.  There’s no winning.  There’s no chipping away at the veneer of environmental propaganda.  As the folks at Investor’s Business Daily rightly contend, this particular brand of lefty is “at odds with reality.”

Karl Popper, the late, great philosopher of science, noted that for something to be called scientific, it must be, as he put it, “falsifiable.” That is, for something to be scientifically true, you must be able to test it to see if it’s false. That’s what scientific experimentation and observation do. That’s the essence of the scientific method.

Unfortunately, the prophets of climate doom violate this idea. No matter what happens, it always confirms their basic premise that the world is getting hotter. The weather turns cold and wet? It’s global warming, they say. Weather turns hot? Global warming. No change? Global warming. More hurricanes? Global warming. No hurricanes? You guessed it.

Nothing can disprove their thesis. Not even the extraordinarily frigid weather now creating havoc across most of the Northern Hemisphere. The Los Angeles Times, in a piece on the region’s strangely wet and cold weather, paraphrases Jet Propulsion Laboratory climatologist Bill Patzert as saying, “In general, as the globe warms, weather conditions tend to be more extreme and volatile.”

Got that? No matter what the weather, it’s all due to warming. This isn’t science; it’s a kind of faith. Scientists go along and even stifle dissent because, frankly, hundreds of millions of dollars in research grants are at stake.

At odds with reality.  The problem with the average lefty nowadays, though, is that their ingrained divorce from reality is not limited to matters of global warming.  They advocate spending while blind to all repercussions.  They gladly trade liberty for even the slightest perception of security.  They fail to understand the relationship between taxes, growth and revenue.  They believe that government is the ultimate savior while failing to point to anything that government has done well.

And the conversations go accordingly.

That’s why I have decided that 2011 shall be the Year of the Death of the Inane Conversation with Unyieldingly Dumb Lefties.  I am done with it.  No longer will I feel obligated to point out that the polar bear population has increased to problematic levels. No longer will I feel compelled to explain that the states and municipalities which have the tightest restrictions on legal gun ownership have higher crime rates.   No longer must I plead with people to understand that, after 4.5 billion years, 100 years of industrial man will not bring the planet to a fiery end.

Unfortunately, there are people who are just too far gone.   They’re the ones who, like Attorney General Eric Holder, simply cannot bring themselves to connect the dots between radical Islam and radical Islamic terrorism.  They’re the ones who believe that social justice demands that the wealthy contribute nearly everything, while the indigent can be forced to understand and embrace a productive life.  They’re the ones who think that the best way to prevent shootings at events such as school board meetings and places such as shopping malls is to hang “No Concealed Weapons Allowed” signs up at each entrance.  Those people, I resolve to no longer even attempt to save. Those conversations are over.

The only exception I will make, from this day forward, is in cases in which an impressionable mind is at stake.  I will not stand idly by and watch some otherwise lovely and intelligent dinner party guest nod in purported understanding when some tweed jacket-clad academic uses big words to make the case that America has had its day as a superpower and is hereafter morally and socially obligated to turn a blind eye to up-and-coming superpowers, cower from dangerous regimes, and prop up developing nations that simply do not want to develop.  In those cases, intervention is a must.

For the most part, however, as I have come to terms with my limited resources, I have decided that I must use them sparingly.  I want to ensure that the left stays a minority, that the resurgent right stays the course, and that the American people stay interested enough to keep both in check.

This next year, the Year of the Death of the Inane Conversation with Unyieldingly Dumb Lefties, will for me be a massive reallocation of resources.  We don’t need the far left as much as we need to foment unity of spirit and conviction among those of us on the right.  Therefore, my focus is hereafter shifted rightward.  While lefties everywhere can somehow maintain their passion about completely asinine causes and stances and arguments, the right has a tendency to take things like freedom and liberty and mere representation for granted.

Snow may have fallen this weekend here in the Lowcountry, but it will be a cold day in Hell before I let that happen.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Ignore Ignorance, I LOVE IT.

  2. Gail B. says:

    I guess the Polar caps melted the time it snowed in Atlanta on April 25 during my lifetime some years ago! Yes, APRIL! And Raleigh, NC, has had snow in April in years past.

    When are the Lefties gonna give up and admit that global warming is a farce? I’m reading that we’ll be in a mini ice age in about 25 years.

  3. Boston Blackie says:

    Sounds like 2011 is gonna be lots a fun for you
    (or cause you to completely lose your mind)
    Happy New Year !!!!!

  4. Lisa G in NZ says:

    good post Jeff,

    the center/right needs to spend their energies very much elsewhere like getting more involved in schools/education, local politics (make the difference in YOUR town/city), promoting pro-constitutional policies, continue to hold elected officials accountable, ete etc etc…

    I’m with you!
    Stop trying to speak logically with the illogic!
    Stop trying to herd cats! :)

  5. Gail B. says:

    “Snow may have fallen this weekend here in the Lowcountry, but it will be a cold day in Hell before I let that happen.”

    Good for you, Jeff! Conservatioves don’t need the distractions! We need to stay energized and focused on principles, stay up to speed on what our Congress Members are doing, and burn up the phone lines at the D.C. offices when necessary.

    After your two weeks in Poland last year, you returned to an America whose slumber had been abruptly disturbed; and you don’t intend for us to go back to sleep!

    Georgia Republicans are already looking for a replacement for Senator Johnny Isakson, for when his term is up in SIX YEARS!

  6. Anonymous says:

    In your face Buyon. A Canadian free year.

  7. Trying to reason with a lefty is like having him try to find the corner in a round room. Impossible!

  8. Anonymous says:

    So you now tweet in Polish, over their to the right of the screen?
    You’re not talking about me and my ‘mild’ paranoia, are you?

  9. Jack Ott says:

    Jeff, it’s the same whether you are talking to a lefty about the weather, or the affects of tax policy, or national security. When you bring up the facts, their eyes gloss over and they simply reiterate the latest gobbeldy-gook emanating from the likes of Keith Obermann, James Carvel, or some mush-brained Harvard professor who couldn’t find the cross in a Catholic church.

    That doesn’t mean we should give up. Rather, instead of merely arguing with individuals, we should continue to take their inanities and insanities public. That is why we blog.

    The DRUM and CANNON.

  10. Anonymous says:

    DRUM and CANNON is right. The tough part is my family is infiltrated with a bunch of em and it’s driving me crazy. The Patrick Henry in me says country comes first.

  11. Don't Tread says:

    In reference to my comment at 2:11, here is a response I gave to a niece in CA on Facebook so hung up on Obama…….

    Wow, it’s a sandlot contest on who has ones back. I would like to think I have the back of the patriots who fought barefooted at Trenton along the Delaware or who froze to death at Valley Forge half naked. One needs to get over ‘party’ loyalty and embrace the ideology of saving a nation. We have lost sight of Liberty and what it means and how much it is worth fighting for. I don’t care, obviously, about family loyalty, but that’s just me. You might want to consider if you have Anna’s back, as she is staring, already, at $15,000,000,000,000 in debt and $200,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities. Shake off that party loyalty and see how refreshing it is….. to set about tackling the real problems. And, Joe Biden?, please….. the man who himself said Obama is unqualified to be President and would be direly tested because of it (I smell North Korea). I love every time he opens his mouth because of the entertainment value. Scranton can do better than that.

  12. Oh to be young and unfrightened says:

    Another facebook reply to a bunch of yet elightened teens ragging on Sarah Palin…….

    One way of looking at it however….. who would you want beside you DURING the game of Survivor?, and wouldn’t you like a community organizer opposite you in the final two for the vote? I thought so.

  13. Insomniac says:

    This nation has me to where I can’t sleep. Last night I was thinking the original revolution came about over ‘taxation without representation’. Tho technically we are NOW represented (chuckle) as regards taxes, our Congress has increasingly become irrelevant. They have ceded power to the Executive and its many departments. So our new motto may be…

    ‘Cessation without Representation’

    cessation of what we are allowed to eat (FDA EPA)
    cessation of what we are allowed to listen to on talk radio (FCC)
    cessation of freedom on the internet (FCC)
    cessation of energy independence (DOE EPA)
    cessation of climate common sense (NOAA EPA)

    I am ready to ‘fight’

  14. Anonymous says:


    From the Declaration of Independence

    “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I see in the news that we conservatives have a ‘Constitution fetish’.

    Much better to have one for Oval Office interns I presume.

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