Speakers’ Actions Speaking Loudly

New York Times: Boehner Gives Freshmen More Goodies

“After several days of dialogue with our new colleagues and an assessment of the objectives the new majority will pursue in the next Congress on behalf of the American people,” said Mr. Boehner and Eric Cantor, his No. 2, in a joint news release, “we have determined that the incoming House GOP freshman class should have two elected representatives at the leadership table and three representatives on the Republican Steering Committee in the 112th Congress.”

Last week, Mr. Boehner announced that the the Republican Steering Committee, a body of 28 members that makes committee assignments, would include two freshmen, rather than the usual single member, and that the elected leadership team, which generally has nine members, would make room for a 10th, also to accommodate a freshman.

Look, I don’t think any American who has paid attention to the political process for the past few years is ready to give soon-to-be House Speaker John Boehner and the GOP a break simply because of the result of this month’s mid-term elections.  We all remember what happened during the latter half of the presidency of George W. Bush, when the president and his party abandoned free market principles and embraced spendthrift ways usually embraced more by Democrats.

However, there is something to be said about learning from mistakes, and everything I see going on right now has reinforced my opinion that, yes, this GOP is a different GOP.

Sen. Jim DeMint’s continued crusade to ban earmarks has been embraced by GOP leadership in the House and Senate and could be on its way to reality.  (UPDATE: Senate Republicans Vote to Ban Earmarks.)  While earmarks are but a drop in the bucket that is our fiscal problems, on a symbolic level more than a practical level, earmarks represent much of what is wrong with the culture of power in perpetuity inside the Beltway.  Ending the practice–forcing pet projects in home districts across the country to stand, legislatively, on their own merits rather than being packed into a completely unrelated bill–would go a long way toward ensuring that lawmakers keep their purpose in perspective.

Also, as seen in the linked New York Times piece above, we see that soon-to-be House Speaker John Boehner–always looked upon with added scrutiny by many in the resurgent right–is going out of his way to ensure that new legislators are more involved in leadership roles.  The House GOP’s efforts to acclimate freshmen lawmakers have been admirable, and this latest move shows that Boehner and others understand the need for the voice of the American people to be involved in the actions on Capitol Hill going forward.

Contrast this, of course, with the Democratic Party, the leadership for which seems content to maintain the status quo.  Over and over again, we’ve heard from Nancy Pelosi and her ilk that the trouncing the Democrats endured this month was not a repudiation of the president or his agenda, or the current House Speaker and her agenda, but rather the manifestation of a disappointment that the Democrats’ agenda was not carried out swiftly enough.

Republicans get it.  Democrats do not.  From what I can tell, GOP leadership understand that the American people have spoken, and appear as though they will act accordingly.  The Democrats, it seems, will be content to just set forth as though nothing happened.



  1. “Republicans get it. Democrats do not.”

    In the meantime Pelosi will continue to throw herself parties and celebrations for all the “accomplishments” of the past two years. That woman is one Botox treatment away from complete brain damage.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if she can still Air Force around……..

    hopefully not, the winch

  3. Ruth says:

    It is a very sad commentary on the state of our nation when the two sides cannot pull together, as our name emplys, “The United States of America!” If we cannot ultimately do this there will be ugly consequences and a poled country that is fight within again…remember the Cival War? Do we want to have to be shooting each other in history again? That would give great satisfaction to those whom want just that and worse for America!! They want to see America on the trash pile of ruined nations ……ARE WE GOING TO BUY INTO THAT NONSENSE? OR ARE WE GOING TO STAND AND MAKE THIS NATION STRONG AGAIN?? ARE WE GOING TO BE STUPID AND JUST LET EVERYTHNG SLIDE DOWN THE SLOPE UNTIL WE ARE SOCIALS OR WORSE; MUSLIMS….WAKE UP AND STAND WITH THE FLAG, THE NATION AND ALL WE ARE..BE PATRIOTS WITH BRAINS….WE ARE THE GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD…IF IT FAILS~~IT IS OUR FAULT!! GET THE BUZZARDS OUT OF WA, THAT ARE NOT HONEST AND LET’S GET ON WITH RE-BUILDING OUR PATRIOTISM, OUR MILITARY AND OUR STRENGTH AS A CARING NATION…NOT A GREEDY BUNCH OF LARGE BUSINESSES THAT FOR THE MOST PART ARE NOT EVEN AMERICAN ON OUR OWN SOIL ANYMORE-THAT ARE TELLING OUR POLITICIANS HOW TO BE FOR FAVORS IN VOTES….WHAT NONSENSE AND TREASON….WE ARE MORE THAN THIS FOLKS!!!!!

  4. Gail B. says:

    John Boener has been elected the 61st Speaker of the House, and on his 61st birthday!

    Nancy Pelosi has been elected House Minority Leader. (Sounds like good news for Republicans, doesn’t it?!)

    From Vision to America (V2A), comes this:

    “Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are plotting and scheming to ram the so-called DREAM Act – legislation that grants Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens – through the current lame duck session of Congress.” They’re saying that because the election is over, Americans have gone back to sleep. (No, we are up and running, Leftists!)

    And, Murkowski has won her Senate seat as a write-in candidate.

  5. Oh please says:
  6. “GO REPUBS———–GO”

    I only hope and pray this new—-116th NEW CONGRESS will continue as it seems to be starting. I hope John Boehner truly did have a “change of heart”.
    I unfortunitly felt these 2 next years will make or break our America.
    We must defeat these socialist,communist,marxist —–evil people and run them out of our “Republic”——while we still have a free U.S.A.


  7. Mr. jeff schreiber,
    forgot to tell you,not only do i enjoy and find informative your wonderful website. as a woman and involved in decorating and several crafts,your “NEW SITE” IS JUST —WOW!!!!!!
    love the design and very “subtle colors”—very patriotic.

    I always liked the first one—-but “YOU REALLY DID A JOB GUY”

    take care!


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