Bristol Palin: Tap-Dancing on the Nerves of Lefties Everywhere

I’ll let you in on a little secret that may or may not require me to relinquish my “man card”: I enjoy Dancing With The Stars. (I’ll wait until you stop chuckling.)

The way I look at it, the show provides relatively wholesome entertainment that the entire family can enjoy — my wife enjoys the drama of it all, I enjoy the athletic components of it all (read: the skimpy outfits on the women), and my four-year-old daughter says up later than normal and performs her best cha-cha in front of the television while wearing a tiara and a tu-tu, all the while hearing from mommy and daddy that great things come from hard work and determination.

I myself cannot dance, and have been known to tastelessly joke that I suffer from a medical condition known as C.R.D. — Caucasian Rhythmic Disorder.  Sure, I bop around awkwardly at weddings and shimmy shamelessly along to music in the driver’s seat of my car, but if someone were to fit me for dancing footwear they would need to find two left shoes.

Perhaps, politics aside, that is what has been so mesmerizing about watching Bristol Palin progress on Dancing With The Stars this season.  Here’s a girl who is reviled by millions, automatically and through no fault of her own, because of her mother, who is as polarizing as she is engaging.  Here’s a girl who was plucked from behind a receptionist’s desk in a medical office, completely devoid of dance or performance experience, and has managed to hold her own against singers, actors and others accustomed to performing before an audience.  And her success has brought up a few points and questions.

So Much For Social Justice

Most special to watch, in my opinion, has been the visible change in the way Bristol Palin has taken to carrying herself.  Watching her confidence grow, week to week, has been inspirational.  Now, is Bristol the best dancer or best performer among the field?  Of course not, and the same people on the left who deride her mother will note as much, and insist that she absolutely does not deserve to be in the finals of the competition.  She’s not as good a dancer as Jennifer Grey or Brandy, they say.  She’s not as much of a performer as Kyle Massey, a teen programming veteran on the Disney Channel.  She’s just not good enough to be there!

As Rush Limbaugh noted today: It took Dancing With The Stars for the American left to be concerned about merit.

The same people who insist upon a legislative answer to the exponentially expanding success of talk radio, essentially a way to force leftist opinions into a marketplace in which they have failed to garner solid ratings time and time again, are suddenly opposed to Bristol Palin’s opportunity as one of the three finalists on Dancing With The Stars because she has failed to garner the same scores with the show’s judges as other, more polished contestants.  The same people who believe that an individual who has risen earlier and worked late for their entire life in order to amass a comfortable living should be legislatively compelled to share that hard-earned income with those who haven’t chosen to work as hard are suddenly opposed to Bristol Palin’s chance to compete for the championship against singers and entertainers who have spent their lives training and polishing their abilities to perform in prime time.

The fact is, by all appearances Bristol has indeed worked hard.  And her progression from someone with two left feet to someone who can shimmy and shake and tango shows that she absolutely deserves to be there.

Palin Derangement Syndrome is Hereditary

Last night, when television host Tom Bergeron revealed that Bristol, and not singer Brandy, would be competing in the finals of Dancing With The Stars, the reactions among those present were telling.

Professional dancer Derek Hough’s jaw dropped open wide enough that tiny Jennifer Grey could have climbed inside.  Judge Bruno Tonioli said that he was “disappointed,” hedging his words quickly by making it seem as though he was disappointed merely because Brandy had turned in a pair of good performances the night before, and that he was looking forward to seeing her dance again.

Across the country, the reactions were even more pronounced.  Good Morning America ran a seven-minute piece which alleged that Tea Partiers were rigging the voting at Dancing With The Stars (dancers are saved or eliminated based upon an aggregate of one-half judge’s scores and one-half audience voting), commenters at The Huffington Post insist that “if Bristol Palin wins, the whole season was rigged,”  leftist Web site posted an article entitled How Palin Conservatives Are Cheating the DWTS Voting System, and the local Philadelphia Fox affiliate ran a sting operation of sorts, showing how multiple voting accounts can be created by those willing to spend hours astroturfing support for Bristol.

Meanwhile, in Vermont, 67-year-old Steven Cowan was so distraught over Bristol’s success in making the finals that he loaded a shotgun, blew a hole in his television set, and then turned the gun on his wife.  Thankfully, she escaped, and he was arrested after an overnight standoff and charged with reckless endangerment.  As Cubachi points outand they call conservatives the “bitter clingers.”

It seems, friends, that Palin Derangement Syndrome is hereditary.

Bristol’s Dancing, the Tea Party, and Sarah’s Future

The fellow behind The Right Scoop (I met him, but cannot recall his name) suggested earlier today via Twitter that “if Bristol wins DWTS, then Sarah will dominate in 2012.”

I cannot say that I completely agree.

There is no debating that Sarah Palin is ascending.  Her show on The Learning Channel, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, has set records for the already successful cable network.  Her book, Going Rogue, was a commercial success.  Her influence on the mid-term elections was obvious and well-documented.  Her ability as a consistent fundraiser is nearly without parallel.  And on television as a Fox News contributor, she has shown growth in terms of her understanding of domestic and foreign policy and her articulation of conservative principles.  The reaction to her daughter’s success on a campy television dancing competition, however, shows that she still has a long way to go.

While I do count myself a supporter of Sarah Palin and believe that she would do a fine job if elected president of the United States of America, the realities of her polarizing nature keep me from enthusiastically supporting her candidacy in 2012.  The reaction to even the mere mention of her name is enough to render Americans across the political spectrum unwilling to proceed any further in cogent discussion, and I wonder if she could succeed in an electoral sense while being such a lightning rod.  Apparently, according to a piece run today at The Daily Caller, my feelings are well in line among others on the resurgent right:

Interviews over the last few months with Tea Party conservatives – who spoke with TheDC at rallies, organizing events in and outside of Washington, and over phone and e-mail – have hit upon the same thing time and time again. Many in the grassroots think Palin is an outstanding spokesperson for Americans who do not feel like they have power or a voice and are dismayed at the direction the country is going in. They revel in her anti-establishment, anti-elite attitude, and cheer her on as she mocks and criticizes the Washington political class.

But their enthusiasm often falters when it comes to 2012.

“I like Palin,” said Alan Reasin, a 65-year old retired nuclear power plant engineer from Conowingo, Md, holding a large “Don’t Tread on Me” flag outside the U.S. Capitol Monday at a small rally featuring Tea Party favorites Sen. Jim DeMint, South Carolina Republican, and Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican.

But Reasin, who is on the steering committee of the Cecil County Tea Party Patriots, said he thought Gen. David Petraeus, the decorated military official who commands U.S. forces in Afghanistan, should run for president.

As for Palin, Reasin said, “She’s got too many negatives, not for me, but for too many people. So I think she’s better off on the outside looking in.”

Reasin’s comments point to a growing recognition that while Palin is intensely loved by her supporters, she is strongly disliked by a larger percentage of Americans. The most recent poll to demonstrate this, a Politico/Penn Schoen Berland survey released Tuesday, showed 36 percent who view her favorably and 53 percent who view her unfavorably.

Much like the influence of the Tea Party and the resurgent right was obvious in the results of this month’s mid-term elections, the influence of the same people are likely behind Bristol Palin’s success on Dancing With The Stars.  Watching the end of the show last night, I told my wife that, “if Bristol makes the finals, she will win.”  And I stick by it.  Little bits and pieces and words and phrases picked up during the Dancing broadcast–such as the revelation that the volume of voting this season far exceeds the volume from previous seasons–suggest that the outpouring of support for Palin has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I believe it will result in Bristol hoisting the delightfully tacky “Mirror Ball” trophy.

Will Bristol’s performance and support from the Tea Party translate into victory for her mother in 2012?  I don’t think so, but nobody can be certain.  One thing we absolutely can be certain of, however, is that a Bristol Palin victory on Dancing With The Stars would be enough to endlessly infuriate the American left.  So much so that televisions everywhere could be shattered by gunfire.  That liberal anger alone, my friends, is enough to get me dancing.



  1. Gail B. says:

    Those on the “left” are among those who (1) are uninformed about what the Democratic Party has become, (2) have been informed about its being eaten up by the Communist Party but are in denial, or (3) are Progressives and are thus well aware of the gradual steps being made in an effort to overthrow our government.

    “Across the country, the reactions were even more pronounced. Good Morning America ran a seven-minute piece which alleged that Tea Partiers were rigging the voting at Dancing With The Stars….”

    Now just how would GMA have the information about Tea Partiers?!

    I’m just glad that Bristol accepted the challenge, because she is by far more poised now than she was before DWTS. Besides, it has griped the Left’s rosterium that she is succeeding!

    As for the jaw dropping, mine dropped Monday, the last time I saw her dance (I missed last night’s show), because she did so WELL! Last night, Sarah called me with the phone number, but I couldn’t get through but one time because the lines were so jammed with votes for her. (You GO, Girl!!!)

    Back to my original thought, though–just wondering if a presidential candidate for 2012 should um, EXPOSE what the Democratic Party is today!!! Do Americans really want a dictatorship, a non-sovereign country, a state in the New World order, and a loss of all our freedom???

  2. Anonymous says:

    She’s normal, she’s sweet, she’s one of us, and she is smoking hot. And top it off with an ability to learn dance and she is incredible.

    Ms Grey is a ringer, she could already dance.

  3. John Feeny says:

    “Caucasian Rhythmic Disorder” – I think you mean “Caucasian Male Rhythmic Disorder” – CMRD – I suffer from the same malady. There was, however, a pretty cool commercial on TV last night with a pill that can cure this – side effects include possible nausea (on the part of the people who might be happen to be partying with you), runny nose, an unnamed four-hour problem, high blood pressure, dry eye, hemmroids,dry skin, near-sightedness, far-sightedness, constipation, diarrhea, and an irresistible urge to become politically active.
    Other than that, you’re good to go. Get jiggy with it.

    Of course, Obamacare will not cover this.

  4. Gail B. says:

    Darn it, John! You used the word “hemmroids.” As persnickity as you are with your spelling, punctuation, grammar, and flow of thought, I couldn’t believe you had misspelled “hemorrhoids.” I looked it up.

    I learned something tonight. “Hemorrhoids” is also spelled “hemmroids.”

    Thanks, Teach! Here’s an apple!

  5. David G. says:

    A lefty with a gun…. The Hypocrite..
    And I too suffer from CMRD.
    As for DWTS nothing wrong with a man watching such programs.
    Not my thing but I do like to watch Ice Dancing.

  6. David G. says:

    Also The guy she out lasted is a immigrant, and he said it was good the peoples votes count.
    So I’m sure he was disappointed by the results but he is grateful for the opportunity.

  7. Anonymous says:

    7:20 Obama suffers from that malady….. his mother gave him that in addition to his communistic heart.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Levi, you idiot.

  9. lloyd says:

    I’m a democrat and I voted for Bristol. Why? She’s real, she’s hot, she’s that beautiful girl you always wished you had the nerve to approach. She’s not an athlete, but she sure dances better than I could. The shame of it all is that the media is so obsessed with her mother that they will always haunt Bristol……..forever. Now, with the publicity the media has given A DANCE COMPETITION SHOW, Bristol will be made to lose, regardless of the popular vote. Tea partiers stuffed the ballot box?? Why stop there? Maybe it’s the KKK or white supremists. Come on! Get real and do your job media!

  10. L. Banks says:

    Thanks Jeff for your admission to watching “Dancing with the Stars”. I too like the show and have watched from the beginning of this season.

    Having been a dancer and stage performer in my youth, I do have some knowledge of dancing and presentation. This is not a dancing competition – it is entertainment. If you wanted to have a true dance competition than each of the dancers would perform the same dance for comparison and the judges would only score and not comment on the dancing. The judges in my personal opinion are frequently biased for a particular performer and over-rate their dancing skills or can crtize someone to move them off the show.

    The elimination of Brandy may have seemed like a shock, but I think Max her dance partner has been a downer and extremely argumentative. These dancers are not just judged for themselves, but it is a dancing partnership. Also, all of the people on this show were entertainers who were used to being in the spotlight and winning over audiences. Besides they already had a fan base to draw from…Bristol Palin on the other hand had none of that and yet Americans frequently pull for the underdog.

    I can assure you Bristol Palin has improved more than any other dancer on the show. This is something she personally attained for herself and it shows! This show has always been a populariaty contest so why should the left be concerned about it now? If the left feels jilted, they have the same opportunity to vote as anyone else.

  11. Linda C. says:

    I don’t watch DWTS. However, on the Sarah Palin thing, I think that her enthusiasm, honesty, conservativism and spirit would be best served as the replacement for Michael Steels. She’s much better suited for that position than he.

  12. nana3 says:

    The American people have been forced to watch Obama’s “Dancing With the Czars” and we never got a vote. The contestants were chosen and endowed with power we never gave them and yet our tax money supports them. So I hope the left has nightmares about Bristol and that one day soon conservatives will be dancing on the grave of the Democratic Marxist Communist Party. Maybe we’ll all be doing the Palin Cha Cha or the Tea Party Two Step come 2012. Bristol the Pistol is like her Mom, she can take the flack and keep on dancing.

  13. 1st Amendment.... Pooey says:

    Maybe they can censor the finals of DWTS since it’s not going their way either.

  14. Gail B. says:

    @Linda C.

    You have an excellent point! I had not thought about her as head of the RNC. Not only would she be good in that position, she would be able to unite the Republican Party with the Tea Party.

  15. Anonymous says:

    lloyd said “she’s that beautiful girl you always wished you had the nerve to approach”

    Nice to hear I wasn’t the only shy guy. Pretty girls rock.

  16. Oh yeh says:

    My wife is thinking I’m a perv. Every time I log on to AR this smoking hot picture of Bristol comes up. Jeff, is there any way this pic could be permanent?

  17. Go away royals says:

    Well, to be fair, a lefty, Prince Charles (the philanderer) is getting under my skin, preaching to me on the environment and it’s correlation to capitalism, FROM HIS CASTLE.

    Give me a break.

  18. Progressives with powder says:

    LOS ANGELES – A threatening letter with white powder was delivered to the “Dancing With the Stars” production office Friday, but tests indicated the substance was not hazardous, authorities said.

  19. Anonymous says:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama faces uncertain prospects for re-election in 2012 as many voters question whether he deserves a second term, a new poll said on Monday.

    The Quinnipiac University poll said American voters by 49 percent to 43 percent do not think Obama has earned a second four-year term, and they put him in a statistical dead heat with potential Republican challengers Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.

  20. elspeth says:

    daughter says up…should be sTays

  21. Simmer down says:

    Well the riots have been called off. The plant, Grey, won as we all knew she would.

  22. Kudos Ms Palin says:

    Bravest, and Most Improved Dancer goes to Bristol, imho.

  23. A friend of Gail says:

    Speaking of being judged…..

    Let’s get to the bottom of this.

  24. Anonymous says:
  25. Uh oh, don't let progressives get it says:

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. – FedEx is searching for radioactive rods used for medical equipment that went missing during shipment between North Dakota and Tennessee.
    Memphis-based FedEx spokeswoman Sandra Munoz said Friday the rods are used for quality control purposes for CT scans. She says the rods were likely misplaced and there’s no indication the material was stolen.

    She says the shipment was from Fargo, N.D., to Knoxville, Tenn., this week and the rods are in a metal cylinder that is about 10 inches tall and weighs about 20 pounds.

    Munoz says as long as no one tries to open the metal container, the rods do not pose a danger.

  26. Sam and Gail hopeful says:

    11:34 To be announced Monday, their course of action (fingers crossed that the constitution natural born clause is upheld and a cert issued, or they man up and handle it).

  27. 5 4 4 now yap Bruno says:

    Ha, Bristol has better moves on the dance floor than Obama does on the basketball court. I don’t see her with 12 stitches in her lip.

  28. Using Obama's playbook says:

    LIMA, Peru – Peruvians are a mopey lot. So says their president, Alan Garcia.

    Garcia tells Radioprogramas that an inbred national melancholy must be to blame for his low approval ratings at a time when the economy is booming.

    Garcia tells the radio station Saturday that “We are what we are: sad, distrustful … We have a natural lack of trust.” He says that in contrast, Brazilians “have another sort of nature, joyful and sunny.”

  29. Gail B. says:

    Update on 12:23 pm

    Package was located; package had not been opened. All is well with the world.

    I believe all but the last sentence!

  30. Dean says:

    Bristol did an admirable job in what I considered to be a “no win” situation regardless of where she and her partner finished. I was truly surprised she finished as high as she did as I thought there were better dancers – but what do I know – I have worst case of CMRD ever diagnosed in the free world.

    As an aside, I think Sarah would make an excellent Vice President for the Republican Presidential candidate. Give her four or eight years as the VP, then she would absolutely be ready for the top spot.

    Gotta love the lady – she speaks what is on her mind without pulling any punches and would drive the federal bureaucrats crazy with her “open and transparent government” drive. CHAAAAAAAAARGE !!!!!!!!

  31. Keith v. Bristol says:

    My money is on Bristol.
    Wouldn’t we love to see Keith’s uncoordinated ass out their on the dance floor?

    That man seriously needs to get a life.

  32. Bitter Kathy funny no more says:

    Jeff, loved the link in your tweets where Kathy Griffin got booed for ragging on Americas sweetheart Bristol.

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