The Faces of Tea Party Racism

Canadian-born editor of Vanity Fair Graydon Carter has a message for America: Man up! Carter, who calls himself a libertarian, isn’t joining Sharron Angle or the Tea Party, however.  He’s criticizing Americans for having a temper tantrum and electing a bunch of conservative Republicans.  Americans, Graydon writes, are acting like angry adolescents.

What do you call an electorate that seems prone to acting out irrationally, is full of inchoate rage, and is constantly throwing fits and tantrums? You call it teenaged. Is voting for a deranged Tea Party candidate such as Christine O’Donnell, who has no demonstrable talent for lawmaking, or much else, so different from shouting “Whatever!” and slamming the bedroom door? Is moaning that Obama doesn’t emote enough or get sufficiently angry so different from screaming, “You don’t understand!!!”

ut of course hormones aren’t the root of the problem, Carter writes.  Nope. “This being America,” Carter opines, “there’s an attendant hatred for Obama that has more to do with race than anything else.“

Ever since Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally went off without so much as a raised voice on 8/28–followed by the just-as-peaceful rally on 9/12–the media has largely given up trying to convince Americans that the Tea Party is basically the KKK 2.0.

It probably also helped to have the liberals trot their own crazies back into the spotlight at the “Restoring Sanity/Fear” rally.  The Stewart/Colbert rallies–which were farther from the American center, more politicized, and a lot less family-friendly then Beck’s rally–reminded Americans just how truly bizarre the left-wing really is.  The contrast wasn’t been helpful for the whole liberal “the bitter-clingers are on a rampage!” fear-mongering campaign.

And yet the persistent narrative remains: the Tea Party are racist, anyone who opposes Obama is racist, and basically anyone who watches Fox News or votes Republican is a racist.  So let’s take a look at the faces of Tea Party racism, shall we?

Allen West is the first African American to represent Florida in the House of Representatives since a former slave served in the 1870s.  He is a retired, decorated US Army Lieutenant Colonel who served in Iraq and then as a civilian adviser in Afghanistan.  He out-raised his Democratic opponent by $5.4 million, with 97 percent of his donations coming from individual Americans (who are all racist tea-baggers, of course).  West–who was supported by Sarah Palin–has stated he supports the Tea Party movement.

And, as you can tell from all those foaming-at-the-mouth racist white folk at his victory speech, the Tea Party supports him too.

Maybe they are all just colorblind?

Bill Flores is a Latino who just got elected to represent the 17th Congressional district of Texas.  He ran as one of the Texas GOP Vote’s Texas Tea Party Candidates, but it was probably just because all those Tea Party candidates thought it would be best to ship him off to Washington D.C. if they couldn’t send him back across the border, seeing as how he was actually born at an Air Force Base in Wyoming.

Nikki Haley–the incoming South Carolina governor– is the first woman ever elected to any statewide office in that state’s history.  She’s also the first Indian-American to become the governor there, and one of the first Indian-American governor’s anywhere in the country.  Although she considers herself Christian now, she also attends Sikh services in respect for her parent’s heritage.

Nikki Haley is also part of the Tea Party movement, and received an endorsement from Sarah Palin.  Now she is even being considered as a “long shot” contender for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, but I’m sure as soon as those racist tea baggers realize her parents are Indian Sikhs they will vote to impeach her instead.

Brian Sandoval will be Nevada’s first Hispanic governor ever when he takes the reins.  That’s pretty ironic, because his opponent was Rory Reid — Harry Reid’s son.  Yes, the Harry Reid who desperately pulled the race card to try and convince Hispanics that the GOP wanted to round them up and exterminate them.  So … what was a Hispanic doing running on the GOP ticket and defeating his son?

Francisco Canseco is another new Latino Representative from Texas.  I bet he sure hopes that those crazy tea baggers never figure out that his entire website has a Spanish version.

Jaime Herrera is the first Latina Representative ever elected from Washington.  Taking a page right out of the Tea Party’s playbook, Jaime doesn’t hesitate to criticize both parties and stresses her own independence.

Tim Scott is the first African American representative from South Carolina since the Reconstruction.  He stomped Paul Thurmond (Strom Thurmond’s son) in the GOP primary before going on to win the general election with an endorsement from Sarah Palin.  If that doesn’t really tell the story of the Southern GOP’s repudiation of it’s racist past, I don’t know what could.  Half a century ago the Republicans took the South by latching onto anti-desegregation politics.  Now, it’s Republicans–not Democrats–who are sending the first black South Carolinian to the House since Jim Crow ended.

When she takes office, Susana Martinez will be the first female Hispanic governor in the history of the United States.  She will also be the first female governor of New Mexico.  Despite a strong endorsement from Sarah Palin, Susana Martinez faced vicious attacks on ethnicity when her own base ran attack ads that called her a “tejana”.  Oh, wait, got that wrong.  It turns out those ads weren’t run by the Tea Party.  They were run by Democratic opponent Diane Denish.  Isn’t that weird?

So last, but definitely not least, we’ve got a bona fide GOP superstar, the Cuban-American senator-elect from Florida: Marco Rubio.  Rubio is the consummate Tea Party candidate.  He entered the race trailing white-haired, perma-tanned Charlie Crist (then a Republican) by double-digits, but soon overtook and defeated Crist to win the party nomination.  Crist, a “moderate” Republican who was apparently not satisfied with just one Cuban-American ass-kicking, decided to switch his party affiliation to independent so that he could have the pleasure of being defeated by Rubio a second time in the general election.  His wish was granted.

So there you have it: the faces of Tea Party racism.

The truth is that 2010 wasn’t just a historic year because of the number of seats that the GOP picked up in the House.  It was also historic because so many minority candidates succeeded, and they did so not in spite of the Tea Party, but because of the Tea Party.

While pretty much all of Hollywood and the liberal elite mainstream media might still cling to Janeane Garofalo’s derisive characterization of the Tea Party as “nothing but a bunch of teabagging rednecks” who are united solely by “hating a black man in the White House”, that absurd–and, dare I say, bigoted–stereotype is getting harder and harder for the rest of America to take seriously.



  1. Greg W says:

    Spot on Johnny! I have found that the supposedly “enlightened, educated, embracing, understanding liberals” are the most fearful, hateful, and racist group of people you will find. They get the positive spotlight because the mainstream media are exactly the same.

    The Martinez/Denish race was not pretty. Denish used the Texas connection every chance she got. I am hoping Martinez stays the course she has set and does not get distracted…


  2. MLK would be proud says:

    I love this story, I love this country, I love opportunity..for all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rubio/Haley…. just sayin

  4. David G. says:

    Anonymous says:
    November 8, 2010 at 4:31 pm
    Rubio/Haley…. just sayin

    Lsst time a two year senator was elected president was ????? Oh Yeah Obama

  5. John Buyon says:

    hopefully you are right and this tea wave is truly non-racist, but back to reality when someone truly believes that the civil rights act was an over extension of federal power I got to doubt their democratic and anti-racist credentials.

    Now lets see how these loonies govern…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love the story leaking of the Black Caucus maybe refusing West admittance. How quaint.

  7. Deity v. Ego says:
  8. Dee says:

    Great story. I met some of the “educated, elite, wealthy, liberals” and there was no talking to them. The “racist” card is getting old and this article shows that it is false.
    John Buyon, you’re right. It will be interesting to see how the newly elected govern and if the Republican majority has truly listened.

  9. whats_up says:

    @ anon 6:23 am

    Love the story leaking of the Black Caucus maybe refusing West admittance. How quaint.

    Except that it is totally false, kind of like alot of talking points from the right lately.

  10. Enough is enough says:

    11:41 to he// with legislative experience if someone has common sense and loves (and understands) the constitution. Give me a 35 yo GED with that and they have my vote.

  11. Gail B. says:

    Mr. Lathrop, I read this story earlier, but I came back to read it again because I enjoyed it so much.

    @John Buyon at 12:36
    “Now lets see how these loonies govern…”

    Don’t be calling the kettle…well, you get my drift.

  12. Dean says:

    Hey, John Buyon, these “loonies” certainly can’t do any worse than the “idiots” who took power in the previous election. If these loonies don’t do the job we sent them to do in the Capitol, we will get rid of them and more of the “old timers” still in office, and continue to do so until the word gets through that we want people governing this country who care about us and who will do what is best for ALL of us (yep, that includes you) and for our country. Even if that means telling the foreign countries who have been eating at our foreign aid trough for many years to go find a new way to get their needs met.


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