An Impossible Shooting

ABC News 4 Charleston: Man Arrested Following Shooting at Coastal Carolina Fair

According to the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, 18-year-old Rashan Dantzler of Walterboro was arrested around 11 Saturday night in connection with a shooting at the fair.

This came after two shooting victims were found on the ground near the food court area, according to Fair spokesperson Joe Bolchoz.  Deputies are still investigating a motive in the shooting, but believe the victims and suspect know each other.

Deputies say both victims had non-life threatening injuries, and one of them was transported to a local hospital with multiple gun shot wounds.

According to Charleston County Sheriff’s Office PIO Major John Clark, deputies did recover a weapon believed to have been used during the incident.

My wife, daughter and I went to the Coastal Carolina Fair on Friday, October 29.  It was fun.  My daughter laughed her way through a bunch of rides, and we all ate our way through some phenomenal food — fried cheddar cheese nuggets, fried pickles, and a giant smoked turkey leg were among other artery-clogging wonders.

As this was our first experience at the Coastal Carolina Fair, Joanna and I noticed quite a few differences between this fair, and the little fairs and festivals we were used to in the Philadelphia suburbs.  First, it was enormous, more amusement park than fairgrounds.  Second, it was clean, with nary a scrap of litter on the ground.  Third, it was expensive, much more so than what we had been used to before (but it was worth it).

Unfortunately, the last night of the fair was marred by a double shooting.  Some punk from Walterboro presumably ran into some other punks and rattled off a few shots in the crowded area near the food court.  You see the story linked above.

The thing is — it couldn’t have happened.  Not here.  Not at the Coastal Carolina Fair.

Why not?  Well, look over the shoulder of the nice young lady being interviewed by the local ABC News affiliate.  What do you see?  It’s a giant sign showing the crossed-out silhouette of a Beretta M9 and the words “NO CONCEALED WEAPONS ALLOWED.”

Those signs were the very first thing I noticed at the fair.  They were on display as people left the main road and turned into the parking lot.  They were on display at every entrance, large enough to be seen by all.  Even aside from the sheer size of the sign, such signs always catch my eye for two reasons: One, up in Pennsylvania I was a permitholder (and have yet to obtain my concealed carry permit here) and, two, the signs are absolutely, ridiculously worthless.

Thankfully, nobody was killed yesterday.  But it could have been a nightmare, and it goes back to the question I asked in February 2008, when America’s Right was still in its infancy: Why is it that we continue to put more faith in the character of sick individuals bent on destruction of life than into the character, morality, values and ability of law-abiding citizens?

Another thing I noticed at the fair was the police presence.  They were everywhere, and undoubtedly pounced on this particular situation quickly.  But why take chances?  Shopping malls, school hallways, supermarkets — these places do not have police presence.  And that’s where we see shootings get out of control.

What happened yesterday was impossible.  The signs prohibited concealed weapons, so obviously there was no weapon and was no shooting.  Or, more plausibly, someone who cares so little about the law so as to shoot another human being also cares so little about the law that he disregarded the sign and brought his gun into the fair anyway.



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    Haha, I noticed that sign in the picture before you mentioned it. See in the mind of a liberal, that sign is all it takes to protect you. How dare someone not follow the rules.
    Remember, when guns are outlawed then only the outlaws will have guns.
    Jeff, time for you to get that permit asap.

  2. As a former police officer, firearms instructor, and owner of an executive protection company I still can’t believe how ignorant people are who think more strict gun control laws and signs like the one posted at the fair are going to stop criminal from carrying guns.

    This just proves again that licensed concealed weapons permit holders are not the people to worry about.

  3. Preserve, protect and defend says:

    Signs are as easy to ignore as the constitution (lately), unfortunately.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Like that sign, thou shalt not lust and covet, at the entrance to the Playboy Mansion.

  5. Randy Wills says:

    I agree with all that you say, Jeff, regarding the anti-gun lobby comprised primarily by bleeding-heart liberals on the political left, but in this case, I’m not sure that the fair organizers are that dumb. It may well be that their liability insurer had something to do with that useless sign. It’s called “CYA”.


  6. Cal Deas says:

    my freind was one of the witnesses of the shooting

  7. Uncle Rick says:

    Austin, Texas to Earth.

    A couple of months ago, you may recall, a fellow went into the library at the University of Texas with an AK47, shot a few rounds, then killed himself with it.

    Of course, personally-owned firearms are not allowed on the UT campus. The guy was clearly in violation there. On top of that, he was supposed to keep quiet in the library. Everyone knows that. What was he thinkin’?

    I am preparing to be a public school teacher here. As you might imagine, M9s are proscribed on every public school campus. I would feel a LOT safe if they required at least 50% of public school teachers and staff to be lawfully armed at all times. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold would have had a very brief spree through Columbine High School had that been the case there.

  8. Gail B. says:

    Had an AA meeting tonight and heard two stories that are similar to yours — “How can this be possible?”

    One man went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. He had 20 years sobriety, yet he was arrested for public drunkenness. (Something about being the next person who came along. Bottom line: He got off.)

    The second one was from a man who was in the Navy. He (“Jack”) and others went to New Orleans. They had been told not to go anywhere alone in the city. Well, he got separated from his group, and he did what he thought was the smart thing — to take a taxi back to the hotel, where he would be safe. The cab driver drove him somewhere else and robbed him at gunpoint, made him take off his clothes except for his underwear, took his boots and demanded his watch. “Jack” would not give him the watch and went after the armed cab driver, who took off in the cab. “Jack” knocked on someone’s door, and the police were summoned. They arrested “Jack,” and he was the VICTIM of the armed robbery!

    I’m not going to New Orleans, and I probably won’t go to the Coastal Carolina Fair, either. The world has gone nuts!

  9. Nightsticks v. From-the-sticks says:


    and only whites can be prosecuted for voter intimidation.
    Yes, Gail, the world is nuts.

  10. Archie Bunker says:

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