Bent, but Unbroken

Just as Jesus Christ submitted to the misdirected and aimless anger, resentment, and fear of the Pharisees, in addition to the tyranny of a Roman Republic gone bad, the American People are about to rise again. As Christ himself said upon the Cross, “Forgive them, Father…They know not what they do.”

Little did the Pharisees and those Roman soldiers realize the nature of what they were about to unleash – the Spirit of God.

Speaking from the perspective of the Christian nation that America generally always has been (while happily allowing all of her citizens to practice whatever their faith may be), her citizens have, strangely enough, also seen stories similar to that of Christ’s resurrection woven into and throughout the tapestry of her history.

24 months ago, there were, indeed, pockets of Americans who were screaming out, desperately attempting to wake up the larger part of everyday America to the ideological threat on the doorstep – to no avail. America was so desperate for change that it chose to turn to a man and a group of people that they didn’t entirely understand. Some, however, did. Even those few, though, couldn’t possibly have envisioned what they would have to endure politically over the next two years as well as the people that they would have to become, in a sense, in order to function as the last line in defense of a free American Republic.

Yet, the American People remain.

Damaged? You bet. Their spirit, however, is intact. Those who would destroy and dismantle everything for which America stands, as well as attempt to so disillusion those individuals who would dare to speak out against what was so obviously taking place as to render them little more than spent cartridges on an ideological battlefield, have failed.  Again.

Those currently in positions of political power – both nationally and spread elsewhere throughout the country in other sectors (i.e., federal courts, universities, state and local governments) – should, at this undeniable turning point in history, come to grips with some very important realities. While the century-old, leftist-political machinery designed for forcible implementation in America is, indeed, a formidable one, time has expired on its continued stealth encroachment.  While the expression “you’ve awoken a sleeping giant” has been thrown around more and more loosely as the past two years have unfolded, it is the generation of 40-somethings – those who came of age in a 1980’s-, Ronald Reagan-, common sense-era – that is now the greatest threat to the continuation of those plans.  The greater proportion of that generation is very well-educated, were raised by parents and grandparents of The Greatest Generation, and can recognize a con job for what it is.  This generation is not going away and is not backing down.  The Progressive plans to implement some manifestation of a  leftist “utopia” that have been evolving for roughly the past century have failed to break this nation’s spirit and will and to deliver the knockout blow. Potentially even more crippling to those plans are two, possibly even more disheartening realizations: that those in this country who for some reason have come to believe in the big-government ideology are, in fact, beginning to see leftist politicians for what they are, which is nothing more than “the man behind the curtain”, so to speak, in addition to  the very real truth that your “choice” to symbolically usher in your grand Progressive experiment – Barack Obama – may, in truth, be the best thing that has happened to America in a century or more.

For two years now, the very fabric of America has been completely exposed and defenseless to the culmination of a century of Progressive experience and tactics: 2,000-page bills that no one in Congress writes, reads, or understands; back room deals and outrageous bribes (some so brazen as to not even be hidden); seemingly excusing attacks by Islamic terrorists against America’s own people; blatantly bringing the full force of the federal government to bear on one of its  own states – Arizona – in an attempt to collapse our country’s southern borders; and, when all else fails, the ever-present ace-in-the-hole, the race card.

Still – the  American People remain.

Not only is there still a pulse and the breath of life but the People have also been made stronger as a result of the experience; now, we’re about to pick ourselves up. Our turn.

The idea that the people of our country have at several points throughout our history been witness to similar stories was referenced earlier in this article, and these are stories that are themselves living manifestations of and testaments to the human and American spirit: the courage never to give up, even in the face of the most daunting odds.  Two examples that illustrate the message in this article come from the same time period – the years during the heart of the Great Depression and the initial years of our involvement in World War II, which, coincidentally, may actually be a period from which this country never truly recovered, if one were to look at the ensuing years strictly in a political/cultural paradigm.

A couple of months back, the History Channel ran an original mini-series entitled, America: the Story of Us. There was one part of the presentation that seemed particularly poignant, because the narration not only told the story of Joe Louis but also seemed to embody the very nature of the crisis in which America today finds itself. To that end, an excerpt from the transcript may prove somewhat interesting:

America sees Schmeling as old – he’s 30; Joe’s 22. But tonight, Joe has underestimated his much older German opponent. Schmeling wins, against all the odds.  Germany is on the rise; America is on its knees – but not for long.  America will get its revenge in the most politically-charged fight of all time.

Boxer Joe Louis has just been knocked out by boxer Max Schmeling – Germany is triumphing. America is in shock.  It’s a publicity dream for the Nazis.  Adolf Hitler calls Schmeling an Aryan superman.  Hitler considers Americans a mongrel race, doomed to the trash heap of history.  Hitler says that their mistake was freeing their slaves.

JOE LOUIS: I had been humiliated, and I had to prove that I was the best
heavyweight around.

A re-match is arranged; but this time, it will be a fight that involves the whole world. Attacked in the press, Joe just keeps training. In Germany, the Nazis expand their power. They build their army, and prepare to attack their neighbors.

HENRY LOUIS GATES:  The second Joe Louis-Max Schmeling fight took on a
proportion far greater than any other in the history of boxing; this
fight cemented the unity of the people of the United States, vis-e-vie
Nazi Germany.  And for one of the first times, if not the first time
in American history, America was symbolically being represented by a
black man.

June 22, 1938 – the re-match finally takes place.  The hype is at a fevered pitch.  70,000 people pour into Yankee Stadium to watch the fight live.  70,000,000 people tune in via radio across the country; over 100,000,000 listen in around the world – the biggest audience to date, for anything, anywhere.

MICHAEL STRAHAN: For Joe Louis I can only imagine the immense pressure that
he was under to go out there and perform, because he had a whole
world on his back.

The fight is no longer just about boxing; it’s a battle of ideologies, as Joe Louis knew all too well.

JOE LOUIS: Schmeling represented everything that Americans disliked, and they
wanted him beat, and beat good.

Schmeling is stunned by the ferocity of Louis’s attack; the second-shortest heavyweight title fight in history is over, in one one-hundred twenty-four seconds.

JOE LOUIS: I’m sure enough champion now.

AL SHARPTON: At the end of the fight, Joe Louis, this inferior, this former
slaves’s child, defeats the master race.

Schmeling knows what his defeat will mean to the Nazis.

MAX SCHMELLING: After this defeat, I no longer existed for Hitler.  My name
simply disappeared from the newspapers.

Joe Louis is America’s hero again.  His victory is the comeback the whole country needs.

JEANNETTE WALLS: Look, something’s gonna knock you down, but you can’t
stay down.  You’ve got to get back up and plow on; you can’t sit around
feeling sorry for yourself, and you certainly can’t look back and
reminisce about the good ol’ times.  You just got to keep on going forward
and re-invent things.  And I also believe that is going to get us through
the crises that we’re facing right now.

The American spirit is forged in the fires of the Great Depression.  An even harder fight with Germany and her allies is yet to come.

If one pays careful attention to all of what is presented in that excerpt, the likenesses are metaphorically uncanny, especially if one considers the dynamics of race and the fascist ideology of the Nazis, something that I have explored at some length in several of my pieces here at AR.

Several years later, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Late into the attack, Admiral Yamamoto opted to withdraw his third wave – a wave that, in theory, could have been the crippling blow to America before we ever even entered World War II. He chose to do so, however, because he realized that his forces had, in the bigger picture, lost the element of surprise and that the Americans were now fighting back. Well, it’s uncertain what the Left’s “third wave” or continued plans may or may not be, but, in the most practical sense, those individuals with designs on the wealth and power of America – as well as that of the world, quite arguably – should take the time to remember history and that the attack on Pearl only strengthened America in the long run, the element of surprise has been lost, and that the vast majority of an entire nation is now fighting back.  Freedom is making its Last Stand here.

Failure to seal the deal has so many consequences in anything in life, but in this case, with roughly a century of pent-up anger invested in what was more than likely thought to be the closing act, it seems that this may, indeed, may be a tough one to swallow.

Having said all this, we’re also astute enough to realize that ultimately, the Left is decades ahead  when it comes to political chicanery and that they will never stop.

So be it. Now, neither will we.

The American Dream lives.



  1. Gail B. says:

    As a recovering alcoholic, I try to keep an “attitude of gratitude.”

    To paraphrase Ephesians 5:20, we are to be grateful unto God for ALL things, ALWAYS. It’s not a requirement that we understand the reason to be grateful; that will be shown to us down the line. I believe we understand now.

    It was difficult for me to be grateful for there being a usurper in the White House, for the Marxist ideology that he and his head witch and warlock were working desperately to cram down our throats, and for the long nights because fear erased sleep (until Jeff sent me an email that set my mind at ease).

    America has felt the same as I, and now I am grateful that “The One” and all of his arrogance has succeeded in living in our most famous home because he has sounded the gongs of alarm all over the country. If we cannot get the courts to take on legitimate cases to test his eligibility, at least We the People can tie his hands on November 2 until 2012, if not before.

    I’m thinking that Obama (and George “Spooky Dude” Soros) should have followed the example of the Japanese, as John Feeny mentioned above, and not tried to “finish the job” in one presidential term. Obama is toast.

    Sarah Palin herself said that she could see 2012 from her front porch! And, I imagine Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint, Mike Pence, and others can see it, too!

    Admittedly, we have allowed ourselves to be sucked into a lot of socialists’ ideology, but the onslaught by Obama & Co. has been enough to wake up EVERYBODY who cherishes the United States Constitution and our freedom. Tomorrow we shall, indeed, drain the swamp, as Rick Saunders asked the witches appearing at his door. (That was a good piece, too, Rick!)

    John, I missed the program, but thank you for the excellent write-up. Those fights were before my time, and I did not realize the significance of them. Good job!

  2. whats_up says:

    The one thing we know about American poltics is that the other party will get back into power. With an electorate that is almost evenly divided between Dems and Repubs this will happen more and more. If Repubs show that they cant lead they will be voted out, just like it looks like the Dems are going to be in the House. However as 94 has shown us, that doesnt mean its the end for Obama or the Dems. It is easy to get to the top, it is much harder to stay there.

  3. Randy Wills says:

    Good article, John, but all that you say notwithstanding, I believe that the real test is yet to come. When my generation is soon gone and the brain-washed products of our corrupt educational system and failed immigration policies continue to multiply and are in full sway, I fear the worst.

    Without an educational system that is ideologically-neutral and immigration policies that are realistic, I contend that our future as a unified nation is in great danger. Balkanization is more likely. Only time will tell how effective a Republican House will be in an environment where the other party has everything to gain by their failure.


  4. Boston Blackie says:

    “Barack Obama – may, in truth, be the best thing that has happened to America in a century or more.”

    As my husband has been saying for over a year now, Obama and his agenda IS the best thing to happen to America. The people will not be fooled again in OUR lifetime and elect another progressive.
    I pray that the silent majority comes out in full force tomorrow though we still have to get through this lame duck Congress.

  5. whats_up says:

    @ Boston Blackie

    You say progressive like its a bad thing. Lets look at what “progressives” have done for this country. Created a great national park system that allows the majority of Americans to see some of the most beautiful country that we have to offer in this country. The right of women to vote, thankfully progressives were one of the first to highlight this injustice. Child labor laws, allowing our children to be just that children. The 40 hour work week. A minimum wage that is paid to all. Busting up the monopolies that allowed business an unfair advantage. Direct election of Senators. These are all “progressive” ideas or achievements.

  6. Gail B. says:

    @Whats_up –

    Forget it, Whats_up. You don’t really think that anyone here on this site is even interested in what progressives have done, do you? What little good they have done is far outweighed by the damage they have done just in the last four years.

    Ah! Finally a spot to point out the bias of liberal media! Diane Sawyer, being the Progressive Party Puppet that she is, did a “Fact Check” the other night in which she pointed out that four million jobs were lost in the last two years of the Bush administration. She must not read America’s Right, because Jeff has pointed out that those four million jobs were lost during those last two years of Bush’s term WHEN DEMOCRATS CONTROLLED CONGRESS.

    Fact Check THAT, Sawyer!

  7. Gail B. says:

    I apologize for not being “soft,” but quite frankly, I’m really angry at a creeping cancer that is eating America alive.

  8. Jordan Bell says:


    The right of women to vote is not a progressive idea. Women initially had the right to vote when this country was founded, and it was in 1807 (if I recall correctly) that it was then taken away from them in the last State that allowed it.

    Children had to go to work to help provide for the family. With the advent of industrialization and the machinery to increase production and the standard of living, there was less need for children to be in the workforce and subsequently they were not needed anymore. Child labor laws are completely unnecessary.

    Minimum wages assure that there will always be an unemployment level, and it should not be the duty of the government to set a minimum wage for work performed. Minimum wages makes it harder for employers to employ more people (which is mainly for unskilled workers), and thus it makes it more difficult for a person to get employed and to prove their worth to move up and make a better life for themself.

    Busting up monopolies. Its too bad the government can’t bust up the monopoly it has over the citizens of this country.

  9. whats_up says:

    @ Jordan Bell,

    With all due respect you are completly wrong on womens suffrage in this country. You stated that “Women initially had the right to vote when this country was founded, and it was in 1807 (if I recall correctly) that it was then taken away from them in the last State that allowed it.”

    This is factually incorrect. The ONLY state that allowed women to vote after the American Revolution was New Jersey and then only until 1807 so the date you got right. However no other state allowed women the right to vote and it was very much a “progressive” idea to allow universal women suffrage. I will never understand how the right just thinks that they can change history, facts are stubborn things my friend.

    Some women had the right to a limited vote under British rule, but never under American (with the exception of New Jersey) Most of the colonies abolished the limited right to vote for females during the course of the American Revolution. When the Constitution was adopted it allowed states to decide who could vote and who could not, by that time only New Jersey allowed women to vote and only certain women at that.

  10. Jordan Bell says:

    Women did have the right to vote during the couse of the American Revolution in some states yes (New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, which were revoked before the drafting of the Constitution). It is unfortunate that most States chose not to allow women to vote, with the right ultimately being taken away in the last state of New Jersey. But to say its a progressive issue I think is incorrect as it is something that was allowed at the founding of the country, way before the progressive movement ever advanced it.

  11. whats_up says:

    @ Jordan Bell,

    And yet it was taken away and not put forth by any major party except the Progressive Party. Dems and Republicans both were against it until they realized the massive tide that was coming their way and many changed their minds. However it was part of the Progressive movement of the turn of the century. I appreciate your opinion, but it is just that opinion.


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