Ding, dong! The Witch is, well, probably not gonna be House Speaker anymore.

Tonight is Halloween, and as about a half-dozen kids came to my door this evening looking for candy while wearing a pointy hat and holding a broom, I found myself thinking about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  They knocked and shouted “TRICK OR TREAT!” I opened the door and said “I’ll give you candy after you drain the swamp.”  Somehow, I’m not certain they understood.

Consider, though, the promises made by Nancy Pelosi in 2006 when she discovered that she would be House Speaker.  Cue the Wagner — perfect for Halloween, or carpet-bombing.

Put aside, for a while, the promises of running an ethical Congress and cooperating with the Bush administration on Iraq.  We all know how that went.  Consider, for the purposes of this Halloween message, what the House Speaker had to say about bipartisanship.  When she first assumed the position of House Speaker (as America assumed another position, so to speak), Pelosi loved talking about leading through “partnership, not partisanship.” Instead, her Congress launched hundreds of politics-driven investigations and stymied countless judicial nominations during those first two years, and during the last two years have locked Republicans out of key legislative meetings, and increased the national debt by $5 trillion–that’s $225 billion per month–and passed a landmark health care reform bill so immensely popular with the American people that nary a Democrat will dare even mention it in campaign advertisements on the eve of Election Day.

As went Nancy Pelosi, so goes Barack Obama, who came into office on sweeping promises of ending “politics as usual” in Washington, D.C.  Unfortunately, the “usual” part of politics meant that Congress “usually” at least pretended to look after the welfare of the American people, a practice this administration certainly has done its part to eliminate.  But, just when you thought Barack Obama and his regime apparatchiks had hit rock bottom, they prove you wrong.

In his weekly address, the Great Post-Partisan President said that “when the ballots are cast and the voting is done, we need to put this kind of partisanship aside – win, lose, or draw.”  The “kind of partisanship” to which he was referring was the brand promised by Republicans to try to repair the catastrophic damage wrought by him, his policies and those in Congress who, when he and Nancy Pelosi say “jump,” ask “how high?” after already having left the ground.  The folks now in power give spectacular new meaning to the terms “arrogance,” “hypocrisy” and “venality.”

After all, the same president who just now says he wants to “put this kind of partisanship aside” is the one who has been maligning Republicans daily with campaign-like furor while on the stump for doomed Democrats from coast to coast.  That same president who just now says he wants to “put this kind of partisanship aside” is the one who just last week referred to his colleagues on the other side of the aisle and those who support them as “enemies” who need to be “punished.”

The only principle to which these people seem to subscribe is expediency.  They care not about “bipartisanship” when they wield absolute power; they care about it only when their grip on that power is seen to be not only slipping but cascading away.  Last year at this time, 26 percent of Americans approved of the job being done by Congress. Now, approval ratings for Congress are hovering at about 20 percent. And, finally, it seems like old media is waking up to understand what new media outlets like America’s Right have been saying for a long time — that the current state of politics in America will lead to record-breaking results on Tuesday.  Note this teaser from the Drudge Report:

NYT LEAD MONDAY: Both parties see possibility of bigger Republican wins in House than either side was talking about -- even few days ago... Developing.

Yesterday, while driving on the freeway, I spotted a Toyota Prius–yes, a Prius!–with a bumper sticker which read: “I CAN SEE NOVEMBER FROM MY HOUSE!”  Well, they’re not the only ones.  Four years ago, the Democrats reclaimed Congress.  Two years ago, they planted a flag in the Oval Office.  On Tuesday, we retake Capitol Hill.  And on Wednesday, we start holding the victors accountable so that we can retake 1600 Pennsylvania two years from now.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh noes! You called her a “witch” and said that little witches reminded you of her! How dare you?!? HOW DARE YOOOOOOOOOU?!?

    Joy Behar is going to be pissed.

  2. Gail B. says:

    Jeff, I get the impression that you don’t like Speaker Pelosi very much!

  3. Wicked says:

    Can’t wait to watch all the monkeys flying out of DC in January.

  4. Guh-lenda says:

    Pelosi has gone green!, and can now spawn Al Gores little monkey babies.

  5. Air Force Hun says:

    She’d never use a broom, Jeff, she’s addicted to those US Air Force wide bodies for her and her family.

  6. Gail B. says:

    Make that Rick (instead of Jeff). Rick, that was brilliant!

  7. nana3 says:

    This administration and all the scary characters associated with it have been the worst ‘trick’ ever played on our country. It has been Halloween since they took office and the WH has taken on an air of a haunted house with ghouls and gremlins walking the halls of our sacred institutions and buildings. The Wicked B – ITCH is about to have her mask pulled off and a stake driven thru her evil personna. The ‘JOKER’ has made the Presidency a joke but he is about to be ‘refudiated’ (I like that word). The American people are about to perform an exorcism and cast out the demons who are threatening our future. Be very afraid, DIMWITS….we are about to say BOO and watch you crawl back into your holes!!

  8. Gail B. says:


    I like your attitude!

  9. William A. Rose says:

    Rick, it’s not just the children that don’t understand. The lack of understanding encompasses at least half of the American population. I think that number is much higher.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Marty Howard says:

    I want to know why your pres.can go to india with 3000 people on our dime.Should someone ask him this ?

  12. In your face, subjects! says:

    2:56 this is what posers do to pizz us off.
    He’s organized a community,….. to see the festival of lights.

  13. 1600 PA says:

    2:56 Let’s get together 3,000 with pitchforks and torches.

  14. Sam says:

    Watch the 60+ monkeys flutter out of DC early January. Nancy, fertilizer for conservative grass roots movements.

  15. Anonymous says:

    2:56 He is going to get India to outsource some jobs to us. Ha Ha Ha Ha

    25th amendment

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