Support My Wife’s Cousin, Amanda Pasdon, Candidate for the WV House of Delegates!!

It’s been more than seven months now since we introduced Amanda here at America’s Right, and while the hope that she could find the time in her busy schedule over the past few months to put together material for our sleepy little Web site may have been a pipe dream (during that time she was continuing in her work as Director of Business Development for the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, running for the House of Delegates, and planning a wedding), now that we’re less than two weeks away from Election Day I’m shamelessly asking that you once again check out Amanda’s Web site and even make a much needed online (and secure) donation by going to her site and clicking on “online donation” on the left side.

The video you see above is relatively new, and at a time when even the most local elections can descend into personal attacks and mudslinging, it’s nice to see a positive advertisement once in a while.  I think it came across pretty well; God forbid a candidate actually explain why he or she deserves a vote, right?  Plus, I speak with Amanda’s grandmother all the time (including yesterday) and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Bob, her grandfather, before he passed away a few years back — so I know that she comes from good stock.

Joanna, my wife and Amanda’s first cousin, told me that she cried a little when she watched Amanda’s video for the first time.  Part of it, she said, was just being endlessly proud of the girl she grew up with, but a lot of it was the surprise when she saw Uncle Bob in the photograph at the beginning of the advertisement.

Bob was an absolutely phenomenal man.  He and I would jaw back and forth on political matters at each and every opportunity and we loved to give each other a hard time–the photograph you see, for example, shows his defiant, upside-down display of a bumper sticker I included in a Christmas card–but despite insisting time and time again that he was a die-hard Democrat, there was an distinct strain of pragmatism about him and the views he espoused that betrayed his fervor for the party of John F. Kennedy.

I doubt very much, for example, that he would agree at all with the direction that the modern Democratic Party has taken, or for that matter the direction in which the modern Democratic Party has taken our nation.  Even during my last few minutes with him in the hospital, he was giving me a hard time as best he could for my insistence that he was a conservative in disguise.  Heck, to this day, on an issue-by-issue basis Amanda’s grandmother would poll almost to the right of me, but like Bob she’ll never admit it if asked directly.

Regardless, looking at what his granddaughter has been able to accomplish and surmising what she has yet to achieve, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Uncle Bob would be tremendously proud of Amanda.  Like him, she’s strong.  Like him, she’s opinionated.  But like him, she’s also pragmatic and driven to get things done while adhering to her principles.

Amanda has built a successful career around growing businesses and creating jobs, most recently serving as Director of Business Development for the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce.  Furthermore, because of her gubernatorial appointments and continued work in the West Virginia State House on behalf of business and industry across the state, she will be able to hit the ground running with an intimate knowledge of exactly how government works — and, even better, an understanding of where and when government involvement in business and industry is necessary and when it is not.

As those of us on the American right, whatever our station, go forward in our effort to save this nation, it goes without saying that principled leadership is going to trickle up.  Only through the increased involvement of people like Amanda on local and state levels will we be able to build a foundation for a reversion to first principles.

As this year’s elections are fast approaching, please, please, please visit Amanda’s Web site and make a donation.

I thank you, and I imagine that Bob thanks you as well.  Even if it means drumming up support for a Republican.


Visit Amanda’s Web site and make a donation HERE.

See Amanda’s speech at the April 15, 2010 Morgantown, WV Tea Party rally HERE.


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    Good luck, Amanda!!
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