VIDEO: ‘The Anvil’

Altogether, a nice video from the House GOP.  America has seen a sharpening among Republicans, not only in message but in what I hope will be a principled adherence to that message.  Then again, perhaps the biggest and most important mid-term election in a generation looms only two weeks from today, and to expect otherwise from an increasingly media- and new media-savvy Republican Party would be naive.

To be honest, I really do like what I’ve seen from Republicans recently.  In speaking with some of the leadership on and off the record, I also like what I’ve heard from them.  However, as important as it may be to reshape our future by reclaiming power in Washington from those who wish to wage war on success, prosperity and American exceptionalism, truly essential will be our continued and consistent effort to ensure that those who talk the talk continue to walk the walk after the votes are counted and the next Congress is sworn in only a few months from now.

The realist in me, for example, does not see ObamaCare repealed over the next two years.  Nor do I believe that the GOP, with its history of compromise for the sake of compromise and little else, will be able to completely defund the administration’s landmark legislation.  However, I am willing to be won over, and in the age of links, transcripts and YouTube, I fully intend to do my part to hold the GOP’s feet to the fire when it comes to living up to the promises made in the video above and in all of the videos and press conferences and campaign speeches before it.



  1. Gail B. says:

    I clicked on something in my documents that I didn’t understand and was asked if I wanted to install something. I clicked okay, figuring that I could uninstall if I wanted to. Well, what I installed allows me to download videos! And, a few days later, a high school buddy sent me the video of the geese flyover! (You bet I recorded it!)

    The option to record a video always appears when I hover over a video, and I can cancel the option or not. I generally cancel it because I watch the Texas/Mexico border, but I can record programs that I watch on TV in my computer. Handy little thing, especially with a new ball of political wax forthcoming! I can help hold feet to the fire!

    I’ll still need to fork out $150 to get Microsoft Word, though. (Bummer.)

  2. Gail B. says:

    Jobs report map, from Jan. 2007 to Aug. 2010:

    or click Here. (I hope that works!)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gail, have you tried Google’s free Open Office software yet?


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