VIDEO: ‘The Socialist’

Of all of the folks I met while at FreedomWorks’ BlogCon blogger conference about a month ago, perhaps the ones whose skill set I most envied were those who almost exclusively use video as a way to convey their message.  Duane Lester at AllAmericanBlogger constantly impresses me, as do Caleb and Ben Howe.

This video, wonderfully done in the spirit of last weekend’s breakout hit in the theaters and the newest Featured Video at America’s Right, is from the latter pair. Enjoy.



  1. Fantastic clip.

  2. John Buyon says:

    if you think Obama’s phony weak sauce policies are socialism wait till you see what america will elect if the republicans of the tea party mold win in November. a leftist backlash so bad you will think Obama was a Reagan democrat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    7:27 I am so scared. You can ALWAYS head back to Canada. Or, were you threatening us?

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