AstroTurf Much?

Here, a two-for-one deal on Assigned Reading:

Gateway Pundit: Busted- High School Students Admit They’re Getting Class Credit to Attend Leftist One Nation Rally

High School kids are forced to attend the one Nation rally in order to graduate. SSL (Student Service Learning) hours are required by many state governments to graduate High School, so kids must attend these rallies. Apparently, the organizers were willing to use any means to bring thousands to the rally.

Big Government: Astroturf? Thousands Given Free Bus Rides by Unions & NAACP to One Nation Rally

On October 2nd, the NAACP and national labor unions will give tens of thousands of people free bus rides, free lunches, free T-shirts and free Metro farecards as inducements to attend the One Nation Working Together rally being organized by a coalition of radical leftist organizations at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has promised to give free bus rides from major metropolitan areas within twelve hours of D.C. The United Steelworkers are also busing in demonstrators from across the Northeast. Even the Screen Actors Guild is ‘getting on the bus.’

Local NAACP chapters on the East coast are also offering free buses, as are the Communication Workers of America.

Rally co-sponsor the AFL-CIO states, “Unions are sponsoring some 1,400 buses from around the country to come to the march.”

At an average of an estimated 50 passengers per bus, that comes to about 70,000 attendees getting free rides to the rally.

While the American left has shifted its message on the Tea Party from “they’re AstroTurf” to “they’re just friggin’ crazy,” in my opinion it is exceedingly noteworthy that much of what happened in Washington, D.C. this past weekend was far from genuine. Sure, there were people who believe strong enough in the merits of socialism and wealth redistribution and a statist path to social justice to go to great personal expense to attend the One Nation rally, but for the most part it was a crowd that wants everything handed to them for free, and that’s seems to be exactly how they were lured to our nation’s capital.

Bonus: The One Nation folks are sending out photos of Martin Luther King Jr.’s rally and insinuating that it was their own.  Check it out HERE.



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