Rally vs. Rally

“Nah, we don’t worry about these people.”

That’s what I was told back in April by a Philadelphia Police detective as he stood on the outer edge of the Philadelphia Tax Day Tea Party in Love Park, looking in at the crowd.  The detective, a black man built like a tractor trailer, proceeded to tell me that the nation would soon see that the Tea Party folks weren’t the violent racists that the media was making them out to me, and that when the rally was over last year, they left Love Park cleaner than they had found it.

And that’s been the story of the Tea Party movement — millions of people have come together without a single arrest, without even a citation for littering.  I wish we could say the same thing about the Left.

Take a look at what was left on the National Mall in the aftermath of Saturday’s “One Nation” rally:

Note the pre-printed signs which, up until a few minutes before this video was taken by one of the members of the Indiana delegation I met at the FreedomWorks blogger conference a few days ago, had been wielded by pre-manufactured crowds bussed-in by unions and Leftist groups that day for the rally.

And, if that doesn’t make you angry, look at the respect that same crowd saved for our veterans of World War II.  The same pre-printed signs, the same plastic bottles, the same fast food garbage, all left on the ground next to the etched-in names of theaters in which tens of thousands of Americans lost their lives.

A little more than a month ago, Glenn Beck brought a larger group of people together for his “Restoring Honor” rally.  That group unified behind an unequivocal love for the United States of America, behind faith hope and charity as the values and ideals espoused by our Founding Fathers.  Despite a crowd so large that C-SPAN actually used a shot of Beck’s rally to bolster perceived number’s at Saturday’s rally, that crowd left the Mall cleaner than they found it, and did not dare desecrate the memory of our World War II veterans in the way the leftists did this weekend.

See, besides the enthusiasm gap and the difference in the way those assembled took the initiative to get together, there are some big distinctions between the folks who congregated together to see a largely apolitical celebration of faith and freedom and those who gathered this weekend to lament that our entitlement society just has not provided enough, the most notable distinction being a wholly different view of America.  Those who gathered on August 28 for the most part love America for what our nation is; those who gathered yesterday seem to condition any love of country on fundamental changes in the very framework upon which our nation was founded.

For a look at Doug Ross’ 15 Photos from the One Nation Rally You’ll Never See in Legacy Media, click HERE.  For more photos from the rally, see those taken by Skye at Midnight Blue by clicking HERE.  This is a vastly different crowd than what we’re used to seeing at the Tea Party rallies, folks — both in what they brought to the National Mall, and in what they left behind.



  1. Sheep no more says:

    A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.
    — Edward R. Murrow

  2. Gail B. says:

    I read the signs. I saw the mess. I clicked on every link to see more. When I saw the trash left at the WWII Vets Memorial, I almost cried. When I read the signs — reprinted and bussed in with an artificial crowd wearing organizational tee shirts — and read the newspaper in a foreign language, I wanted to lose my supper!

    I remember the sea of trash and garbage left by like people at Obama’s inaugural celebration. (Where were the “litter ticket” cops in ALL of this?)

    Then we see that no trash is left by Tea Partiers, Restoring Honor Rally, 828, or 912. Gives a graphic of the quality of people pulling together in the name of LIBERTY and trusting in our CREATOR.

    The bright side of this is that, even with an artificial crowd bussed in, there was a vast difference in the size of Glenn Beck’s groups and the size of the Socialists’ group. Beck had half a million people present for Restoring Honor. This bunch brought in a few thousand.

    I pray that the Democrats get SMEARED in November!

  3. Thanks for the compare/contrast. You’d have to be a dunce to not see the difference between Tea Party type people and these dunderheads. Night and day.

  4. Ima SoBelle says:

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The contrast between the two rallies is profound. The alternating photos speak for themselves. Now, if conservatives will just get out and vote on 11/2 in massive numbers the same way, we may stand a chance.

    Thanks, Jeff.

  5. Greg W says:

    Thanks for putting this in one place, Jeff. Going to share, though the truly challenged (liberals) will never believe what they see.

  6. Gail B. says:

    I apologize to Jeff for not giving him credit. He did a piece on the trash left at the inaugural extravaganza and what wasn’t left at the first Tea Party gathering in D.C. That’s how I knew.

  7. nana3 says:

    ONE NATION: The TRASHING of AMERICA! That is such a shame but then again, they have no shame. It is especially disturbing since I went to DC for the 9/12 last year and the 8/28 rally this year and everyone was so respectful of the city and the monuments. Viewing the WWII Memorial and the Viet Nam Memorial was emotional for all of us. People were very quiet as they remembered their friends and family members as it was a time of somber reflection. Even the children were well-behaved even though it was hot and they had been there for hours. I wish we could send Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson and Ed Schultz the bill for the clean-up!

  8. Bobby K. says:

    Haven’t been here for awhile. People can look at the pictures and see for theirselves, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Jeff my family and I give thanks to you and all the new writers on your site. Keep up the good work, everyone. GOD Bless America, he knows we need it..

  9. CJ says:

    The pictures are truly worth a million words and their actions speak much much louder than words ever could! Shame, shame and more shame people…..


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