Avoiding Voter Fraud on Catalina Is.

Red White Blue News: Mexican Gov’t Opens ID Office for Illegals on California’s Catalina Island

This could be the break the democrats have been hoping for, vote-wise.  In California you’re only required to show ID when you’re a first-time voter–but even then, as long as you know your voting place and your name is on the list you’re basically good-to-go.  And I’m sure La Raza and the SEIU-types will make sure those new Mexican names ARE on those lists…What can YOU do?  CONTACT Republican REP. DANA ROHRABACHER–Catalina Island is his district and he should make this a nationwide issue immediately!

When Scott Brown won his hugely-surprising victory over Martha Coakley this past January, I remember thinking three things: (1) maybe we can do this; (2) we can now breathe a bit more easily until mid-terms; and (3) not only did he win the vote, but he did so despite what was more than likely rampant voter fraud on the part of the unions.  Considering the latter, it would actually make those election results more of a landslide.

How naive was I (were we)?  Breathe more easily?  This country became a political boiling pot as a direct (or indirect) result of that election, because conservatives began to see, for perhaps the first time, that they could make a difference and because the Left refused to back off with their century-old progressive agenda on the line.

In that context, think of all the attempts that the Democrats have made since then to increase their take of this November’s vote: the assault against Arizona, an attempt to make Puerto Rico into our 51st state, and Harry Reid’s push for the DREAM Act.  Now, apparently, we have Fantasy (Catalina) Island.

I urge anyone who has and continues to invest him/herself in taking our country back to call, call, and call again Rep. Rohrabacher.  Only by letting him know how mainstream America feels about this can we hope to derail another fraudulent attempt to steal votes.



  1. John Buyon says:

    do I smell phony controversy….?

  2. Anonymous says:

    9:30 communism blinds people

  3. John Feeny says:

    Not so, fast, there, Buyon:


    Wait…let me guess. It’s on Fox News, so it can’t possibly be true.

    Perhaps I should pay attention to that bastion of journalistic integrity, MSNBC. At least that would double their number of viewers.

  4. Gail B. says:

    Oh, Lord! Watching the Progressives squirm is like watching on webcams for illegals to cross the border or turning on the kitchen light to look for roaches!

    The Progressives are desperate! They got their usurper in; they have the funding and organization; but now they have ELECTIONS!

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