Dance Dance Revolution?

Cubachi: Bristol Palin: Opening the Door for Conservatives in Pop Culture?

Bristol opened up a Facebook page, as The Design Conservative tells us, following her mother’s footsteps to engage with the public about her progress in the show, as well as her advocacy for life and abstinence. Bristol is using new and old media, if you will, to reach out to new and different demographics with her conservative message. Albeit, it’s a dancing show, but Bristol’s work and message will peak the interest of those following her on the TV show. What is the significance of Bristol on Dancing with the Stars?” Bristol’s appearance on the show may open opportunities for her… and for conservatives. How so?

Practically everyone in the liberal media has participated in one of the most vicious smear campaigns against the Palin family, to the likes I have never seen before. Bristol’s appearance on the show will represent not only how much of a “normal” young woman she is, but it will demonstrate to the American public, that the media has lied to them about who she and her mother are.

Two years ago, I thought that Bristol Palin’s involuntary entrance on the American political scene was one of the more unfortunate side stories to an election cycle which was already gloomy no matter how you looked at it.  Since then, while I’m not exactly your average supermarket tabloid reader, it has been hard to avoid the every-so-often installments in the ongoing drama between herself and her former paramour.  Now, I cannot help but be delighted to see this lovely young woman shakin’ what her momma gave her in front of 20 million people.

Many moons ago, after Bristol’s mother’s speech at the Republican National Convention, I recall writing a piece here at America’s Right entitled A Den Mother on Steroids in which I heralded as her strengths the very things the liberal elite media hammered her on day in and day out: her “Marge Gunderson accent,” her “churchgoing ways, her practical hairstyle, her small-town idiosyncracies.”  At some point during the past two years, it seems, we’ve seen a waning of excitement from that same collection of folks who were excited about Sarah Palin when she first emerged on the scene, and it could have happened for a number of reasons — perhaps people bought in to the Tina Fey impersonation, perhaps some were turned off that she abandoned the State House in Juneau, perhaps others were underwhelmed when style turned to substance.

If anything, I believe that just as Bristol Palin has shown improvement between last week’s tentative cha-cha and this week’s solid quick-step, her mother has shown a tremendous amount of improvement in her command of issues and political gamesmanship alike.  Therefore, I think that the slow disaffection I’ve sensed over the past two years has come from something else altogether; I think it’s because America has lost touch, if you will, with that Den Mother on Steroids.

Last night, I watched Dancing With the Stars along with my wife and, until she went to bed at least, my daughter.  The Sarah Palin I saw during Bristol’s opening video package was the Sarah Palin I think America was captivated by two years ago — she was a mom who moonlighted as a political dynamo, rather than a political dynamo who moonlighted as a mom.

I cannot speak for whether Dancing With the Stars will provide for an opening for conservatives in pop culture.  I hope so, and I think the author of the linked piece, Cubachi, does an excellent job of summing up exactly why an opportunity has presented itself.  I can say without hesitation, however, that last night was a good moment for Sarah Palin.

And that it was even better for Bristol.



  1. Go Bristol says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, and sweet to boot. What a special family. They are the kind of people I would love to know. America still has gems.


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