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ABC News: Republicans Rising on College Campuses

Two years ago Edward Dooley called himself a “Kennedy-worshiping, stereotypical Massachusetts liberal.”

Today Dooley, a sophomore at George Washington University, in Washington D.C., is active in the College Republicans and prefers the label “conservative independent.”

According to a Pew Research Center study, Dooley is not alone.

The study, which analyzed voter registration among young voters, said more 18- to 29-year-olds are identifying themselves as Republicans, while fewer are registering with the Democratic Party.

Admittedly, this might only be a blip on the radar screen, but we have to hope that it starts somewhere.

According to this piece, it would appear that even the leftist-dominated world of university life is even beginning to notice the difference between common sense and altogether backward thinking.  There’s obviously a lot of damage to be undone in the academic world, especially given the piece on subsidized thought that I posted the other day.

You say you want a revolution?  You talk about Mao, you can count me out.



  1. John Buyon says:

    don’t get too excited
    just cause liberals don’t scream and shout and throw a hissy fit all the time doesn’t mean we aren’t energetic and excited.


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