A ‘Pledge’ Needs Allegiance

Newsy: Obama: GOP Ideas ‘Worn Out’

In his weekly address, President Obama took direct aim at the GOP — which recently unveiled its “Pledge to America” — a Republican blueprint promising to cut down on government regulation and repeal President Obama’s health care law. Mr. Obama hit back — saying that’s not the prescription for a better economic future.

Hosts on Fox News agree — kind of — but say neither party really has the answer.

CLAYTON MORRIS: “No party is going to cut spending. As you can see in the Republicans’ Pledge for America, that’s what the Tea Party is upset about with Republicans right now in this Pledge for America. It doesn’t do anything to reduce the deficit. It doesn’t really cut spending in the areas that the Tea Party wants.

ALYSON CAMEROTA: “It doesn’t touch earmarks.”

CLAYTON MORRIS: “It doesn’t touch earmarks either.  So no party, Republicans or Democrats, want to cut spending.”

Politico’s Abby Phillip focuses on Mr. Obama’s charge that Republicans’ “Pledge to America” actually ignores what the party’s conservative constituency wants.

I think this this clip expresses the real concern with regard to the outcome of the mid-terms: are the Republicans truly prepared to begin the work of bringing the ship-of-state around and back toward its charted course, or are they merely saying all the right things in a political climate ripe for saying the right things?

Something that I feel bears watching is the possibility of more write-in candidates emerging from defeats in Republican primaries, as with Lisa Murkowski and now Mike Castle. Given that these candidates did not lose by much, it could indicate the the moderate center may still be heard in November. Of course, I could be wrong, but I’m just not convinced that the Republicans are actually ready to embrace true American reform.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the FORMER United States of America (13 stars), and to the REPUBLIC, for which it stood, ONE nation, under GOD, once indivisible, with LIBERTY, remember liberty?, and JUSTICE (that should include members of Congress, Black Panthers, and OJ) for A L L.

  2. graypanther says:

    I’m just not convinced that the Republicans are actually ready to embrace true American reform.

    Your usual sagacity strikes again, Jeff. The formulation that’s currently making the rounds where I live is, “if you’re a Republican, you’re in the pockets of the corporations; if you’re a Democrat, you’re in the pockets of the unions; and if you’re neither, you don’t have the money to get elected.”

    Now, this time around, that may not be true – if Tea Party candidates can discipline themselves not to accept Republican money, which would put them in the same situation as the Republicans.

  3. Jeff Schreiber says:

    graypanther — that, actually, was John Feeny.

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