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Liberty Pundits: Allen West’s Social Security Number Revealed By His Liberal Opponent

When democrats attack, the go for the personal and the vicious. In an attack on Allen West’s financial past, Klein published Allen West’s 2005 tax lien of $11,081 and court orders to pay credit card bills. However, these were liquidated by West and resolved.

However, democrats don’t let facts get in the way nor decency.

During his attempt to lambaste West, the ad that includes West’s 2005 tax lien, also shows West’s nine-digit Social Security number.

When someone on the right comes out and preaches fiscal discipline, it’s best that they get their ducks in a row financially. I get that, and it appears that Allen West does too. But when anybody–regardless of party or race–comes out and either negligently or intentionally disseminates extremely personal information, that just borders on intimidation.

Now, everything I know about Allen West says that he will not be intimidated. But this has an indirect effect on others who would like to get along — in fact, the left’s penchant for engaging in the politics of personal destruction has that effect.

Sooner rather than later, I would like to contribute what I can by running for public office on some level. The last thing I want, however, is for my family to bear the brunt of some bitter liberal trying to get the best of me on everything but the issues. Seeing this sort of thing happen only serves to dissuade good folks from entering the public arena.



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