Fired? That’s a Fact.

Washington Post: WJLA-TV Fires Veteran Anchor Doug McKelway, Cites Insubordination, Misconduct

Amid the ongoing BP oil spill in July, McKelway covered a Capitol Hill demonstration by environmental groups protesting the influence of oil-industry contributions to members of Congress.

In his piece, McKelway said the sparsely attended event attracted protesters “largely representing far-left environmental groups.” He went on to say the protest “may be a risky strategy because the one man who has more campaign contributions from BP than anybody else in history is now sitting in the Oval Office, President Barack Obama, who accepted $77,051 in campaign contributions from BP.”

After a brief taped segment updating efforts to cap the BP well, McKelway added that the Senate was unlikely to pass “cap-and-trade” legislation this year, because “the Democrats are looking at the potential for huge losses in Congress come the midterm elections. And the last thing they want to do is propose a huge escalation in your electric bill, your utility bill, before then.”

Lord took exception to McKelway’s reporting and asked to meet with him, according to several station sources who were granted anonymity to discuss the sensitive personnel matter. A shouting match between the two men ensued, leading to McKelway’s suspension, sources said.

Saw this on Friday, and didn’t have a chance to get to it.

Look, I’m not asking that we go all right-wing with the television news. There are times and places for that–i.e. commentary shows–and the late local news is not that time or place. All I ask is that we adhere to the facts.

Did Barack Obama receive more campaign contributions from BP than anyone else?  You bet.  Is he now in the Oval Office?   Well, maybe not now–he’s likely golfing–but yes, he is the current inhabitant of the Oval Office. Will cap-and-trade cause an increase in our energy bills?  Of course, and the White House admitted as much.  Have the Democrats been quiet about it because of the looming election?  Absolutely, and I fear what will happen in a lame duck session.

Any way you slice it, McKelway’s work was factual.  Because those facts do not come down in favor of Barack Obama and the Democrats, however, Doug now finds himself among the growing ranks of the unemployed.




  1. MLK Jr says:

    See the TRUTH does set you FREE….. FREE to find another job.

  2. Gail B. says:

    This is sad. Really sad. I admire him, however, for standing up and telling the truth. Doug McKelway may do more harm to the Democratic Party by being fired than if he had kept his job. One thing is for certain: McKelway has hammered his point home by all the publicity this has attracted. Maybe Fox News will pick him up and put Juan Williams on the road instead!


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