Possible Gamechanger in R.I.?

The Providence Journal: Update: GOP Primary Winner Drops Out of RI Lt. Gov. Race

Healey is running for lieutenant governor for the third time with a promise not to take any salary or hire staff, while pushing the legislature to put a proposed amendment to the state Constitution on the ballot that defines the job or eliminates it.

His preference: eliminate the office and give its one clear responsibility to another statewide officer and that is, taking the governor’s place should he or she die.

“Anybody can do that job,” he said, suggesting “the only important thing…[is] “that voters know who they are electing has the potential of becoming governor.”

“Saving $1 million is really what it is all about,” said Healey, saying he could suspend his law practice and go without a salary because he has made enough money in law, land sales in Uruguay and the liquor business to get by without a state salary.

“We have to wait and see what the people think. I mean I am not the prettiest candidate,” said the long-haired and bearded Healey, “and I know people have some sort of inbred animosity. It’s odd to me. I mean the long hair and the beard certainly is a recognizable persona, on the other hand I know it works against me in many ways.”

For the past 80 years or so, everything up here in Rhode Island has been hopelessly locked down by the Democratically – some would say Communist – controlled unions.  Around here, FDR’s name is mentioned under the the most angelic of breadths.

There are indications, though – smaller ones, admittedly, but lots of them – that the ground is beginning to shake.  Tremors, if you will.

On the political Richter scale, however, yesterday’s announcement from Heidi Rogers (the winner of the Republican primary in the Lt. Governor’s race) that she is dropping out of the race was upwards of a 7.0.

Robert Healey, one of the most eccentric political figures in Rhode Island over the past twenty years and one who has been desperately trying to affect change up here for a long time, now stands a much greater chance of winning the general election for Lt. Governor against the incumbent, Democrat Elizabeth Roberts.  Both Rogers and Healey are running on a platform of winning the position in order to eliminate it through an amendment to the state constitution, and with their vote no longer divided, they may just be successful.

As with all things in life, there are those desperate times that call for desperate measures.

From time to time I’ve chronicled the tremendous, boots-on-the-ground efforts of the Young Republicans in Rhode Island and the difference that they’re making in several important races, most notably the candidacies of John Robitaille and John Loughlin.  Let’s hope that yesterday’s announcement is an harbinger of common sense in colony #13.



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    Thanks for the update, John. This is the first I’ve heard of this. I’m VERY surprised this isn’t being picked up by the Boston media. Don’t you think this will come back to bite the RIGOP in the arze. I know if I voted for Rogers then within days she dropped out for the reasons given in the link I would feel duped and by pissed off. Don’t you think many will vote D as a protest even if they agree that the position should be eliminated(as it should be in MA also, talk about the ultimate no show job). You are talking about a little state that is big union with that vote democRAT no matter who it is. BTW, how is the race to replace Patches going. Any chance of an R picking up that seat?

  2. John Feeny says:

    Boston -
    I think that’s going to be won rather handily by John Loughlin, the Republican. At least that the way it seems right now.

  3. John Buyon says:

    Oh yeah
    the teapartiers are not republicans…
    they are just a bunch of middle of the road Americans who are fed up with Obama right…?

  4. Gail B. says:

    John Buyon says:
    September 18, 2010 at 1:03 pm
    Oh yeah
    the teapartiers are not republicans…
    they are just a bunch of middle of the road Americans who are fed up with Obama right…?

    WRONG! You haven’t been watching the news, have you?! The Republican Party is all for the Tea Party, as long as the Tea Party upholds the GOP. So, why is the GOP disgruntled with the Tea Party, if both want Obama out of office? (Got an answer for that?)

    The Tea Party has nothing to do with Obama. NOTHING. The Tea Party is about lower taxes, SMALLER (much smaller) government, less government control, and basic security such as we had before January 20, 2009. The GOP wants established Republicans, backs established Republicans, and is really upset because the Tea Party candidates are beating establishment Republicans.

    And, guess what?! The Tea Party folks are not “middle of the road,” as you referred to them. They are peaceful Americans from all walks of life who want to Constitution respected and obeyed.

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