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RedState: Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL): Signs of a Failed Stimulus

Two years ago, signs promoting Barack Obama were everywhere: on buildings, billboards and bumper stickers. Not much has changed, except now you are paying for this propaganda to promote the President and his floundering “stimulus” spending plan. Reports indicate these signs can cost taxpayers as much as $10,000 each, with my home state of Illinois spending more than $650,000 on them. Worse, the stimulus ads tout a program that has failed – as the signs promise – in “putting America back to work.”

It is our job as federal watchdogs to investigate why the White House has wasted potentially hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars advertising a spending splurge that hasn’t met any of the President’s own sales pitches: that the $862 billion would keep unemployment below 8% (today it’s 9.6%) and generate, by the end of this year, more than 4 million private sector jobs (we’ve lost 2.51 million). No amount of propaganda, some of which promotes President Obama personally, could convince taxpayers the stimulus is working.

While Reps. Schock and Issa are by no means trying to break the story as to the costs of the stimulus signs–the Wall Street Journal, ABC News and other outlets ran pieces about it at the start of and throughout the summer–they are actively working to apprise Americans of the waste and taxpayer-funded propaganda and get them involved in fighting against it.  And good for them.

Great little video from Reps. Schock and Issa, too:



  1. whats_up says:

    Interesting, someone is making the signs, they just dont appear out of thin air. So some business is able to hire another worker or maybe not fire another worker so that those signs can be made. So its not like the money is disappearing. It is going to pay some guy’s mortgage in Illinois. Are Conservative saying that the sign maker should fire another employee instead of creating what he does for a living?

  2. Say what? says:

    It’s kinda weird seeing these signs in my small town here in TN. Paving the roads thru town seems like something the state and county would normally do.

  3. But that's just me says:

    10:28 I wouldn’t have a problem if it was for Where’s The Birth Certificate signs.

  4. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Neither would I, 12:28.

    The danger with the signs is that the viewpoint can be taken out of context and imputed to the group as a whole. As for the period uniforms and such, I’m not sure that they hurt anyone.

    I don’t know how I feel about Glenn’s call. Must think about it. Odd, though, that someone who is such a fierce advocate of individual freedom is pushing for a restriction, even self-imposed, on attire and signage.

  5. Boston Blackie says:

    I wish I had seen the request to snap photos of the signs. A few nights ago (yes at 10:30 PM no less) I was driving on I-95 and saw 5 workers putting up one of those infamous stimulas signs that are everywhere in this state. The traffic was down from four to one lane so I was crawling along. Of course what came to mind is how many workers does it take to put up a sign. Two were holding it by the posts and the other three were just staring at it. Maybe they were all waiting for the cement to dry.

  6. Fannie May Fannie Maybe Not says:

    10:28 Can they maybe help with my mortgage? Nah, forget it, that’s communism.

  7. I love big govt says:

    Blackie, was there a crew a mile prior erecting a sign warning of a sign crew erecting signs in one mile? That’s the Acorn way.

  8. John Buyon says:

    the republicans say the signs cost $20 million

    out of a total budget of 3 trillion
    and a recovery bill of 800 Billion
    20 M/800,000 Million
    20 M/3,000,000 Million

    yea that’s government waste
    get real you phony “fiscal conservatives”
    if you care about the budget/deficit you
    would cut pentagon, social security, medicaid, medicare
    and raise taxes on your beloved overtaxed billionaires

  9. Gail B. says:

    Locust Grove, GA, a little traffic congestion in the road, so to speak, even had one. I am very thankful for the work that was done at the intersection where we have to cross the railroad track, but was the sign necessary? Work being done on I-675 at Stockbridge is stimulus money, too. All that I can see being done is creating a greater traffic problem than there was before.

    I wish the money had been spent securing the Mexico/U.S. border; I can take back roads through Stockbridge and around the intersection with the railroad.

  10. Ouch says:

    1:16…. except for the last sentence, it’s coming.

  11. Zoom Zoom says:

    I want the money it’s gonna cost to take down the stupid signs. Buy me a parking garage full of Lamborghini’s.

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