NJ Democrats are Creepy

CourierPostOnline: Runyan Accuses Man of Harassing Family

Last Wednesday, Fredric C. Samson of Mount Holly allegedly trespassed on the Runyans’ Mount Laurel property and took photographs as their youngest daughter, Isabella, played in the front yard, according to a Mount Laurel Police report.

The 8-year-old went into the house and told her mother that Samson was standing in the driveway, according to Jon Runyan. Loretta Runyan, a former Houston police officer, got into her car and followed Samson for four miles until he stopped at Rep. John Adler’s Evesham campaign office.

Runyan notified both her husband and 911 using her OnStar system, he said. An Evesham patrol car met them at Adler’s office, and the investigation was transferred to the Mount Laurel Police Department.

Samson, a Burlington County Democratic committeeman, said Tuesday that he didn’t “have anything to say” about the investigation.

“There’s nothing to talk about here,” Samson replied, when asked to comment on the incident and his role in Adler’s re-election campaign.

According to a records search, Samson, 64, is a licensed social worker in Burlington County.

“Last Wednesday a volunteer photographer took seven photos of the front of Jon Runyan’s house, nothing more,” said Carol Gaskill, spokeswoman for the Adler campaign, in a statement e-mailed late Tuesday afternoon. “The photographer was instructed not to take any photos of Jon Runyan or any member of his family.

I understand that facilitating class warfare is chief among campaign tactics used by Democrats against Republicans in an attempt to take away from the abject failure of liberal ideas.  I get that, and I get that Jon Runyan–the former stud offensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles–has a bigger house than most people.   However, given that photos of Runyan’s abode were already used by Rep. John Adler’s campaign in an attack ad designed to foment class warfare, and given that this Samson fellow made like a banana and split the second that Runyan’s small daughter went inside to warn her mother, I think it’s fair to say that Adler’s proxy photographer wasn’t there for the landscaping.

At the risk of sounding a little puerile, I need to say that this sort of thing really pisses me off.  Time and time again, bitter leftists in this country have proven themselves incapable of restraint, the most recent examples being the hostage situation at the headquarters of the Discovery Channel and the bulletproof vest-wearing leftist who stabbed and slashed the throat of a dean at a Kansas community college ready to host the Missouri governor for a speaking engagement.  These people are unstable, and while at no point is it acceptable to intimidate or even involve a politician or public figure’s children in any public discourse of any sort, it is even more unacceptable if the harassment is being done by increasingly bitter leftist activists in this country.

If I were Jon Runyan–and at six-foot-three and 260 pounds I’m about four inches too short and 70 pounds too light to be Jon Runyan–I would slap a restraining order on Fredric Samson even quicker than he ever picked up a blitzing defensive end,  I would make sure that both my former police officer wife and I either had a concealed carry permit (he should have enough contacts to ensure that he could get one, even in New Jersey) or had round-the-clock protection, and I would hire a private investigator to do nothing but follow Fredric Samson until after the final polling place closed on November 2.

It would be patently dishonest for me to say that I have never considered running for political office.  That being said, one of the driving forces behind my reticence is the impact it would have on the safety of my family.  I don’t care if the public figure or politician in question is a Republican, a Democrat, or anything in between; I don’t care if the child is Sasha Obama, Jenna Bush, Chelsea Clinton, Amy Carter or Isabella Runyan — leave families the hell alone.

And that includes mine.  Especially if you value your life, and want no more than the current number of holes you already have in your body.



  1. RIP perverts says:

    The 2nd amendment rocks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your title is very much in error.

    They are ALL creepy.

  3. Gail B. says:

    “Don’t Tread on Me” or Jeff Schreiber’s family!!!

  4. Bosotn Blackie says:

    If that were me, the photographer would never had made it back to his car without me being arrested. Just Monday, I went home for lunch and saw a man taking pics from across the street. I knew it wasn’t a city worker since he had a small digital camera so I marched right up to him to confront him. Seems he was an auto insurance claim adjustor investigating an accident. I made him show me his photos before I told him to come back in a couple of hours and watch the high schoolers race past my house. He laughed and said it was two high schoolers and the accident had happened at 2:30. He then said that he had never been confronted when taking photos before. I said that I guess he’s never been to my neighborhood before. Don’t mess with my family or you WILL regret it.

  5. John Buyon says:


    trigger happy republicans
    you guys are so comical, it would be cute if it wasn’t serious
    don’t look now but a insidious Leeeeeberall
    is looking over your shoulder pop a cap in his ass before he “taxes you to death” and gives it all to “illeeeeeegaaaaaaalssssss and their children”

  6. Jeff Schreiber says:

    John, nobody is “popping a cap.” Should it not be my right to defend my family? Or should I rely on the police, and hope they can reach me in time?

  7. Anon says:

    Canadians, what the hell are ya gonna do?

    John Buyon….. 9 mm….. mini marxist

    John can cry for his marxist momma waiting for the royal mounted

  8. Boston Blackie says:

    “pop a cap”
    Homeboy, ya been watchin’ too many rap videos.

    I bet you agree with Mike Dukakis who in the 70′s pushed through a law in MA. that if someone broke into your home, you had to do everything in your power to leave and not defend your homestead or YOU would be prosecuted. Thankfully it was repealed with the next governor.
    BTW, can you let us know where you reside so I can help myself to your things. I’m sure you won’t mind, it’s just another example of redistribution of wealth.

  9. Boston Blackie says:

    “Or should I rely on the police, and hope they can reach me in time?”

    Ya like the doctor in CT. whose family was slaughtered and then their home set on fire while it took the police THIRTY MINUTES to show up and then wouldn’t even go in the house. They “surrounded” the home waiting out the hostage takers.
    John Boy, please explain to all of us just how you would handle that situation if it were you family and home. Seriously, I want to know.

  10. whats_up says:


    Certainly if your family was edangered you have a right to defend them. However if someone was taking photos of your house I am not sure that qualifies as your family being in danger. Now in the specific instance you state above I believe this man was trespassing on private property and should have been confronted about it. In Boston’s example up above I would have been tempted to tell him to shove it, if I am on a public street I can take a picture of anything I want.

  11. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Of course — I’m not advocating pointing a gun in the guy’s face. Still, the Runyans, like the rest of us, have the right to err on the side of their children’s safety and should do so.

  12. Boston Blackie says:

    “In Boston’s example up above I would have been tempted to tell him to shove it”

    Maybe where you grew up, you close your eyes to things like that but I don’t. (BTW, I’m female) If you want to know where I get my attitude and about my upbringing check out the new movie “The Town”. It was filmed in and all about my neighborhood growing up. I am not advocating violence but I was raised to never back down from anyone so shove it would have been the wrong answer.

  13. whats_up says:

    @ Jeff,

    Agree wholeheartedly.

  14. whats_up says:

    @ Boston,

    1st forgive me with the him, I was being general, thanks for the correction. However, if I was on a public street and taking pictures and you came up demanding to know what I was doing, I would have told you to mind your own business, its a public street I can take pictures of whatever I like. What you would do after that is certainly your business, however who are you to demand to know what I do in a public setting, on a public street, and within my rights to do.

  15. Howdy stranger says:

    Right to carry? just mosey on out to visit, save the brandishing for when necessary.

  16. WWJLD says:

    What would John Lennon, or Buyon, do?

  17. Memphis says:

    3 burglaries, and one home invasion with rape here. Get real, Buyon.

  18. Boston Blackie says:

    Just to clarify, the guy was across the street taking pics of the front of my house when I pulled up. When I parked my car and came down the driveway he was half way up my stairs. He’s lucky I asked him what he was doing FIRST.
    No need to apologize about my gender, I try to keep my identity under wraps. I don’t need the guys with the earplugs knocking on my door (with or without cameras haha) for agreeing with my favorite southern peach, Gail.

  19. John Buyon says:

    you guys are just in a competition to make yourself look more and more goofy

    I am a supporter of gun rights, I myself own a gun, if a person broke in I would fire at them, but if I saw some guy taking pictures on a street corner or even on my residential block I wouldn’t think twice. maybe its just because Liberals are just more comfortable and easy going than conservatives who seem to perpetually have a siege mentality.

    all I was saying is that it was funny to me how trigger happy you guys are and the rest of what I was saying was just making fun of you guys, I know laughter is difficult for conservatives to understand, they are too busy worrying about the communists under the couch.

  20. Comrade says:

    11:20 It’s the ones in the White House and administration we need to worry about. My German Shepherd will take care of the ones under the couch.

  21. Anonymous says:

    My old grandpa said to me
    ‘Son, there comes a time in every man’s life
    when he stops bustin’ knuckles and starts bustin’ caps and usually it’s when he becomes too old to take an butt whoopin.’
    I don’t own a gun to kill people.
    I own a gun to keep from being killed.

    I don’t carry a gun to scare people. I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place.

    I don’t own a gun because I’m paranoid. I own a gun because there are real threats in the world..
    I don’t own a gun because I’m evil. I own a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world.
    I don’t own a gun because I hate the government.
    I own a gun because I understand the limitations of government..
    I don’t carry a gun because I’m angry. I carry a gun so that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared.
    I don’t carry a gun because I want to shoot someone. I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed, and not on a sidewalk somewhere tomorrow afternoon.
    I don’t carry a gun because I’m a cowboy.
    I carry a gun because, when I die and go to heaven,
    I want to be a cowboy.
    I don’t own a gun to make me feel like a man.
    I own a gun because men know how to take care
    of themselves and the ones they love.
    I don’t carry a gun because I feel inadequate.
    I carry a gun because unarmed and
    facing three armed thugs, I am inadequate.
    I don’t carry a gun because I love it.
    I carry a gun because I love life and
    the people who make it meaningful to me.
    Police protection is an oxymoron. Free citizens must protect themselves. Police do not protect you from crime, they usually just investigate the crime
    after it happens and then call someone in to clean up the mess.


    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents,
    unable to defend themselves,
    were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1911, Turkey established gun control.
    >From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians,
    unable to defend themselves,
    were rounded up and exterminated.

    Germany established gun control in 1938
    and from 1939 to 1945,
    a total of 13 million Jews and others
    who were unable to defend themselves
    were rounded up and exterminated.

    China established gun control in 1935.
    >From 1948 to 1952,
    20 million political dissidents,
    unable to defend themselves,
    were rounded up and exterminated.

    Guatemala established gun control in 1964.
    >From 1964 to 1981,
    100,000 Mayan Indians,
    unable to defend themselves,
    were rounded up and exterminated.

    Uganda established gun control in 1970.
    >From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians,
    unable to defend themselves,
    were rounded up and exterminated.

    Cambodia established gun control in 1956.
    >From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves,
    were rounded up and exterminated.

    Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

    You won’t see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

    Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

    Take note my fellow Americans, before it’s too late!

    The next time someone talks in favor of gun control,
    please remind them of this history lesson.

    With guns, we are ‘citizens’.
    Without them, we are ‘subjects’.

    During WWII the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

    If you value your freedom, please spread this anti gun-control message to all of your friends.

    The purpose of fighting is to win.
    There is no possible victory in defense.
    The sword is more important than the shield, and
    skill is more important than either.
    The final weapon is the brain.
    All else is supplemental.


    I’m a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment!

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  22. John Buyon says:

    @ 8:02 pm

    I am not for gun control
    up here in Canada we have a gun registry that is useless and expensive and yields very little information of use for law enforcement.

    I would love it if machine guns and all the hardcore assault rifles were banned, and the government issued a 9 mil to every household along with free lessons to teach them how to use them. that is my idea of homeland security !
    cheap easy and no coercion or police state actions.


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