N.B. Panthers Do the Expected

Gateway Pundit: New Black Panthers Threaten Koran Burners: You Will Be the Target (Video)

So, I’m sitting here in DC at a blogger conference, and I notice Jim Hoft putting together a post at the table next to me.  Turns out, it was this one. I think it would be rude to do anything but send y’all over to his site for the video.  Check it out — it’s as worthwhile as it is wholly expected from the New Black Panthers.

For some reason, the threat from the New Black Panthers reminds me of the not-so-veiled threat leveled by Imam Rauf when it came to any relocation of the Ground Zero Mosque.  While I do not support the burning of the Koran–it’s a “right” versus “should” thing, just like the Ground Zero Mosque–I do think that we need to stop kowtowing to the feigned outrage from radical Islam.

Three thousand dead Americans, nine years ago tomorrow, and they remind us that we cannot impute the action of a few terrorists to an entire religion — but if we threaten to burn a Koran, all of a sudden it’s “DEATH TO THE INFIDEL!”



  1. Anonymous says:

    In that video, with ‘Shrek’ and ‘mini-me’, oh please

  2. Anonymous says:

    Barrels clean……………….. check
    Powders dry…………………. check
    Constitution in shirt pocket….. check

  3. Anonymous says:
  4. Dee says:

    I did a double take when the NBP said he is for “Peace”. They did not look too peaceful with their billy clubs at the Philly voting place.
    Apparently burning the Koran is much more important than a “Pee” covered crucifix or covering all signs of Christianity in order for BO to give a speech or burning bibles and American flags. I read that several other churches will burn the Koran even if Rev. Jones does not. Some Muslims are protesting and are threatening to attack the US and Christians if this happens. I guess the Koran is more valued than Daniel Pearl’s head. Where was the outrage then or when our citizens were burned and hung from bridges.
    Tomorrow should be interesting.

  5. Anonymous says:


    They’re not peaceful, he called for killing crackers and cracker babies. They’re all mentally ill and we will just have to deal with em when it happens. remember, Dee, squeeeezzzzzzeeeeeeeeee

  6. Anonymous says:

    The little guy in that video appears he keeps looking for a little red dot on himself.

  7. Gail B. says:

    This, too, will pass. (Those idiots will be dead within 100 years.)

    Nothing in The Bible advises anyone to drive planes into the WTC, the Pentagon, and into the ground (instead of into their target) to kill 3,000 Americans; but burn the Koran because of what has been done to us and what our noses are being rubbed into? Merciful heavens!

    Their goal is the White House, and their law is Sharia. I suppose they are to be honored for driving a car over that little boy’s arm? Stoning innocent women to death? It goes on and on.

  8. roadrunner says:

    If we all have not yet figured this out, maybe this will help! Islam, being a Muslim and the Agenda Book, the Koran is not a religion. It is an agenda for taking over the world. The religion story is only a cover for the greater agenda. Sound outrageous? Well try this on for size.

    Have you read the Koran? I didn’t think so. Have you read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights? Yah! I didn’t think so!

    When and If you do read the Koran, you will see that babies born of Muslims will be killed if they, as adults, decide to denounce their religion. I use the word religion only because all these non-muslims in this country and elsewhere still think it is. It is NOT.

    No RELIGION would step out of the bounds of faith and a belief in a god. But this one does and everything it preaches looks like Nazi Germany in the 30s and the 40′s. Wake up America. See this bunch of thugs for who they really are. Not a religion! A movement to take over the world. When we get that straight, we can begin to deal with them all at the proper level with the proper tools.

    Those were NOT radical muslims who attack us on 9/11 or any other time. They simply were muslim activists. There’s a huge difference!


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