Notes: Friday Morning Rumor-Wrangling

Notes From the Conservative Underground is an ongoing section here at America’s Right, featuring the written manifestation of Ron Glenn’s observations on the conservative movement, gleaned from sources found everywhere between short-wave radio to mainstream commentary, between random discourse with concerned everyday Americans to planned discussions with people and officials plugged into grassroots organizations nationwide.  Off-beat? Perhaps.  Funny? Sometimes. Boring? Never.

Two months from now, so very many questions will be answered:  Is the Tea Party a dominant force in American politics or a mere flash-in-the-pan?  Was this an anti-incumbent year as the left proclaims, or an anti-Democrat year as the rest of us have known for a while?  What is Harry Reid qualified to do now that he has lost his seat in the United States Senate?

Until then, however, we have the fastest and busiest two months in American politics.  Careers will rise, stalwarts may fall, and rumors will permeate the political landscape across the country, from mahogany-filled meeting rooms inside the Beltway to water-cooler alcoves in small businesses across the midwest and stretching all the way to the Pacific.  The following are the most interesting political rumors and/or outrageous claims that I have heard, generally found currently circulating on the Internet or over the airwaves, or from personal conversations with America at large.

  • President Barack Obama will not run for president of the United States in 2012.

Those who advance this idea no doubt take to heart that old quote from John F. Kennedy, “show me a man with a great golf game, and I’ll show you a man who has been neglecting something,” and mistake the endless images of our president hiking and biking and buying shrimp for a lack of enthusiasm about the power he so craves and holds.  Those who advance this idea, though, believe Obama is a puppet of the larger banking interests and that those interests have no use for him anymore. Obama has lost his status as a savior, they say, and the messianic image is hard to regain once it has been lost.

Where in our history, however, have we ever seen a president with such an ego, a president who relishes more than Barack Obama the presidential spotlight, the White House parties, the helicopters, the Hail To The Chief and all of the trimmings.  Despite likely being acutely aware–in private, of course–that he is in over his head, Barack Obama isn’t going anywhere.  Until the voters tell him to shove off, that is.

  • Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will trade jobs.

Even as early as May and June of 2009, I recall talking with Jeff Schreiber in City Hall in Philadelphia about the prospect that Joe Biden would find himself the odd man out in 2012, and would likely leave the ticket under the guise of health problems or family-related issues.  He and I both came to the conclusion that the country would know soon after the mid-term election whether Hillary Clinton was going to mount a primary challenge against Obama in 2012.  Given the amount of discontent among those on the left who would never vote Republican, a Hillary Clinton candidacy in 2012 could very well be enough to reinvigorate those who were disaffected by Obama’s presidency.

Regardless, the rumor-mongers are partially right.  Clinton, in my estimation, is not long for her job.  Her installation as vice president, however much of an overt example of a “keep your enemies closer” mentality on the part of President Obama that such a move might be, would handcuff Clinton when it came to running in 2012.

  • The U.S. government intends to absorb all pension and retirement funds into the government piggy bank.

In short, those who push this idea believe that all the money from these funds will be used to buy U.S. Treasury Bonds. The public will, at that point, be told by the government that these bonds will act like an annuity where the holder will get a guaranteed return. What this will allow the federal government to do is lift the endless burden the Federal Reserve currently bears as the major purchaser of treasury bonds, a situation that leads to inflationary pressure if it is done indefinitely.  Recent statements from and questions by Texas Congressman Ron Paul about the dubious existence of gold at Fort Knox only perpetuates such rumors.

  • Bill Clinton’s wish in life is to become the head of the United Nations.

Since President Obama has sat at the United Nations table, it would be interesting to see the reaction if Bill Clinton could pull this off, particularly since his health is an ongoing question mark.  [It should be noted that the United Nations is an international body, and Bill Clinton seems to prefer domestic, corn-fed bodies.  -- Jeff]

  • The budget crisis for the American government will reach its zenith in 2021.

At this point the government will be unable to pay the interest on the national debt. Taking this into account, reports are circulating that the federal government intends to impose a national consumption tax, much like the FairTax advocated for by people like Ron Paul and Neil Boortz. This will be the most efficient manner to tax everyone since a fair portion of the low wage American public does not pay federal income tax. It is also an easier tax to collect than the income tax. Sales taxes can be collected in retail stores. Income taxes have to be collected from millions of individuals who can exchange money out of the sight of the government. (Which is why governments do want a cashless society.)

At the present time America has a vast underground economy. Lots of people on unemployment are working on the side for cash. This is also why some local governments, for example, are making people acquire a license to have a yard sale. The underground economy is everywhere, and the government is broke, and they want tax revenue wherever they can get it.  Oh, boy, would it help.  But it will never happen, so long as millions of Americans and American firms stand to benefit from provisions tucked within the gargantuan tax code.

  • Lex Luthor is never around when you need him.

Speaking of bankrupt governments, California is certainly at the head of the list.  The state is getting ready to change governors, but the new governor will be sitting on a mountain of government entitlements and pensions. I have heard economists say the only reason the state is even functioning is that its citizens receive federal social security checks and food and medical benefits.

This is the great example of how the federal government is keeping the states afloat. But when one considers the massive debt of the federal government, the states should be extremely nervous. I have mentioned this before, but all the signs point toward a culture war between the government and private sector. The pension funds for government employees in many states are grossly underfunded, and there are already lawsuits filed by government employees over the question as to whether governments have the right to alter their union agreements, even if the government has no money to honor them and even if the agreements were outrageous to begin with. The last federal bill Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi passed with fanfare was designed to save union teaching jobs, but even with regard to that bill, the money went elsewhere. In a crunch, the government will attempt to save its own first.

So, the word making the political circuit is that California will be the principle player that will demonstrate to the nation how the federal government will handle a financially collapsing state. If the federal government intervenes to save the California pension system, then America will know how the game is going to be played.

  • The fiercest opposition to the Tea Party movement comes from the Cheney/McCain/Palin wing of the Republican party.

The logic goes like this:  Deep down inside, savvy Democratic Party operatives like the Tea Party movement. They can distort the ideas and values of the Tea Party movement and then claim that those values are the values of the Republican Party, which will in theory turn off the soft liberals who might abandon the current Democratic party. Also, potential fracturing and the possibility of numerous third party races–despite being discouraged by the likes of Sarah Palin–could do more damage to the Republicans than the Democrats.

If the Democrats are successful in effectively denouncing the Tea Party and imputing every action to the Republican Party, many in the Republican party would likely see the Tea Party as a danger to their plans. Many in the Tea Party I know preach austerity and no foreign wars. Ron Paul says America’s current wars are illegal.  Where do your local Tea Party groups stand?

  • National radio host Glenn Beck is a CIA agent.

Now, we’re getting into overnight radio.  This kind of thinking comes from a nation that has been at war for almost a decade and from incidents like the recent trial of notorious radio host Hal Turner. He was found guilty of threatening a judge, but in the course of the trial coverage it was revealed that he was an FBI informant. The left accuses conservative public media figures of being in cahoots with the government. Conservatives accuse the traditional press of working for leftist causes and governments. These accusations increase during war because all citizens are more aware of the patriotism of public figures. The problem is, public figures are endlessly accused of being double agents.

  • North Korea is being preserved by the West so it can be the catalyst for World War III.

The west is sinking under the weight of its own politics and policies, and some rumor-mongers maintain that just as World War II helped us out of the Great Depression, World War III would put the West back on top. I have heard this kind of thinking from people who believe a world war is inevitable. Regardless of the merits of such an argument, the West simply cannot allow China to become the leader of the world.

  • The current favorite to run as the Republican party presidential candidate in 2012 is Newt Gingrich.

We’re only two months out of the mid-term election.  Nobody on the right has stood up and said “look at me” quite yet, though Gingrich does seem to be fairly adept at the art of self-promotion.  He was also the mastermind behind the 1994 Republican Revolution.  Nevertheless, at this point it’s mere speculation, and as to whether Gingrich would make a good candidate — well, I’ll leave that up  to you to debate.



  1. Dee says:

    Interesting thoughts, Ron, however they are giving me a headache. I pray that the first one occurs. I don’t think he likes all the work that is involved in being President. The perks are nice but it sure cuts into his day. I often wonder how much better we would be if Hillary had won. Biden needs to go but I would be surprised if Hillary took the VP job because, as you stated, she may have designs on running against BO.

    If the government takes over retirement funds, you will find all my savings under my mattress. I will not let them touch my hard earned money.

    I had heard that BO maybe thinking of becoming head of the UN. He could therefore be sort of “king” of the world. His report to the UN Human Rights group regarding the US is despicable. He asks countries whose people are subject to terrible leaders for advice on Arizona and unemployment. Amazing.

    It will be interesting to watch what happens in California. Many states have pension plans that are unsustainable.

    I agree that 3rd party candidates will hurt the Republicans more than the Democrats.

    Who is Beck supposedly spying on?

    North Korea deserves watching but I also think that Iran with it’s new nuclear facility is a greater threat.

    I think that Newt has too much baggage and Sarah has been so maligned by the left that she will never be taken seriously. Mitt has business experience and it is interesting that recently there have been many ads on TV presenting Mormons as people like you and me. When he was on the campaign trail there were comments that people could not vote for him because he was a Mormon. Of course, they said that Kennedy was a Catholic and therefore, could not vote for him. I would like to see Paul Ryan, a very smart, conservative run or DeMint. Malkin also comes to mind.

    November and 2012 will be fun. Keep us posted on what else is being said in the Conservative underground. I really enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Ruth Hammons says:


  3. Gail B. says:

    Ronald, I hate it when you’re right!

  4. Gail B. says:

    Newt Gingrich would be a great “Karl Rove,” but president? Not so sure about that. There are some I would like to announce their candidacy, but they don’t seem to have a desire for political office. One who is smarter than most everyone walking sits at the right on Special Report (paralized from the neck down).

    I think we are in for some surprises for the 2012 election.

    And, I don’t believe that Obama will run for POTUS again because he would HAVE to produce his background papers, after all the lawsuits, etc., and doubt about his eligibility. My definition of a natural-born citizen does not include anyone with dual citizenship or one who spends $2 million to hide his past, when under $20 would shut everybody up!

  5. Sam, and yes, I am an Uncle says:

    HAPPY LABOR DAY to all those who labor to provide for themselves and their families (or as Monsieur Buyon calls it, suck America dry).

  6. Search & Rescue says:

    Gail, I am hanging tough with you. Not all shiny objects are just a distraction…. as a mirror down below in the dense forest beckoning attention, sometimes they are begging to be looked into. Our natural born vacationer is a one termer. You can take that to the bank, a solvent bank.

  7. Boston Blackie says:

    I agree that Newt would help behind the scenes but he has too much baggage to run, like being on his third marriage and proposing to his second and third wives before even being separated from the previous ones.
    Dr Krauthammer is one of the most intelligent commentators around. I actually always thought he was Canadian but my mother said remembers him from her days as an O.R. nurse at Mass General, in those days you didn’t see doctors in wheelchairs. He told her he was American but raised in Canada. I do believe Obeyme will run for re-election, why give up the perks. We all know Jarrett and Alexrod are the puppet masters. Why else do they have secret service protection, nobody has been able to answer that question for the last 18 months.
    “The U.S. government intends to absorb all pension and retirement funds into the government piggy bank.”
    This I believe will happen and sooner than you think. This will be forced down our throats by the lame duck Congress this fall.

  8. Boston Blackie says:

    BTW Gail,
    Did you also know that Dr Krauthammer was Chief Resident of Psychiatry at MGH then gave up his medical practice to work in the Carter administration.
    He then served as a speech writer to Walter Mondale during the presidential campaign of 1980. Who would have thunk it :)

  9. Anonymous says:
  10. Anonymous says:

    6:57 said “to work in the Carter administration.”

    Nobody ‘worked’ and nothing worked, in that administration.

    I remember my 18% mortgage.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Gail B. says:

    Trust me–Ruth doesn’t know there is a lower case–or that all caps means a shout. Ruth is a very sweet woman and always sends good information.

    Boston–I nearly fell out of my chair when Charles Krauthammer said he’d be happy to subscribe some Vallium for Obama, that Obama really needs something to calm himself down.

    Search & Rescue — Obama knows quite well that he will have to produce his papers if he seeks reelection. Not a-gonna happen! And, with his (dis)approval rating the way it is — not a-gonna happen!

    The sad part is that all the holes in the walls of the White House will have to be patched because of all the hundreds of pictures he has hung of himself.

  13. Gail B. says:

    Trust me–Ruth doesn’t know there is a lower case–or that all caps means a shout. Ruth is a very sweet woman and always sends good information.

    Boston–I nearly fell out of my chair when Charles Krauthammer said he’d be happy to subscribe some Vallium for Obama, that Obama really needs something to calm himself down.

    Search & Rescue — Obama knows quite well that he will have to produce his papers if he seeks reelection. Not a-gonna happen! And, with his (dis)approval rating the way it is — not a-gonna happen!

    (What’s wrong with the Submit button?)

    The sad part is that all the holes in the walls of the White House will have to be patched because of all the hundreds of pictures he has hung of himself.

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