Beware of the Inevitable

The Hill: DeLay Warns GOP: Don’t Underestimate Democrats This Fall

DeLay, fresh off having the Justice Department drop a federal investigation against him, said GOP wins in the midterm elections aren’t “a given” due to the strength of the grassroots infrastructure Democrats built in 2006 and 2008.

“Over the last ten years, the Democrats, particularly the Democrats in the House, have put together one of the most powerful grassroots coalitions that I’ve ever seen,” DeLay said during an appearance on Fox News. “So it’s not a given that the Republicans are going to win all these seats this year, because the Democrats have had a grassroots organization to help stave off a lot of their losses.”

Look, I’ve been on record dozens of times over the past eighteen months saying that 2010 has the potential of being 1994 all over again.  I still stick by that assertion.  However, I get what Tom DeLay is saying here, and I respect his experience and expertise.

What it’s going to come down to in November is turnout.  And turnout will come down to passion, to the mindset that we’re only going to lay down for so long, and that we’re going to exert our own power in the most readily available way possible — at the polls.  Over at Ace of Spades HQ, there was a great assessment of why turnout is necessary.

Now, one of the reasons I don’t link to Ace often is because of the language.  While I can throw around the expletives with the best of them–and do so, depending on mood–I don’t think it always has a place in intelligent political discussion.  It busts credibility if used incorrectly.  I’m by no means offended by any of it, but I hesitate to send folks from AR to places which might rub some the wrong way.  Nevertheless, I loved the assessment at AoSHQ, and laughed out loud at the description of Rep. Henry Waxman.  So read on if you want to.

Here’s a bit of material on the importance of wicked turnout in the fall, from Ace of Spades:

There is injury, and then there is the insult upon it.

There is wound, and then there is the salt rubbed into it.

There is catastrophe, and then there is the rioting and looting afterwards that almost eclipses the original disaster.

That’s what we’re aiming for. We need to SHOCK them.

We need to riot and loot and run wild over them.

For forty years liberals operated under a rule: “Don’t scare the bear.” The bear was the American electorate, skeptical of liberalism and hostile to socialism. So every liberal had to be afraid of the bear, approach it gingerly, be well-behaved, make small movements only.

For ten years, since 2000, liberal actiivsts have been agitating for full-throated, unapologetic liberalism. In 2008, they got their wish — they elected the most socialist president in history and their Congress then became the most socialist congress ever.

Now: They think there is no more rule “don’t scare the bear.” They have done everything possible to wake and rouse and agitate the bear.

The bear has two responses now:

1. It goes back to sleep.

2. It tears their fucking faces off and leaves them maimed for life.

If it does 1, they will continue with their shrill socialist takeover.

If the bear does 2, they will never dream of doing this again… or at least for thirty years, which is about how long it took them to forget the lessons of Carter and McGovern.

Either way, liberals will be taught a lesson this year.

But they can learn one of two lessons:

1, America doesn’t mind a little socialism and the electoral condquences for pushing it are minor and livable, or

2, My God What Have We Done.

We need the lesson to be 2.

If it’s 1, we lose something forever.

We don’t need to just beat them at the polls. As every general says: It’s not just about beating your opponent on the battlefield, but beating him in his mind, defeating him in his own mind so that the knows he’s been defeated and that mental state — defeat — is with him forever.

You can win a battle but if you don’t defeat the enemy’s spirit he will be back.

You have to do more than win a battle; you have to crush his will to fight.

Two Points and a Video: First of all, Henry Waxman is already enjoying that Democrats are going to lose — he says they’re going to lose the “difficult” Democrats anyway, so in effect the party will be usefully purged and the progressive caucus stronger and more pure.

He’s already finding a silver lining in their losses.

That won’t do: We need these losses to be unacceptable and brutal, even to this bat-faced mutant asshole.

Second, someone said I was writing like Kos in ’08. That is correct.

And what did Kos say? He said he wanted to crush our spirits and leave us heartbroken.

And you know what? They did.

Think back to your mental state in November ’08 to say February ’09, before the Tea Party, before we got up off our backs and decided we were so angry we were going to fight.

I remember a lot of people being heartbroken. A lot of people just stopped reading about politics– they couldn’t bear it.

Glenn Beck’s “We Are Not Alone” campaign became popular because people really needed and craved the reassurance they weren’t alone, because they feared they were.

We at AoSHQ started organizing local meet-ups and cheer-ups for people to get out of the house and have an uplifting drink with fellow conservatives. And people kept writing to me how much they loved those things, and how they needed them.

Why? Because we were heartbroken, we were crushed in spirit.

They won. They did: The broke us.

But we came back.

Personally, I think turnout in November is going to take care of itself.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I don’t expect an ebb in the passion we’ve seen boiling over during the past year-and-a-half.  In fact, I will be in Washington, D.C. for the September 12 march–I’m being flown up and put up by the folks at FreedomWorks, and urging them to do the same for Johnny–and I look forward to seeing the throngs of patriotic Americans, poised and ready to take their country back one election at a time.

Nevertheless, it’s the Kitty Genovese problem, and we need to be sure that we don’t fall victim to it as well.  While I have no doubt that the Democrats will see tremendous losses in the mid-terms, like Tom DeLay I worry from time to time about the inevitability of it all.  We’ll just have to see what the next two months bring.



  1. Smokey says:

    3. Rip their faces off, maiming them, then shi* in the woods.

  2. John Buyon says:

    I am of the opinion that if democrats lose the house or senate this November it would be the most undeserving removal of power in american history.

    Obama’s democratic party has

    stopped the contagion of the economic crash from dragging the entire world down in to depression.
    passed healthcare reform which has been an objective for 100 years.
    skillfully ended the combat mission in Iraq
    doubled US forces in afghanistan
    attempted to dismantle the extremely dangerous system of intelligence gathering created under Bush ie. Guantanamo, the torture networks
    decapacited al-qaidea and their allies by targetting the leadership through use of smart drone attacks.
    increased border defenses
    cut taxes for people who actually need tax cuts not useless billionaires
    trying to pass a small business bill that even the right wing chamber of commerce endorses but is blocked by the “evil” rump party known as the republicans
    extended 2nd amendment rights
    put together a real grassroots coalition not a fake astro turf tea party BS

    and so much more in only 18 months
    the only negative is that he spends too much money and racks up the debt. but at-least the money he spends is spent on things that help Americans rather than foreign adventurism and corporate welfare.
    but even that is an unfair criticism because all nations deal with economic slumps through keynesian spending, plus the debt level of the US is much smaller then the levels of other wealthy countries. When the bush tax cuts for the rich expire the deficit will be tamed.

    Im sorry to say this because it makes me sound like a tool but Obama is literally a master at politics and governance.
    did you see how well he handled the idiotic tea partiers? for 3 months those buffoons screamed and yelled while all the TV networks praised them and the media payed so much attention to them. while Obama sold his plan thru logic and debate, the other side threw useless epithets, and in the end the right-wing lost. take that as a lesson right wing, the american people can see through your bullying and straight to the corporate paymasters who fund your meaningless protests.

  3. Boston Blackie says:

    “The bear has two responses now”

    For America, select 2.

  4. Pep Tobis Mol says:

    1:14…… somebody brought home diarrhea, of the mouth, from their vacation.

  5. Baaaaaaaa says:

    1:14….. sing along, to the tune of the Soviet Union (deceased) anthem

    All hail the messiah Obama! Obama!
    The path to the new socialist motherland!
    Our savior, our savior Obama! Obama!
    The leader more smarter than Lindsay Lohan!
    Bow down and praise the One!
    Give him your money and your guns!
    Give us a country that makes your wife proud!
    Lord Barry will heal the bitter ones!
    Whites and Clinging to faith and guns!
    Hope for the change of the hope of the change!

  6. Dee says:

    Oh John Buyon, how nice to have you back. I am amazed that you believe all that you wrote. I don’t know where to begin. Several things come to mind. You might want to speak to the Governors of Arizona and Texas regarding border security. The California border is another problem.
    “Healthcare reform” is going to be a nightmare. It is not going to be cheap and it is not going to be free.
    The Tea Party is not an astro turf group. You have been listening to Nancy Pelosi too much.
    Other than pet projects and the always popular “roads and bridges” how has his spending helped the American people?
    His grassroots coalition had many first time, young voters who voted for the supposedly “hip” candidate.
    He never debated his healthcare reform bill. He invited some Republicans to a meeting that was supposed to be a debate. He sneered at their ideas, laughed at them, and basically did what he wanted.
    I don’t think he is a master at anything. He is arrogant and condescending. His followers all think he is soooooo intelligent but no one has a clue as to his IQ, grades, or papers he published. Why hide them if he is so great?!

    I feel that the important thing this November is to stress to people that their vote does count and they should not sit at home thinking their friends and neighbors will take care of voting. It will be very important to keep people informed and concerned and the Republican party had best have a good alternative plan in place and publicized. It’s one thing to say you will do this and that but people want to know how you propose doing so.

    It will be an interesting election day.

  7. Randy Wills says:

    I’m too old and I’ve lived through it all – wars and peace, prosperity and poverty, health and near-death (more than once), so the words coming from the darkened mind (8/20 @ 1:14) of an Obama ideologue do not frighten me, other than that I know that his is not the only mind absent “The Light” that I wrote about in an earlier article (“This Present Darkness”). What I fear is the world that, if allowed to gain control, these vessels of darkness will create for those who follow after me.

    In the coming battle between the forces of darkness and Light, the motto of George Washington’s troops on that Christmas night in 1776 as they crossed the river in a snowstorm, “Victory or death”, should be taken up by all of us who know what the consequences of defeat will inevitably be.


  8. Hack says:

    Dee is right, this is a shallow hull of a man in the office. Your’e intelligent, Obama? Mind if we TRUST, BUT VERIFY? Cough up all your schooling (which we probably paid for) documentation. You have core beliefs developed in university…. let’s see em.

  9. I'd like you to meet the 12th Imam says:

    Speaking of inevitable.

    TEHRAN, Iran – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday inaugurated the country’s first domestically built unmanned bomber aircraft, calling it an “ambassador of death” to Iran’s enemies.

    The 4-meter-long drone aircraft can carry up to four cruise missiles and will have a range of 620 miles (1,000 kilometers), according to a state TV report — not far enough to reach archenemy Israel.

  10. John Buyon says:

    what bad thing has Obama done ?

    beside raising the debt? that I already conceded to but at least $$$ is being spent on things that help the american people ie. stimulus, healthcare reform, wall street regulation, hopefully a small business bill that should pass but is being blocked by a tiny lunatic group called the republicans even when the chamber of commerce endorses it.

    Obama has beefed up defense on the border, even though he is wrong on the arizona question.

    if Obama was a republican everyday the media would sing his praises with headlines like
    1. Markets vote overwhelmingly to support Obama ( when the Dow went up)
    2. Obama keeps us safe
    3. Obama wins war

    trust me the man is getting treated much worse than bush and yet he deserves it far less.

    you are right about Obama’s electoral coalition was composed of many lemmings who voted for him for empty non-political reasons. But you leave out that the entire right wing coalition in America is a bunch of religious lunatics, semi-racists, ultra-nationalists jingoists. the educated classes have all left the american right wing, and even big business’s are wondering whether the GOP is a safe bet for economic growth.

    one thing the right wing doesn’t understand is what exactly the stimulus bill was. there was the bank bailout passed under BUSH which was $1 trillion giveaway to corporate america. than was the American recovery and reinvestment act passed under Obama that was only $800 Billion.

    I ask you haters of the stimulus 1 question. what would have happened if the National Govt didn’t give $$$ to the state governments to ensure that the states have balanced budgets. what would have happened to all the police, firefighters, teachers, construction workers who are employed by the state governments? remember individual american states have to balance their budgets.

    November 2nd is an important day, and if the TEA party nuts win america has voted to doom itself.
    no big deal for me. I have a place to hide out until the states rebuilds itself as a progressive nation.

  11. A patriot says:

    “I have a place to hide out until the states rebuilds itself as a progressive nation.”

    Over my dead body.

  12. Randy Wills says:

    @7:10 PM:

    What would have happened? Those things that, as a result of public and personal avarice and mismanagement, deserved to fail would have failed.

    Failure is always painful but it isn’t bad when it teaches a person or a nation a valuable lesson; there is no free lunch. Period.


  13. Don't budge says:

    “In any compromise between good and evil, it is always evil that wins.”
    – Ayn Rand

  14. Gail B. says:

    John Buyon, I don’t mean to be unkind–I really don’t–but you are the most lacking in either intelligence and/or facts of ANY person I ever heard of!

    I don’t believe this comment section will allow the number of words it would take to discredit everthing you have said. Besides, everyone here knows that you have Obama/Soetoro all wrong. It would be inconsiderate to get into it.

    I will say that it is widely known that there are people who are not Mexicans who want to kill as many of us as possible. What better way to get into the United States undetected than across the Mexico/U.S border? There are coyotes who do just that and get paid well for it.

    A bullet hit a school in El Paso today. How safe are the children in that school? There is a hit on numerous law enforcement officers.

    As far as beefing up the border, he scattered 1,200 National Guard troops across four states, but they’re not there to secure the border. They are behind desks. Big whoop.

    And, to quote Joe Wilson about Obama: “You lie!!!” The tea party people are not BS; we are peacefully and visibly speaking out to those who work for us because they are not listening to the American people.

    The war in Iraq is not ended yet. A piece of paper SIGNED BEFORE OBAMA TOOK OFFICE does not stop terrorists from pulling the trigger at our soldiers.

    I really have better things to do than try to talk some sense into another somebody who WON’T listen. Go suck your thumb while I go to and watch the Texas border.

  15. Dee says:

    John Buyon, BO says the Republicans are blocking the small business bill. They want cuts elsewhere before it passes in order not to increase the debt.

    You state that BO is being treated far worse than Bush and doesn’t deserve it! I say the Media has treated BO as if he is the 8th wonder of the world and I feel that he does not derserve it! They have not blamed him for anything that has gone wrong.

    The “educated class” have ALL not left the right wing or the conservative viewpoint. I happen to feel that I am educated and many of my friends and acquientances are educated and they have a conservative view. They are very upset at what BO and this administration are doing. Many of those who support him appear to think that they are smarter than the rest and know what is best for the rest of us.

    As far as bailing out the states and the states needing to balance their budgets. How beholden are the states to the various unions and the union pensions that need to be covered? What about the government perks that government workers receive? The government’s money comes from the private sector. How many pensions can a worker support? If I try to save for my retirement, I also have to pay for the teacher’s retirement, the police officer’s retirement, the fireman’s retirement, the local government representative’s retirement, etc, etc. Teacher’s don’t want to budge or take cuts in their benefits. I don’t mind supporting police and fireman but as for the other unions, I expect them to support themselves.

    Maybe you will invite all of us to stay with you if the states collapse.
    Take care, John.

  16. Jeff Schreiber says:

    “The “educated class” have ALL not left the right wing or the conservative viewpoint. I happen to feel that I am educated and many of my friends and acquientances are educated and they have a conservative view. They are very upset at what BO and this administration are doing. Many of those who support him appear to think that they are smarter than the rest and know what is best for the rest of us.”

    New York Times: “Poll Finds Tea Party Backers Wealthier and More Educated”

  17. Boston Blackie says:

    How much do you think the WH Trolling Czar is paying John Boy?
    To Gail and Dee, I say AMEN.

  18. Dee says:

    Thank you, Jeff, for that article in the nytimes. I forgot to mention in my rant that I think that most of those who comment and all of those who contribute articles to AR are educated and appear to have a more conservative viewpoint than this administration.

  19. John Buyon says:

    well Dee and Jeff are the only ones who said anything worthwhile

    @ Dee

    the unions have been taking cuts. the only real way to bring down the costs of educating the american public, is to bring in the voucher system. and plus you are missing the fact that only $47 B of a total budget of $3.55 T is allocated to the education ministry. insignificant if anything needs to be cut its the military budget, which is nothing but an inefficient jobs program, accompanied with huge favors for moneyed interests.

    @ Jeff
    interesting article. I still find it hard to believe that the TEA people are more educated than average due to the absolutely silly things they say at their rally’s. Birth certificate, 911 “truth”, fundamentalism , etc…

  20. Jeff Schreiber says:


    Be honest … have you ever attended a tea party rally? While I certainly agree that there are some interesting people and interesting signs–enough that I got a few eye rolls in–the vast majority of people there are just ordinary folks who have had enough. They’re not birthers. They’re not truthers. They’re not bigots.

    In comparison, when I was waiting in line for a Joe Sestak town hall meeting, there were a few LaRouchers, there were some truthers, and there were a bunch of slack-jawed, glass-eyed hippies carrying signs that read things like “ALL WEAPONS ARE BOOMERANGS.” Do these people all speak for the political left? What of the Code Pinkos?

    Just curious. And by asking whether or not you’ve attended, I wasn’t trying to be snide. I know a few liberals who attended this year’s rally in Philly. One went in with such preconceived notions of racism that he failed to see the half-dozen black conservatives standing in front of him and refused to listen or observe enough to open his mind, while the other came away with a much-changed impression of the tea party folks. I encourage you to go. And if you show respect to people–even if you disagree–chances are you’ll be shown respect in return.


  21. John Buyon says:

    No Jeff I have never been to a tea party rally.
    I will try to explain how I see them in a simple way.

    its as if in 1789 the peasants and workers stormed the streets of Paris to demand more power to the aristocracy/clergy.

    or if the colonists in 1776 dumped tea into the harbor because they wanted more power to the British East India company and the crown.

    I hope that allows you to see my point of view. The grievances of the tea party are legitimate and the fact that they are organizing and protesting makes me happy that a civic spirit still exists in america. But all every single one of their answers to today’s problems is exactly opposite of what we need. and plus they seem to be led by people who think like the Constitution party.

  22. Maple Leaf Manic says:

    The canuck said “But all every single one of their answers to today’s problems is exactly opposite of what we need.”

    Must be nice to know everything.

  23. Dee says:

    John Buyon, I agree that the voucher system would be benefical. BO cancelled the voucher system in DC and therefore, the poorer children now have to go to the public schools that are nothing to write home about. Meanwhile, BO’s children get to go to an expensive, private school.
    Why do you think that less government intervention in our lives and less taxes are the opposite of what we need? The wealthy people have now cut back on spending in part because of the continuing negative comments about being wealthy that the administration keeps making. When people don’t spend and buy things, businesses fail. Increasing taxes takes more money out of people’s pockets and they have less to spend and are tighter with their cash.
    The government needs to reduce spending and balance their budget. The tea party does not want the government controlling their lives and increasing the debt.

  24. Boston Blackie says:

    “No Jeff I have never been to a tea party rally”

    Why am I not surprised by this yet you love to bad mouth the “racist” tea partiers. Here is a link to Michelle Malkin writing about yet ANOTHER false accusation made by the lame stream media towards the tea party – enjoy. When I read it I thought of you.

  25. John Buyon says:

    @ 3:01
    must be nice knowing nothing and listening to whatever right wing talk radio says.

    @ Dee
    the TEA movement began after the admin started talking about socializing the healthcare industry by taking power away from big pharma, big insurance companies and placing the power withing the democratic federal government and patients.
    I call these people (at-least the original TEA’ers) AstroTurf because they came rushing out to defend the current system ( Limbaugh “we got the best health care system”)

    as for economics
    america is already a low tax jurisdiction the prescription that free marketers have for boosting economic growth is irrelevant now. the fantastic economic growth of the 1980′s after Reaganomics came because marginal tax rates were cut from 70% to 30%. there wouldn’t be mass destruction next year if the top 5 percent had to pay 35% now on their million dollar incomes. when the american left wing talk about tax hikes they mean for the richest 5 percent not you or average working people.

    ” The government needs to reduce spending and balance their budget. The tea party does not want the government controlling their lives and increasing the debt. ”

    how can you balance a budget? tax hikes or lower spending…
    the TEA’ers want lower taxes plus higher spending on the most wasteful of all government programs the military. if they really cared about fiscal responsibility they wouldn’t complain about $1 Trillion spent over 10 years to provide health care to Americans. they would have complained about billion $ farm subsidies trillion dollar wars etc…

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