VIDEO: Spot Your Representative

It seems like it should be obvious and automatic.  Here we are, living in a representative republic — our elected representatives are supposed to listen to us, their constituents, and if not act according to our will at least genuinely take our will into account.  And yet, time and time again, we’re seeing our representatives overtly defy and disregard the will of the people.

Frankly, looking back to a time before this current administration and Congress, we need to remember that disregarding and defying the will of the people was not just a Democrat thing or a Republican thing, but rather a Washington thing.  The D.C. default was Power in Perpetuity, and those entrenched inside the Beltway did what they needed to do in order to stay there.

Months before Barack Obama ever stepped into the Oval Office as president of the United States, I said that his presidency could inevitably be compared with a nasty car wreck, in more ways than one.  Of course, there was that mental image of America as a mass of twisted metal, formerly a vehicle of progress, power and growth.  More predominant in my analogy however, was the consequences of a nasty car wreck: namely, that those who do survive often emerge with a greater sense of urgency about life, and a greater appreciation for the simple things which make life great.

I see a greater sense of urgency among House Republicans.  And while it might be easy to dismiss videos and messages like the one above as merely the product of the waning summer in an election year, that sense of urgency is something I’ve been seeing since before the very notion of a Democratic Party bloodbath as soon as November 2010 was truly a probability.  The House GOP as a whole has been pleasantly surprising, whether it be through new media outreach efforts or augmented town hall meeting schedules or through the manifestation of ideas like America Speaking Out, or whether it be through personal, off-the-record assurances from various officials via e-mails or telephone calls.  Point being, this core group of conservative Republicans–people like Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, Thaddeus McCotter and others–look very much as though they are aware of exactly how that GOP lost its way, how it can regain the majority, and how it can do right by the American people in perpetuity.

I hope I’m right.



  1. Talk v. Walk says:

    Talking the talk, looking forward in 2011 to see if they can walk the walk.

  2. Dean says:

    While I am somewhat expectant over the coming elections, I live in fear that enough of our folks will not turn out to vote – which will spell doom for the conservative agenda. We must get them all out for the elections, including disaffected Dems who can really be of benefit to us. We MUST broaden our base of support to include ALL conservatives, and to do that, we must accept all degrees of conservatism under our umbrella. The far right of our folks will never be able to garner enough support to take the White House and/or either or both houses of the Congress, and I think they know that, but they still won’t fully get behind a moderate candidate. That is a ridiculous stance and makes them as bad as the far left liberals. Neither a far left nor far right US can succeed or last in the family of nations. We must continue to work as conservatives but not overlook the fact that some moderate liberals do occasionally have good ideas. It’s not heresy if it is true!

  3. Gail B. says:

    We have have one shot — and only one shot — at recovering America. In the back of my mind is the memory of how the Republicans president got out of control with spending and how that so angered the people that they replaced the leadership with Democrats. My fear is that the Republicans will make the same mistake with spending again, should they get back in control of things. Everything possible should be done to iron out the mistakes made by this and previous administrations and to undo the assaults against our Constitution.

    There is a lot going on that I don’t understand, and I am afraid that things that could be going on really are happening.

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