Notes: Show Trials in DC, Spankings in Arizona, and Bankruptcy Throughout

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Useless Opposition

The United States Senate hearings held a few weeks ago in front of the judiciary committee were supposed to determine whether Elena Kagan is fit to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States. In truth, they were instead a demonstration of how the useless opposition works in American politics.

Despite recent breaks stemming from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ ominous–for the Democrats, at least–predictions for November, Congress is very much still currently run by the Barack Obama machine, so Kagan’s nomination is a done deal. The hearings were much the same as a Stalinist show trial in which the outcome has been determined ahead of time — only in this case the accused, played by Elena Kagan, will be permitted to live so she can torture the Constitution and, if she gets her way, a large portion of the American right, for the next twenty five years or so. If she lives to be ninety years old, that will be proof God has abandoned America once and for all.

To play their part, the Republicans on the judiciary committee have to act as if they are putting up a fight. In truth, merely play-acting or not, it is a useless fight. They are aware that with power comes the spoils, and when President George W. Bush was in power the Democratic party screamed and screamed about Justice Samuel Alito, but he was confirmed. The point is, why raise a stink if the outcome is already determined? Asking soundbite-laden questions and looking at the nominee across the top of tortoise-shell glasses looks good to the voters at home and gives the appearance that the hearings matter. The truth is, however, that the opposition looks weak, because no matter how correct the opposition is about the defects of a nominee it cannot change the outcome. The only way a nominee can be opposed is if the president and Congress are from two different parties.

In my opinion–news flash!–Kagan is terrible from a conservative’s point of view. She is not a jurist. She is not even a thinker. She is a political hack. Her claim to fame is her tenure as the president of Harvard Law School and, as we are quickly learning, graduates from Yale and Harvard are proving to be responsible for many of this centuries’ great disasters.. To paraphrase conservative radio commentator Michael Savage: “There is no greater criminal than a Harvard graduate with a briefcase.”

Kagan has never been a judge, and while Justice William Rehnquist was not either (if memory serves), she nonetheless has a very weak publication record, she used to work for Goldman-Sachs (how do you think she will treat Wall Street when she is on the court?), and she is culturally to the left of the Chairman of the Communist Party of America (She told President Clinton in the 1990‘s that banning partial birth abortion was unconstitutional). However, the Senate hearings had the atmosphere of a hearing that determines whether someone is mentally ill. Therefore, so long as Kagan does not drool on herself or appear to be a danger to herself or others, she will be appointed to the Supreme Court.

(Drooling on yourself and appearing to be a danger to yourself or others, as we well know, are commonly-held signs of a predisposition toward a lengthy congressional career.)

If you listened to the answers she gave to the “tough” questions, you would know she said nothing that mattered. What does matter, though, is that Kagan represents the “new” left. (The left never stops telling us it is new and improved.) Unlike the left that protested wars and fought against the government in the 1960’s the current left relishes power, money, and federal control of everything. In the 1960’s, I can remember reading publications that were called the “free press.” It was always a leftist, anti-government rant that claimed the American government was dominated by imperialist warlords who wanted to take over the world and destroy freedom.

Now, of course, the left has become the establishment that wants to take over the world and destroy freedom. No more free press. Rumors even have it that President Obama will give illegal aliens the road to citizenship by executive order. And Kagan, playing her part in the inevitable sequel to the Stalinist show trial, will rubber stamp any executive decision for her leader of hope.

Child Custody

The current fight over the Arizona immigration bill demonstrates how underhanded the federal government has become when it comes to fulfilling an agenda. This is the same game that has been played for many years. The federal government claims sole authority in a matter of law, then does nothing to enforce the law.

The immigration debate reminds me of parents I have witnessed over the years. These parents announce that no one is allowed to discipline their children but themselves, and then they refuse to discipline their children at all. The children understand the situation, so they misbehave as they wish. After one of these children threw snowballs at a man’s house trying to break his windows in my neighborhood years ago, he got so frustrated he gave the kid a spanking. So goes Arizona.  If only that kid had been black, Eric Holder would have had an early start to his legal career.

Note: I had a personal talk with a county deputy sheriff in my area of the woods a few months ago who told me he had arrested three illegal aliens for selling drugs about ten miles from where I live. They were picked up by Homeland Security or Immigrations and Customs Enforcement or maybe a vacationing Jan Brewer herself and taken to the state capital for processing in a federal court. He said when he checked on their status, they had been released by the federal judge. No drug charges. No deportation. Just let go with no explanation.

This is one reason why the Arizona law exists.  Somebody needs to hand out the spankings.

States Rights Go Bust

The numbers vary, but reports are all over the Internet that between 36 and 48 states in America are on the verge of bankruptcy. America will find out a lot about government priorities if this is true, because the governments will have to choose between services and paying the government employees. As the budget problems continue, I vote for the employees. The government unions will have more initial sway than the public. The average citizen has little understanding of the inner workings of their state governments, so it will take reports from the media to fire up the public about government waste and compensation.

I think the media is more likely to report on how they believe the federal government should help out the states. The first test case of this appears to be the problems facing the number one basketcase state: California. Poor Governor Schwollenbudget must, by now, be wishing he had stayed in the movie business. In movies, he could invent happy endings.



  1. whats_up says:

    Ronald many conservative lawyers and jurists would disagree with you. Kagan has recieved support from Kenneth Star, Miguel Estrada and Charles Fried. Star said of Kagan ” Elena obviously has no judicial opinions, but she does have academic writings, and some of the writings, I happen to think, are simply superb.” He continued with this ” Someone who has served in her various capacities, even without judicial experience, is as qualified as some of the finest justices ever to serve.”

    Estrada notes:

    “Elena possesses a formidable intellect, an exemplary temperament and a rare ability to disagree with others without being disagreable…If such a person, who has demonstrated great intellect, high accomplishments and an upright life, is not easily confirmable, I fear we have reached a point where no capable person will readily accept a nomination for judicial service.”

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