Self-Censoring in the Media

Yahoo! News: Youths attack Jewish dance group in Germany

Given Germany’s history, you could easily read through the entire article thinking that the attackers were a bunch of blonde-haired, blue-eyed neo-Nazis. But then you get to the last line in the short article:

Volodarska said that the festival took place in Sahlkamp, an immigrant neighborhood of Hannover.

So – just off the top of my head – isn’t the biggest immigrant group in Germany the Turks? And isn’t the Turkish government currently engaged in good-old anti-Israeli politics to bolster their own domestic popularity?

Suddenly you wonder why none of the attackers were named despite the fact that at least one of those in custody is an adult (19 years old).

So I Googled the Sahlkamp the look what I found:

Arab and Turkish ‘youths’ caused a serious anti-Semitic incident last Saturday. After the program was presented it was announced that among other things a group with Israeli dancers should perform. When the dancers of the liberal Jewish municipality came on the stage, they were attacked by stone-throwing Arabic and Turkish children who shouted: “Jews out”.

Why is the Associated Press – which wrote the original article that Yahoo! carried – leaving these kinds of details out of their reporting?



  1. Tilli says:

    Nothing to report when Jews are being attacked. If the same ethnic youths attacked Jews and these Jews defended themselves headlines would scream all over the world, “Jews Attack German Immigrant Children”.

    Over my 39 years, I have become used to the double standard. I don’t accept it, I am just used to it.

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