Libertarianism on the Rise

Rasmussen Reports: 48% See Government Today As A Threat to Individual Rights

The results of this Rasmussen poll show how strongly the tide of libertarianism is rising in American politics:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 48% of Adults see the government today as a threat to rights. Thirty-seven percent (37%) hold the opposite view. Fifteen percent (15%) are undecided.

The breakdown follows party lines; most Republicans believe government is a threat and most Democrats see government as protecting rights.  Importantly, independents are slightly on the side of the Republicans.

Another important finding:

Additionally, most Americans (52%) say it is more important for the government to protect individual rights than to promote economic growth. Just 31% say promoting economic growth is more important. But again a sizable number (17%) of Adults aren’t sure which is more important.

That is – in essence – the message of the Tea Party.



  1. William A. Rose says:

    So, of the first poll, 37% are outright idiots. 15% could be idiots. Of the second poll, 31% are idiots. 17% could be idiots.

    Idiots are EVERYWHERE!

    Alas, We The People have not suffered anywhere near enough to do anything about it. It shall get worse. It must get worse. Then, and only then, will we have any chance of actually changing things. Political parties are one thing. The people that are elected to represent Americans are quite another. There is little difference in the Parties there. Elitists are just what they are – better than thou. The common man is not worthy. Those who are in power fight tooth and nail and will do anything to remain in power. further, they do all they can to increase that power. Just look at history. It all builds, is torn down and then it builds again. Mankind will never learn.

    I know Who will set it all right and it will remain right thereafter. I wish that day would hurry up and get here. I really don’t want to see anyone suffer what’s coming before all things are put right. But, oh well. Let her rip!

  2. John Buyon says:

    I got to agree with the less than intellectual stud above.
    but the fact is government is always a threat to liberty, that is a given isn’t it?
    the role of government is security at-least in the classical liberal view.
    the whole institution of the state is set up so that each member gives up a little bit of their
    life, liberty and property to furnish for the protection of the rest.
    1) life: military service
    2) Liberty: Laws, courts, prisons
    3) property: Taxation
    this survey is meaningless as the answer is obviously yes.

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