Captured US Hikers were in Iraq

The Nation: US Hikers Were Seized in Iraq

Yes, I’m giving Assigned Reading from The Nation.  Yes, that The Nation: the self-proclaimed “flagship of the left”.  Don’t worry, I promise not to make a habit out of it, but in this case they’ve done some excellent research.  You may recall the three American hikers that Iran captured – allegedly because they had crossed the border into Iran – and is now holding as accused American spies.  The Nation has found eye-witnesses who report that Iranian forces crossed into Iraq to capture the Americans.

Now a five-month investigation by The Nation and the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute has located two witnesses to the arrest who claim that Bauer, Fattal and Shourd were on Iraqi territory when they were arrested—not in Iran, as Iranian officials have asserted. Two additional sources report that the Revolutionary Guards officer who likely ordered their detention has since been arrested on charges of smuggling, kidnapping and murder.

Apparently the evidence was news to the US State Department, but it’s not clear if this will change anything.



  1. Randy says:

    So much for the American Military protecting the southern border of Iraq:)

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