Troubleshoot or Blame: Pick One

The Daily Caller: The Danger of Armchair Lawyering

Sarah Field points out that the Obama administration’s disturbing addiction to calling CEOs to the carpet is detracting from the real job at hand: cleaning up after the oil spill.

BP is, in all likelihood, chiefly responsible for this disaster. At the same time, the Obama administration’s habit of dragging CEOs before Congress can certainly be seen as pattern of highly calculated government shakedowns.

Just ask Mr. Toyoda. Or the CEO of Humana, who was investigated by the administration, because his company warned customers about the pitfalls of ObamaCare. Or the former CEO of GM who has forced to resign by the administration. A pattern is clearly emerging.

No one should look beyond these facts. However, the major problem with our discussion of the “Barton fiasco” is what no one is actually discussing – the fact that Congress and the Obama administration are shifting the debate to a “blame game,” instead of helping to solve the problem.



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    Was Tony Heyward read his Miranda rights before he spoke before Congress. BP has already been told by this admin that they think the priority is for the AG to go after them than to work with them to stop the “leak”. If I were BP, I wouldn’t give this admin the time of day. What else do you call it but a shakedown when it takes six weeks to meet with BP and only for 20 minutes. After all the intoductions, that would be just enough time for this crew of thugs from Chicago to hold a gun to their heads until they cry uncle. I guess nobody taught this admin never to show your hand and that you get more with sugar than with vinegar. There will be plenty of time to go after BP criminally AFTER we plug the damn hole.

  2. William A. Rose says:

    Ah Boston, plugging the hole is nowhere near being a priority. Not enough damage has been done yet. No crisis shall be wasted. There’s gotta be a much larger agenda here which this mess has made possible to carry out. It would just be very much unlike this administration to not take advantage of the crisis to seize more power and control and grow the government. You recall that Osama Obama wanted the $20 Billion in an escrow that would be used to pay claims and managed by an “independent” party? Osama Obama kept it close. He can get his hands in it. His Pay Czar is the “independent” party controlling the fund. Power and Control.

    Osama Obama’s actions as mentioned in the article here, to me, seem very much like actions a dictator would take. These action’s character is that of total control and finality of decision.

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