The Infamous McChrystal Piece

Rolling Stone: The Runaway General

The numerous leaks that came out yesterday and today alleging that McChrystal has been highly critical of President Obama came from snippets of this Rolling Stone article.  The article itself didn’t go live until late this morning (EST), but that didn’t stop the pundits from going crazy, and now McChrystal has been summoned to the White House to explain why he embarassed the President and mocked his administration.

Trouble is: he didn’t.  Not really, anyway.  Most of the inflammatory quotes are from McChrystal’s aides; so if any betrayal happened it was McChrystal getting dumped into hotwater by the overzealous members of “Team America”.

As for McChrystal himself: there’s a lot of good and a lot of bad here.  On the one hand he comes out sounding like the Army’s version of Jack Bauer.  On the other hand, he’s complicit in the cover-up following Tillman’s death and nothing in this article makes me confident in McChrystal’s COIN strategy for our forces in Afghanistan.

It’s a long article – and I’m not going to bother with an excerpt – but you should read the whole thing.



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    I just finished reading the entire article, not sure whose decision it was to have a Rolling Stone reporter embedded with McChrystal’s inner circle. I was quite disappointed to learn he was part of the Tillman coverup. Why they covered it up to begin with is beyond me. I read nothing that demands he be fired or resign. He went easy on Obeyme, just basically said what we all believed to be true. Obeyme is not a lover of the military and is not comfortable around that lifestyle. I think it goes back to his never having to make a decision worth his weight. I can’t wait for my husband’s, the Marine, take on the article.

  2. whats_up says:


    I think what you have missed is that it is not MCchrystal’s place to say these things. He is a soldier first and a citizen second in this case. It was not his place to say these things about his commander. Most military men I know will agree with this, althought many of them despise Obama, they understand how the military works. McChrystal himself has offered to resign.

  3. William A. Rose says:

    Osama Obama has such a disdain for our military, it is not quantifiable. That McChrystal made such comments (or his staff???), ultimately he’s responsible for the comments. I think they should have been said to Osama Obama face to face and with the cameras rolling. That McChrystal had the backbone to make such comments, I salute him. I just wish he’d done it in person and to Osama Obama’s face. McChrystal’s career is at an end.

    This will send a message to the rest of the military. No such comments will be made even in jest and not even in private. Osama Obama wins again. He’s got the military intimidated. God help us.

  4. John Buyon says:

    round of applause for Boston and Mr. Rose they are surely clever little critters knowing how to replace a letter with another one, but sadly I think they can move up from teabonics to hooked on phonics now, such joy!~

    McChrystal did this so that he goes out with a bang, because he couldn’t cope with the stresses of a counterinsurgency,read the friken article he was slowly dieing in Afghanistan, the poor man.
    by tomorrow morning he will be relieved of his command and he will be fine with it.

    its one thing for loony left and the idiot racist TEA’ers to mock the president it is different for a commanding officer of NATO troops to. The military is an arm of the CIVILIAN government not it’s equal it is subordinate and takes orders not comments on policy. But the far right dictator-wishing TEA’ers and neocons can’t accept that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “He is a soldier first and a citizen second” 7:17

    I’d say he is a commander of fine young men first….. a huge responsibility.

  6. Boston Blackie says:

    I agree with you completely, which is why I am still baffled as to who allowed the Rolling Stone reporter into his inner circle. What did he think he was accomplishing by giving this in depth article and what was left on the cutting floor that may come out later. My husband, a Marine, had the same reaction as you. Though not an earth shattering article, no commander should speak out against the commander in chief until he leaves the military. If they do not agree with the commander in chief, then resign and give that as the reason. Now we are stuck between a rock and hard place. Obeyme must show he has a back bone, so does he demand his resignation. If so, then who the hell is going to be in charge of that clusterf@*k over there.

  7. Doug says:

    I find this whole discussion just amazing. While most of America has learned to never trust news sources anymore who have gone over the deep end to promote Obama, still many continue to believe everything they read. All this situation would have taken is for ONE reporter who loves Obama to tell a little lie and get this highly intelligent commander in hot water, and it couldn’t come at a better time for Obama. He has failed in everything he has done. He has failed on the Oil Spill, employment, economy and Immigration and has now threatened to use his power of Presidential Orders to give all illegals here the keys to the country thus making about 20 or 30 million illegals, citizens. We all know how this will play out, so Obama needs to look strong somewhere and since he can’t make any correct decisions on his own, firing the Commander works to his advantage. Come on folks! Don’t believe everything you read! In fact we should not believe ANYTHING we read!

  8. Boston Blackie says:

    John Boy,
    You always make me laugh with your idiotic comments. You can’t even compose a coherent sentence without the word racist or teabagger included. Thank God you are in Canada with your universal healthcare, I can’t even imagine what you would be paying for your meds each month. Instead of making childish remarks, try picking up a dictionary – the word is dying not dieing.

  9. John Buyon says:

    It was McChrystal himself he wanted to resign but not look like a pussy so he agreed to this so that he can resign in semi-honor.

  10. William A. Rose says:

    John, come on man, you can’t be that far from the ability to reason things out. McChrystal was either going to resign or be fired. We all know that. Obama is the consummate narcissist. McChrystal injured Obama’s ego and that was not going to be left to fade away.

    At those levels, ability and applicability of one’s skill set to a situation have no bearing on things. It is all politics.

    I have to change my statement about McChrystal making his thoughts known to Obama in the public light. It should have been done face to face, but privately – at this stage. There is a time and a place to bring things into the public eye. I don’t know that Obama and McChrystal were there yet. Regardless, it does not matter now.

    McChrystal should go fishin. It’s fun. It’s relaxing. He’s earned it.

  11. John Buyon says:

    that’s for sure the man has served his country long time time for a break anyway.

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