Turkey & Israel: What Happened?

GLORIA Center: Turkish Regime Changes Sides, West Averts Eyes

This report – funded by Pajamas Media – lays out the 180-degree turn Turkey has done in relations with its erstwhile ally Israel.

Why have Israel-Turkey relations gone from alliance to what seems to be the verge of war?

The foolish think that the breakdown is due to the recent Gaza flotilla crisis. The merely naive attribute the collapse to the December 2008-January 2009 Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip.

Such conclusions are totally misleading. It was already clear-and in private every Israeli expert dealing seriously with Turkey said so-well over two years ago. For example, the Justice and Development (AK) party government did not permit a single new military contract with Israel since it took office. The special relationship was over. And the cause was the election in Turkey of an Islamist government.

I can’t do any justice to this article in a summary, so you should read the entire thing.  It outlines the steps the AK party has taken in moving away from the old alliance and specifically casts the Gaza incident as essentially a publicity stunt to win the support of Turkish voters back home by uniting them against a common foe:

Bashing Israel to gain popularity and stir nationalist and religious passions is not the oldest of such tricks. It is merely a variation of doing the same historically to Jews in general. And yes it still works. Boy, does it work!

In this strategy, Turkey joins the Arab world in using the plight of the Palestinians as a useful domestic tool.  No one is really very interested in helping out the Palestinians because they are so darn useful where they are.  If the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ever resolved, the Arab states would have to deal seriously with malcontents in their own borders without the distraction of an easily demonized Israel.



  1. William A. Rose says:

    Islam MUST destroy all Infidels. That’s why the apparent change in alliance. We are simply heading toward the End. Everything that’s going on is simply positioning. As soon as all the pieces are in place, everything will change. Soon folks. Soon.

    Keep looking to the East in excited expectation! Jesus is coming soon to a town near you.

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