Obama Poll Hits New Low

Gallup: Obama Weekly Approval Average Dips to New Low of 46%

At 46%, President Obama’s job approval average for the week ending May 30 is the lowest weekly average of his administration, one point below the previous low of 47% measured in April.

The fall in approval is certainly politically damaging and historic.  It’s also below average, but it’s not without precedent.  The two presidents who did even worse are Jimmy Carter (43%) and Ronald Reagan (45%).  Of the two, which do you think Obama would rather believe himself to be right now?

It’s amusing to think that Obama’s best hope is to be like Reagan.



  1. Kim Jung Il says:

    When polls go this low, only war gets them back up…… wadda ya think????? North Korea?

  2. Gail B. says:

    I’m sure that the Gulf Coast states have high admiration for Obama: Obama’s “in charge,” remember? (But it’s BP’s RESPONSIBILITY, he pointed out.) Funny he had time for the McCartney concert for Michelle but doesn’t have time to talk with those affected by the Gulf Gusher, lost livelihoods, lost loved ones, lost hope!

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