Give Gaza to the Turks

Volokh Conspiracy: Let Turkey Have Gaza

Turkey’s Islamist government, not known for its compassion to, say, Kurds in Turkey, has been shedding crocodile tears over Gaza for several years now, and helped instigate the flotilla fiasco. So I have a modest proposal: if Turkey is so concerned with the welfare of Gazans, why not let Turkey run the place…

…why not announce tomorrow that if Hamas will abdicate, you’d be happy to let the Turkish military in to establish a government, immediately after which you will lift the blockade?

I don’t think David Bernstein is serious, but his modest proposal strikes me as simultaneously hilarious and promising.  No one actually wants Gaza.  Israel – as he points out – has already tried to hand it back to Egypt more than once.  Meanwhile the  local Arab states prefer to have it precisely where it is.  That way they can keep their own internal factions united against a common foe.  Gaza is useful as a rallying cry, but if there was ever any peace in Gaza what would they use to keep their own extremists occupied?

So if Turkey is sincerely concerned about Gaza and not just interested in appeasing their own Islamic parties, why don’t they take the place over and run it?  Couldn’t possibly be worse than Hamas for anyone involved.



  1. Anonymous says:

    No, give Turkey to the Armenians.

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