Reading is FUNdamental!

I love Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. I really do. I don’t know where she stands on other issues. Well, I do know that she understands the Second Amendment, but other than that, I honestly don’t know much. My mind has been on other things recently. Nevertheless, I know exactly where she stands on illegal immigration, I know that she’s right, and I know that those who oppose her perspective on the issue are not only wrong, but are making an absolutely terrible case for their own arguments.

For crying out loud, people — the bill is short. It’s gotta be one-tenth of the length of the Communist Manifesto, and I’m pretty certain that many in the Obama administration have read the work by Marx and Engels (so have I, though, so read into that what you will). I mean, it’s something that can be read over the course of a bagel and cup of coffee. But they haven’t.

And making blind assertions about something based on superficialities or hearsay … isn’t that profiling? Couldn’t it be said that the very people so concerned about police officers passing judgment on people in Arizona with little or no cause, reason or provocation are themselves passing judgment on a piece of legislation with little or no cause, reason or provocation?

Jan Brewer is right.  She knows she is right, and she knows her opponents are wrong.  And I have no problem whatsoever with her and her team rubbing their faces in it.  What we’re seeing out of our own Department of Homeland Security, Justice Department and State Department is absurd.  I absolutely love the way she’s handling it.



  1. 3 R's says:

    What’s with all these Harvard graduates having an aversion to READING??????
    Come to think of it, they struggle with ARITHMETIC as well. But boy they love to WRITE, with the help of the Tides Foundation, of course.

  2. Laurie says:

    Jeff, I could not agree with you more. I just love this ad and AZ and Gov Brewer have my backing 100%. Love it, love it, love it… I think I enjoy it so much because the frustration that AZ is experiencing is out in the open and is exactly how many of us like the Tea Partiers feel about the Fed not hearing us.

  3. This administration is dense says:

    Frog: “Reading helps you know, what you’re talkin about…”

  4. Gail B. says:

    Um–there is a video in the thread seen after watching Gov. Brewer’s ad. Question: where is EPA on this devastation of southeastern Arizona?

    And, on January 22, the Department of Homeland Security cut Border Patrol’s access to these motion-activated cameras? Isn’t that aiding the enemy?

  5. William A. Rose says:

    Hi Gail, and everyone else. Here are 20 live cameras located along the Texas-Mexico border.

  6. Ima SoBelle says:

    Dear Jeff, congratulations on your graduation! What a wonderful accomplishment. And it’s good to hear from you again. Regarding this issue, I think Gov. Brewer is right on track and that this is just the beginning. I see that at last count, 17 other states are planning to introduce some form of illegal immigration legislation. It seems that our government is no longer willing to protect and defend us so we are left with no choice but to do it ourselves. In fact, it seems to me that our government is interested only in advancing an agenda that is destructive to our country, our values and our way of life. May God protect us from people who want to “help” us their way, no matter what we want.

  7. Gail B. says:

    Make that Jan. 22, 2009. (Sorry.)

  8. Gail B. says:

    The Minerals Management Services Inspectors seem to prefer looking at pictures.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Still going strong on my Mexican restaurant boycott.
    You legal immigrants best get a handle on your illegal brethren. It’s mucking things up for all of us.

  10. Barney Frank, IQ 0 says:

    William, thanks for the link, I am now an avid border watcher.
    Best pastime ever. Kinda like “Find Waldo”.

  11. Do your job says:

    1:52, they are staring at pipe and plumbing not covered by job description.
    Washington DC has become the Rome of old.

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