Obama’s Wild Imagination

No, Mr. President. The beheading of Daniel Pearl–a young, successful American journalist, husband and new father–on video with a dull, rusty knife did not “capture the world’s imagination.” It captured anger and rage from the deepest recesses of our being. It did not show us “the importance of a free press.” It showed us how critically imperative it is to kill every last terrorist, and kill them as quickly as possible with extreme prejudice. You should have seen what we saw, Mr. President. But sadly you did not, and you never will.

And therein lies the problem with this man and his administration. He is not a patriot. He is not a sheepdog protecting the flock. He is not a lion defending his pride. Barack Obama does not truly love America and Americans, because he does not truly see himself as an American. He does not truly see America as his homeland.

Now, let me be clear. I am not a truther or a birther. I believe he was born in Hawaii. The Hawaiian governor, a Republican, has certified the birth, and there are newspaper announcements in existence which were common at the time. Obama does not truly identify as an American because he wasn’t raised as one. His father was a radical Kenyan exchange student who disowned him. His mother left him with his aging grandparents and went off to travel the world visiting hippy communes, eventually settling in Indonesia married to an Indonesian Muslim whose name young Barry eventually took.

And when Mrs. Obama-Soetoro finally did send for her son, it was to raise him as a Muslim in Indonesia, not as an American in America. Of course, this is not to say that Muslim children raised in the United States are any less patriotic than their Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist or insert-belief-here friends. I highlight his being raised Muslim because Obama’s formative years were spent in Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population, and as a result, even though unofficial, Sharia law most certainly crept into everyday life. He grew up hearing anti-American, anti-Semitic, and anti-Christian rhetoric. Those years weren’t spent on baseball fields, at BBQ’s and Fourth of July and Veteran’s Day parades, as would those years for Muslim kids in America. Obama never had patriotism embedded into his soul like so many other American kids. Furthermore, upon coming back to the States, he entered the most liberal programs in the most liberal schools, then admired and socialized with radicals of the Alinsky sort. His foray to Pakistan, on an Indonesian passport, to this day is a mystery.

Is it really a surprise that he doesn’t feel passionate about this country, and he doesn’t despise her enemies with all his heart? No, not at all. Being raised an internationalist, and as a child hearing the ills and evils of America, he knows no other way but to see our enemies perspectives and hear them out. While this naively academic approach might be acceptable at Columbia or the United Nations, it is nothing short of dangerous when practiced from the Oval Office. Despite what the far left would have us believe, a president’s first job is to protect his nation’s citizens at all costs. Barack Hussein Obama fails miserably in that capacity.

Barack Obama doesn’t feel rage when a bomb is found in Times Square. He looks for political opportunity. Many in his administration first speculated that it was Tea Party supporters unhappy with the health care bill. Unfortunately for them, most of America knew in moments what it took our leaders hours to discover and days to acknowledge: that this was again Muslim terror in the heart of New York City.

A large part of me believes that Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Napolitano (whose ineptitude and cluelessness is another whole Web site, let alone piece of writing), et al were rooting for that van in Times Square to have been left by a “right wing domestic terrorist.”  We know that many in the mainstream press were. Even Obama supporter and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, a man I feel is the worst kind of political panderer, implied that domestic terror was the cause. This despite his own intelligence division having had information to the contrary, information he very well knew about. Having worked for Kelly in the early 1990’s, however, that didn’t surprise me. This all from the group now prosecuting 9/11 terrorists, soldiers in a war against us, in the same court house as MBAs involved with inside trades. When those charged with protecting us are essentially rooting for the other team, what are we to do?

Much like this president doesn’t see the beheading of an American on video as an act of war against his nation, he doesn’t see the invasion of illegal aliens across our southern border as a national security problem. He sees opportunity to convert new voters to the far left side. He doesn’t view the murder of a rancher, an American citizen, by those same illegals as an attack by foreign nationals on one of those he’s charged to protect. To him, it’s a local crime stat.

And his response?  Well, of course, at a time when 60 percent of the nation is enraged by illegal immigration and 10 percent of the nation is unemployed, the proper course of action is to throw a lavish and ridiculously expensive black tie state dinner for the president of one of the world’s most corrupt and dangerous countries, the country whose chief export is felons across America’s southern border.

Even worse, our president demonstrates what America really means to him by allowing the president of Mexico to stand on our lawn–a lawn our tax dollars pay for–in front of a podium and insult us. Because, make no mistake, what Obama allowed Calderon to do was dismiss, as racists and bigots, every American fed up with illegal immigration, every American who supports the Arizona bill. That would be six out of ten of us Mr. President.

The president of the United States didn’t rebuke the Mexican president for Mexico’s insanely high murder rates, or out of control drug cartels whose violence is affecting Americans in Arizona, California, and Texas. He didn’t call him to task on Mexico’s own draconian immigration laws, rampant poverty, growing child sex trade, or horrid living conditions. Obama didn’t put Calderon on the carpet and force him to bring solutions in his own country that would alleviate the illegal alien burden on the United States. No, Obama agreed with him, told him we are “not defined by borders,” let him insult Americans, then called in celebrity chef Rick Bayless to feed the guy, Beyonce to sing for him, and Hollywood to socialize with him. And we got stuck with the tab. By contrast, allies and friends Bibi Netanyahu and the Dali Lama had to eat alone and leave out the back service door so as not to anger or alienate Hamas or the Chinese.

People wanted hope and change. They shouted “yes we can.” Well, those that bought into the cult of Obama didn’t get what they paid for. What we Americans got instead is a president whose imagination is captured by a beheaded American. A president who stands with Mexico calling Americans bigots. A president whose life has been spent socializing and studying with radicals and terrorists. A president who is sitting back while Russia helps Iran develop nukes, and China emboldens North Korea by the day. A president whose policies have destroyed our economy. A president whose pressure on Germany is causing the collapse of the Euro. A president who says we are “not defined by borders.” A president who swears that his Justice Department is analyzing an immigration bill that none of them have read. A president who in his heart really doesn’t love America in the way that most of us do. What we have is a grave situation, a far more dangerous world, and collapsing global markets because of this president’s policies.

Come Election Day November 2012, I hope that my fellow Americans make the right change.



  1. Randy Wills says:

    Thanks, Jeff, for trying to keep AR at a higher level of repartee than I see on most of the other blogs, and, as you say, it’s from both the “right” and the “left”.

    The use of profanity, obscenities and personal insults is a sad indication of how difficult it has become to have a rational, respectful, dialog with “the other side”. I wonder if it ever occurs to these people that there may be many sides to an issue, but there can be only one overarching and objective truth, and reaching that should be the goal of all discourse, even at the expense of changing one’s mind. Anything less is just childish prattle.


  2. John Buyon says:

    I apologize to you Jeff
    but I forgot what I wrote so I cant re-post a cleaner version of my original response

  3. Archie Self says:

    Incredibly awesome post. Honest!

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