The Anomaly, Not the Norm

Fox News: Pennsylvania District Turns Into ‘Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas’ Ahead of Primary

Both Democrat Mark Critz and Republican Tim Burns are echoing each other in their comments about the potential energy wealth that could be tapped in the southwestern Pennsylvania district.

“Western Pennsylvania could become the energy capital of the world,” Critz said Sunday on the campaign trail.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to put together a wrap-up of Tuesday’s primary elections. If I were to do it, I’d do it right, and I just simply can’t set aside the time to write. Nevertheless, I see a growing trend among the politicians and pundits on the American left, and I want to make sure something is completely clear.

See, the Democrats and their president have suffered a number of huge losses ahead of the 2010 midterms — the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, the senatorial race in Massachusetts, and here in Pennsylvania in the forced retirement–good riddance–of Sen. Arlen Specter. All of those races featured support from President Obama. And he struck out every time.

Now, however, the Democrats and the media are turning to the race in Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district, the special election meant to fill the seat of deceased Congressman John Murtha. The candidate they ran, a former aide to Murtha, prevailed yesterday and they want to use that victory as a way to insinuate that perhaps the discontent we’ve been seeing somehow is not as fierce as originally thought, that somehow the Republicans do not have the momentum many believed them to have.

The reason I highlighted the Fox News piece from a few days ago is to underscore that this Critz fellow did not run as a left-of-left Democrat. He ran as pro-life. He ran as pro-Second Amendment. He voiced his opposition to health care reform. He had access to Murtha’s money, Murtha’s contacts, Murtha’s entrenched support. And in saying that western Pennsylvania could become the “energy capital” of the world because of its vast reserves of natural gas, oil and [presumably, though he did not specify it] coal, his rhetoric smacked of American exceptionalism — something sorely lacking on the left.

Critz, in other words, was the anomaly and not the norm. So long as we keep this momentum, so long as we keep in touch with the reasons behind our frustration and drive, the Democrats will be set up for massive failure at the polls in November.



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    I loved how President Obeyme said yesterday that he wasn’t paying much attention to the elections. He must have been too busy preparing his latest apology speech as well as with Michelle planning the top secret state dinner menu to care. Like the democRATS said, they got what they needed from Specter. They can continue to spray perfume on the piles of crap that are the incumbents, they will still stink to the heavens.
    I can see November clearer every day.

  2. Gail B. says:

    Ha-ha-ha! The Democrats realize that they have had the bejesus knocked out from under themselves — they are proclaiming a victory that the only bipartisan contest was won by their guy, so they proclaim that they are getting up off their backs and using this as a “sign” that the Republicans aren’t as safe as the Republicans thought they were! We;ll just see about that!

    Democrats, the N word — November — will ring in your ears till the tallies are done!

    The stimulus money would have been better spent on a southern border fence, rather than turtle tunnels and Pelosi’s rats. This just demonstrates what’s important to the Democrats!

  3. Block The Vote 2008 says:

    That button ‘VOTE’ should have a red slash thru it, and then “Black Panthers” in very tiny letters at the bottom of it. I heard some prosecutors have quit in the Justice Dept over them panthers not being prosecuted. Apparently they had a solid case ready to go.

  4. Rick M. says:

    Hey block the vote.. If I see a group of “Black Panthers” at my polling place weiling batons or any polling place. I will get my friends who have the proper permits to “OPEN” carry go there and get right into the mix with them Sons of …… We should not have to go through whether your a Black Man/woman or any natioality. We have to step up to the plate black, white, hispanic and red, blue and green peoples should band together for the sake of our constitution and stand up to the “race” dividers. These “race” dividers seem these days to be predominatly Black or Hispanic. (key word being “seems”) We as a people have to stand up and not allow this to happen anymore. Obama the usurper is using “race” now to divide us. Let’s not let that happen.

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