Photos — NYC May Day Rally

Berman Post: NYC Immigration Rally Photos

That’s right — those are signs held by opponents of the new Arizona immigration law showing a photo of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer alongside a swastika and atop the words “Hitler’s daughter.”  And that’s just one photo.  You should see all of the others.  And not just Nazi-related stuff, either.  There are socialist groups, people advocating violence, a scruffy guy in a USSR t-shirt holding a sign that says “TAX THE RICH” despite looking as though he’s never held a job before, and even some shots of the trash left behind by protesters.  Golly, has there ever been a litter problem in the wake of a Tea Party protest?

Anyway, check out the rest of the photos by clicking on the link above.  I don’t know who the Berman fellow is who puts together the Berman Post site, but he did one heck of a job getting some great shots.  I like photography myself–I’ve even shot a couple of weddings–and love getting news-related photos, but I don’t know if I would have been able to spend more than two minutes in that crowd without having a massive coronary.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Talk to my silver star awarded father about nazi’s. You ignorant hispanics.

  2. The gray and the below says:

    I knew the south would rise rise again. Tho this time against mexicanos.

  3. I know that Berman fellow. He is a pretty nice guy, pretty smart too, and all of his posts are worth reading and linking to.

    On a more serious note, spending time in the crowd was not to bad. I like walking around meeting and talking to ‘interesting’ people. Some of their ideas are pretty out there as you can see from the pictures of signs, but enough of them are nice and respectful enough to have a bit of a debate. You have to know who though because even looking at someone the wrong way can causes an ‘incident’ (see my post on the May Day rally in 2009).

  4. diane says:

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