Community Disorganizer

Most common-sense, middle class conservatives thrive on one very important element of their daily lives: routine. As such, each and every one of my Saturday mornings consists of the same ritual – pulling myself off the living room couch at about 7 am (since it generally doesn’t take me long to collapse in front of the TV on Friday nights), taking care of some minor to-do’s around the house, venturing down to the corner Dunkin’ Donuts for the medium black iced-coffee with four sugars (don’t say anything) and a coffee cake muffin (a breakfast that has drawn more than a couple of cursory comments from my doctor), and then a stop across the street to pick up the morning paper, an activity that, admittedly, is becoming much and much more a seemingly pointless endeavor, since the newspaper industry is currently in the midst of its death throes as the never-ending advance and future shock of the technological age renders it a remnant of a bygone era.

There’s still something real, however, about holding a newspaper in my hands. Assuming that middle America is to some degree successful in beating back this attempted bloodless coup-de-tat of America by the global political left, I still feel – to a certain extent, anyway – sorry for our future generations. They’ll never truly experience the joy of the life that I’ve had growing up in a small town in America.

I mention this because as I indulged in my guilty Saturday morning pleasure this past weekend – Dunkin’ Donuts and the sports section – I came across a snippet in the weekly “For What it’s Worth” column by Bill Reynolds (a master writer) in which he made the comment that it’s not our schools that have failed; it’s our communities that have failed.

If the reality of that irony doesn’t sharply strike the people who have some type of vested interest in this political climate, then nothing will.

Most if not all of us remember the intensity of the 2008 presidential campaign. From both sides of that pressure cooker President Obama’s credentials as a “community organizer” were held high for the world to see – from the Right, as an example of his lack of credentials, and from the Left as an illustration of his work on the ground with the disenfranchised, marginalized, and victimized. The Left hailed him as the candidate who would, without a doubt, bring the people of America together and usher in a post-racial age.

Well, folks, from my point of view, the jury is back. He’s done the exact opposite, and dare I say it, with alarming efficiency.

Is there really any single one of us who ever thought he or she would see the day when a sitting President of the United States would actively and willingly preside over the division of his own people? I suppose the retort to this point from the Left will be that he’s doing no such thing, that he is, in actuality, trying to unify us and that the only reason that there’s such division and polarization in this country is that conservatives have had the unmitigated temerity to express any degree of displeasure with the political terraforming that’s underway. I suppose, though, that if I had gone through life unconsciously resenting other, more successful people and had attended a college at which about 24 credits – give or take – of collective indoctrination were a required part of any major, then I might see things from the viewpoint of a person saddled with constructed Leftist mental machinery well.

Thank God for my family is about all I can say there.

During the course of the past several weeks, we’ve been privy to some remarkably exposed flanks on the part of our president, and I don’t doubt that some, if not much, of this has to do with the fact that the Gales of November are quickly approaching. As I’ve stated in at least one of my previous pieces here at America’s Right, one of the foundational tactics of the political Left is to break apart the elements of any pre-existing social structure down to its very atoms before beginning the process of re-building things in the social image that they desire. Their aim is to divide and conquer, and in our case, they want to turn us inward and against ourselves. As I’ve just stated, with November quickly approaching, it seems as though President Obama and the other arms of the political Left are beginning to feel the necessity of expediting the process of mass cultural division.

The inescapable and inherent irony in all of this is, however, that President Obama’s skill set is supposedly all about organizing things and people on a community-wide scale. From where I stand, it at least strikes me that there’s a decided difference between organizing the people in a community – which, one could argue, is either a single neighborhood or a collection of neighborhoods spread out over a slightly enlarged area – and attempting to apply the same type of localized blueprint to something on a national scale. The people who constitute what we might naturally consider a community would probably (but not necessarily) share many, if not all, of the same values and goals. The further one spreads out from that center, the more diverse and watered-down that particular mindset is apt to become.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the younger Barack Obama found it a lot easier to organize the downtrodden people of Chicago – people who have, of course, been unknowingly held down by the leftist Chicago political machine to begin with but who have been taught to believe that those evil Republicans are the ones who are stealing the lollipops from their infants’ strollers – than it is to get the people of mainstream, everyday, right-of-center America to accept his politics, policies, and worldview.

During the course of last summer, when the Tea Parties were in their nascent stages of becoming a legitimate political force and town hall meetings were becoming political minefields for Democrats, I had the opportunity to be outside one of those meetings. I couldn’t get inside, simply because the size of the crowd was unmanageable. I mention this because as I was standing there, watching events unfold, and talking to various like-minded people, I watched as one man – someone who was, for all intents and purposes, just like me – standing up on an elevated cement platform to the side of City Hall and yelling out loud, “look at what they’re doing to us! They’re dividing us!”

Given the degree of tension in the air that early evening, I couldn’t help but think about the immediate future of this country.

As I’ve stated above, the recent weeks have been very revealing as to nature of this administration’s plans as mid-term elections draw nearer. Rather than attempting to take a longer view of the well-being of America, these progressive Democrats – led by President Obama – have apparently decided to invest in the politics and benefits of short-term division in the hopes of some measure of electoral success in November.

The evidence speaks for itself. Through the use of strong-armed union tactics, class resentment, racial politics, and even the words of a former president, the proverbial wedge is being thrust more and more deeply into the core of the American culture with each passing day.

The most glaring series of developments and/or statements have come over the course of the past few days in the wake of Arizona’s attempt to stand up and protect itself from the literal violence that is beginning to make its way across the border from Mexico, something that has been allowed to happen as a direct result of the federal government’s seeming utter negligence in enforcing the common sense legal immigration laws that are currently on our books. Predictably, President Obama immediately spoke out against the law on behalf of his administration, calling it “irresponsible” and the result of Washington’s failure to more decisively address immigration reform in the recent past. Arizona’s ‘new’ law – which, in all honesty, is mostly a re-affirmation of the current federal statute (thereby making Brewer’s decision more of a “cry for help”) – is apparently “irresponsible” because it simply doesn’t allow for the necessary emotional understanding of the plight of innocent people looking for a better life. Instead, anyone who has the nerve to insist on the rule of law prevailing in a country dependent on the rule of law is somehow “against immigration” and a racist.

Of course.

I know that what I’m about to say is going to fall on deliberately deafened ears, but I’m all for immigration. Just like a significant percentage of our population, I’m the grandson of immigrants. I don’t care if the people who come to America in search of their own and a better life are Latino, Hispanic, Portuguese, polka-dot, striped, or plaid; in fact, I’ll be the first to welcome them. I am, however, dead-set against illegal immigration. I wonder how all of the legal Hispanic and Latino immigrants feel about this? Think that they don’t understand that this is all about politics and votes?

I wonder how Manny Ramirez feels?

Wait – scratch that.

Instead of a leader who endeavors to bring everyone to the table to discuss this unnecessarily volatile issue, we have President Obama dropping beauties like this on his own people:

You can try to make it really tough on people who look like they “might” be illegal immigrants. One of the things that the law says is local officials are allowed to ask somebody who they have a suspicion might be an illegal immigrant for their papers, but you can imagine if you are a Hispanic American in Arizona, your great grandparents may have been there before Arizona was even a state but now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you are going to be harassed, that’s something that could potentially happen. That’s not the right way to go.

What do you say to that?
Is there anything that can be said to that?

The state of Arizona is now under siege. Various states and cities are calling for entire economic boycotts of Arizona, the Diamondbacks are being booed and insulted wherever they play (as if they have anything to do with it), and there are protests sprouting up all over the country (and they’re being held in equally as peaceful a fashion as the Tea Parties).

Right out of the political left playbook – crisis and division. Ambulance chasers on steroids (see Al Sharpton). ┬áStarts to make one see more clearly why trial lawyers are Democrats.

Tell ya what – if these economic boycotts of Arizona continue, I’m going to boycott anything that even hints of an Hispanic business. If that makes me a racist, then the protests that are being staged around the country clearly state that these people are against the rule of law.

Another of the time-tested Democratic tactics is to foment class division. In this polarized political climate, the rich are presented to the masses as “really, really evil” and have supposedly earned our justifiable rage. This certainly explains, then, President Obama’s ‘apparent’ slip-of-the-tongue when he said that when people get to a certain point, he feels as though they’ve earned enough money.

Look, I’ll be the first to stand with President Obama and say that I don’t have an awful lot of use for selfish people; however, I also know that I have zero right to tell anyone the manner in which he should live his life. I’m forced to wonder, though – does this ‘feeling’ of President Obama’s also apply to Oprah Winfrey? To Hollywood? To professional athletes?

Or are the rules different for them, because they’re politically useful for the occasional smile-and-waves?

But, yet, here we are, a community divided. Strange, for such an experienced man with such an impressive skill set.

Along this journey of roughly the past two years we’ve seen voter intimidation by Black Panthers that have gone largely ignored, actual union beat-downs, and a former Democratic President of the United States compare people staging peaceful protests – a concept explicitly written into our founding documents to help prevent exactly what we’re witnessing in our government today – to violent extremists. I’m honestly not sure how these people sleep at night.

Maybe they don’t.

In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, a work that is often spoken in the same breath as Orwell’s 1984 when it comes to prophetic visions of government tyranny, there is a scene toward the end of the story when a looming crisis must be averted and the government must bring closure – any closure – to the minds of the masses. Over the weekend, I couldn’t help but think about this passage as news about the bomb in Times Square began to develop. The excerpt reads as follows:

The innocent man stood bewildered, a cigarette burning in his hand. He stared at the Hound, not knowing what it was. He probably never knew. He glanced up at the sky and the wailing sirens. The camera rushed down. The Hound leapt up into the air with a rhythm and a sense of timing that was incredibly beautiful. Its needle shot out. It was suspended for a moment in their gaze, as if to give the vast audience time to appreciate everything, the raw look of the victim’s face, the empty street, the steel animal a bullet nosing the target.
“Montag, don’t move!,” said a voice from the sky.
The camera fell upon the victim, even as did the Hound. Both reached him simultaneously. The victim was seized by Hound and camera in a great spidering, clenching grip. He screamed. He screamed. He screamed!
Montag cried out in the silence and turned away.
And then, after a time of the men sitting around the fire, their faces expressionless, an announcer on the dark screen said, “The search is over. Montag is dead; a crime against society has been avenged.”
“We now take you to the Sky Room of the Hotel Lux for a half-hour of Just-Before-Dawn, a program of – ”
Granger turned it off.
“They didn’t show the man’s face in focus. Did you notice? Even your best friends couldn’t tell if it was you. They scrambled it just enough to let the imagination take over. Hell, ” he whispered. “Hell.”
Montag said nothing but now, looking back, sat with his eyes fixed to the blank screen, trembling.
Granger touched Montag’s arm. “Welcome back from the dead.”

I mention this and draw upon this passage because as I watched the news unfolding from New York during the day on Sunday, I couldn’t help but think that the mainstream media – and perhaps even the White House – will do everything in its power to attach this potentially horrific incident to the Tea Parties in some way, shape, or form. It won’t matter if it there’s not even a scintilla of evidence linking the two; it’s simply an opportunity to use as a means to an end.

Count on it.

And the wedge is driven more deeply.



  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘John Buyon’, is that actually you, Rahm??? you sure love the disgustingly cruel word ‘retarded’. Ever hear of karma? you ever gonna have kids?

  2. Gail B. says:

    John Buyon, if your Leftist party is so “correct” in its “constitutional policies,” please show me where the Constitution gives the right to (1) tax the dog mess out of American citizens, (2) penalize citizens for creating the engine that fuels the economy, (3) creates entitlements for those who refuse to work, and (4) excuses the federal government from taking the responsibility spelled out in the Constitution of protecting its citizens from invasion?

    Where does the IRS get its enforcement policy for healthcare? Where does I-Obama get his Citizen Army, and what the hell is it for?!

    Our Founding Fathers did not have any of this in mind. “I am giving you a Republic, if you can keep it.” I-Obama is destroying our Republic.

    I don’t guess explaining anything will do any good. You have your head so far in the sand or elsewhere that you couldn’t see the sun if it rose in the same room with you.

  3. Gail B. says:

    Goofy tea parties? The Tea Partiers are putting leftists out of office!

  4. Jeff Schreiber says:


    Article I, Section 8 gives Congress authority to levy taxes. It doesn’t give a cap, either.

    And I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now — what’s with the whole “I-Obama” thing?


  5. Anonymous says:

    is it like I Owe-bama?

  6. Clean House 2010 says:

    The cap on taxes is every other November. And I can see November from my house!!!

  7. Randy Wills says:

    John, John, please. Are we still on that “proto-facist christian fundamentalist in the white house” thing? Is that your main beef, the “Christian” aspect of conservative politics and policies? If so, I guess there never can be any reconciliation between those of us who believe, as the Founders did, that the affairs of man are the purview of God, with persons, perhaps such as yourself (I hope not) who are in total rebellion against the concept of God having a place in our personal behavior and the governing of an orderly society.

    The only law that mankind has ever needed was to “love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself” (my paraphrase).


  8. Gail B. says:

    I-Obama — sounds sorta self-centered, doesn’t it? Like himself.

  9. John Buyon says:

    @ Gail
    lol the constitution does give congress the right to tax the people
    Article I, Section 8, Clause 1
    and it doesn’t set a cap on how high taxes can go
    are you that dull to think taxes are unconstitutional?
    are you aware USA has lowest tax rate in the world, that is why it is so obvious tea parties are not about taxes and fiscal policy there are all about reactionary culture wars.
    (2)” penalize citizens for creating the engine that fuels the economy”
    when are conservatives going to understand taxes are not there to penalize success ?
    progressive income taxes are there to ensure that those people who benefit most from a free market (entrepreneurs) pick up most of the bill to maintain the society.
    and in case your referring to carbon taxes, they’re are there to internalize an external cost, thus promoting efficiency
    I could go on explaining basic economics to you but I need to get back to studying for my econ exam tomorrow
    3)” creates entitlements for those who refuse to work”
    stop this phony conservative hatred of entitlements,
    everyone wants entitlements, business wants subsidies, military-industrial complex wants a big military budget and endless wars, church wants gov’t cheese to run faith based prison programs
    is it so evil to say the government should provide basic health care to it’s weakest most vulnerable members?
    everyone wants socialism for themselves, and capitalism for others, ever heard of anti-trust laws, monopolies?
    (4) “excuses the federal government from taking the responsibility spelled out in the Constitution of protecting its citizens from invasion”
    for the first 150 years the USA had no formal immigration policies, so if you are referring to illegal immigration the constitution doesn’t mention it directly

    a liberal defense of bigger government, social democracy is that the very reason the American constitution is so short is to allow alot of wiggle room for future generations.

    ever wondered why the most powerful important country in history has its founding documents ( decl. of Independence and Constitution) at a length of 5 pages? :)
    P.S. the tea parties are purging moderate republicans not harming democrats
    @ Randy I believe in God but not in the evangelical conservative right wing psychopathic version of him.

  10. John Feeny says:

    173 days.

  11. Randy Wills says:

    To John Buyon:

    So, what “version” of God do you believe in? I take the Scriptural approach, myself.

    But, if you are basing your opinion of my God on how well many, if not most, professing believers implement Christianity in their daily lives, I guess I can understand your animosity towards it. I get pretty angry myself sometimes, but that doesn’t negate what I believe and Who I believe in.


  12. John Payoff says:

    And what is Greece’s tax rate????

    The more you give em the more they fart it away.
    Now we get to help em fart to a tune of 17%.

    Hey John boy, you can write a check to the IRS a n y t i m e YOU want to.

    Go back to Canada.

  13. Anonymous says:

    GREECE tax rates……. that country stinks

    0 1 – 10,500
    15 10,501-12,000
    25 12,001-30,000
    35 30,001-75,000
    40 75,001 and over

  14. Anonymous says:

    Quit giving Greece my 6 mo old grandsons money.

  15. Anonymous says:

    171 days

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