Revisiting Racism and Violence

ABC7 San Francisco: Thousands Across Bay Area Protest AZ Immigration Law

In San Jose, thousands of marchers headed to an evening rally at city hall. In San Francisco, a separate demonstration wrapped up in the afternoon, but not without a bit of trouble.

Three people were attacked and at least two others were arrested. The people assaulted were part of the Minutemen demonstration, a group in favor of Arizona’s new immigration law.

They said a large group of immigrants’ rights supporters followed them to the BART station on Market Street and started punching and kicking them, and calling them names.

“They said we were racists, and we were against them, and against their town, and against San Francisco,” said Parker Wilson with the Bay Area National Anarchists. “What they were saying, they said we need to get out and called us racists, and that we need to go home. And then they just attacked my friends and me.”

So, let me get this straight: A bunch of people advocating illegal immigration–generally speaking, the violation of American immigration laws mostly by people of Hispanic origin–attacks a group of American citizens who dared ask that our laws be enforced, and the American citizens asking that our laws be enforced are called the “racists?” Again: As they’re getting pummeled, the American citizens merely insisting that the laws already on the books get enforced are called “racists?”

If those rogue LAPD officers had called Rodney King a racist between blows to the head, would that have made any sense? If World War II-era Jews were led into the ovens amid accusations that they harbor a deep-seated, discriminatory hate of Aryan Nation-looking Nazis, would that have made any sense?

It’s amazing how these people are able to get away with this, that people continue to misread–or neglect to read–the Arizona immigration bill and continue accusing those of us who simply want our immigration laws enforced to be motivated by racial hatred or xenophobia. But it gets even better…

Associated Press: Calif. Immigrants’ Rights March Ends in Vandalism

Close to 20 businesses were damaged after what started as a peaceful immigrants’ rights march in downtown Santa Cruz turned violent, requiring police to call other agencies for help, authorities said.

Police spokesman Zach Friend said an estimated 250 people started marching through the city around 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

A fire was started in a coffee shop entryway but was extinguished once police cleared the way for firefighters, Friend said.

Eighteen businesses were damaged, with the cost of repairs estimated at between $50,000 and $100,000. No injuries were reported.

So, 250 immigration rights activists marching though Santa Cruz manage to cause at least $50,000 in damage to area businesses. Yet millions of people have attended Tea Party rallies from coast to coast over the period of more than a year without a single arrest or instance of vandalism, and the Tea Party rally attendees are dismissed as violent?

It’s about time people face reality with regard to how certain segments of the American population handle dissent.



  1. Lilly says:

    I just keep wondering what future history text books are going to say about this period of history… My daughter is going to know the truth and say she was there! Jeff, thank you for bring this up every time!

  2. Boston Blackie says:

    “Police spokesman Zach Friend said an estimated 250 people started marching through the city around 10:30 p.m. Saturday.”

    Who the heck has a protest march at 10:30 PM!! Did they all sleep in all day. Oops, that must have been a racist remark.
    The race card – don’t leave home without it.

  3. Dr Zachary Smith says:

    To quote the robot from Lost In Space, “This does not compute”.

    Jeff we’re headed to an early grave trying to make sense of any of this.
    I’ve had to back-pocket my Spock-like logic for years now.

    Roll with it, till the revolution (whatever form that takes).

  4. Naval Observatory says:

    Boston Blackie,

    Taco Bell closes at 10:00

    -Joe Biden

  5. Ruth Hammons says:

    They just do not want us to uphold our own laws and have been let to break the laws too long…it is a monster now, as they are people who will fight us for our own land and rights….is that not stupid? A Spanish-American war revisited: over our own nation?? Who the heck do they think they are?….it is beyond outrageous and they will do all possible to cry and paint things all against them…and it SHOULD be, as THEY are the law breakers who have invaded OUR nation!!!! Law is law and this is our land and our laws…look at the laws in Mexico..yet Caldoron does not want us to stand up for the same type of laws…you can bet your burritos that if we decided to make Mexico ours, that there would be war…if we did to them what they have to America…well you know it would not be burritos flying back and forth!!! Build the blasted fence and make it eletrified and if they don’t like it and get offended: toooooo bad…because we are sick of them and for the outrageous behavior of invading our nation and the stupid…yes I say stupid because it is the stupid, government that is so blind to what is right…I LOVE America and the Founding Fathers principals that we were founded on and for and the right to freedom and by gosh I am sick and tired of the engraciating takers from the South and the terrorists they have brought with them…I am fighting mad at our lax, lazy government, that should be ashamed of themselves; instead of gloating like foolish donkeys, that has done nothing but think of themselves and spending all they can of OUR money on their pet projects!! They have ignored what it is that they are supposed to be doing….I can say without a doubt that ALL government officials better get out the history books and see what words like justice, independence, heritage and history of America mean. What it means to be a President, to hold a Senate seat, a House seat and what the Constutution says and all the other documents, because anyone the does not become what they are supposed to be, are not going to be in office….and all the liberal, left wingers that want this to be a socialist country; with homosexuals, Muslims and anyone else that wants to take over our nation, to include Mexicans,martians, little green guys or the people next door that do not really want to be Americans!! Those that just want to take over the land for themselves, had better wake up and smell the cannon fire…because we are a fighting nation and we are mad and we WILL get this nation back to the wonderful place it used to be if it takes the last person to do it!! We are disgusted at the weak lilly-livered, spineless mess of people that are trying to take this nation down to their levels!! That is not going to happen without a lot of blood… can that be so shocking…we were founded on blood, fighting and taking stands against the fools that thought other wise…don’t like it: then leave America, because we want it the honorable, GOD fearing, strength it once was!! The politically correct, left winged, way out of touch folks, thought they could run things and messed it all up so badly!!! Where are the hearts and minds of true America…Where is your red, white and blue spirits of the real Americans you are supposed to be…what happened to you??? You pushed God out of the schools and everywhere else you can, you let invaders just do as they wish with our country, since 9/ll especially, you mess with our documetns at will, you think we, the people, are just dumb sheep…..well I wouldn’t sleep real sound if I were you because we, the people, are getting ready to show you just what we are made of, even if you aren’t!!!!

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