Glenn Beck, meet Paul Ryan

HotAir: Paul Ryan to Glenn Beck and Hot Air: ‘I’m not a conservative progressive’

I don’t often get the chance to listen to talk radio.  Or even catch Glenn Beck’s show on television.  I was, however, in the car a few days ago when Beck, drawing from a blog post at HotAir, was wrongly indicting Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as a “conservative progressive.”

I was wincing.  I remember saying “oh come on, Glenn!” to my radio a few times.  While Glenn hedged himself by noting that he does not willingly pay attention to the daily goings on in Washington, D.C., I do pay attention to it, and I know enough about Paul Ryan to know that Glenn Beck was glaringly wrong in his assessment.

Thankfully, much like I try to do here whenever possible and whenever necessary, Glenn is quick to acknowledge when he is wrong.  Generally, if he gets a fact wrong or if he misinterprets something, he’ll lead with the clarification.  I like that.

So, I was absolutely thrilled to see Glenn properly informed about Congressman Ryan, by none other than Ryan himself.  And it was even better to see it on video, to see him turn to his friend Pat Gray and actually see his body language as he learned just how wrong he truly is. Back when Ryan was incredibly impressive at the White House health care summit, I confessed a bit of a “man crush.”  It was nice to see that Glenn Beck feels the same way.

The video is at the link above.  I could post it here, I think, but I’d rather you go to HotAir and get the backstory.  It’s about twelve minutes long, but seeing that it’s twelve minutes of Paul Ryan on the cancer that is progressivism, it’s well worth it.



  1. Gail B. says:

    Awesome! And so is Paul Ryan!

  2. Anonymous says:
  3. Gail B. says:

    Anonymous @9:40 a.m. –

    Good idea, giving the road map site. Why didn’t I think of that? I went to it after watching the video and bookmarked it. (Duh!)

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